Friday, March 7, 2014

TV Men That Make Me Go, "Yes Please!"

Yes, I watch a lot of TV.

I'm like Joey from Friends when someone says they don't own a TV. "What's all your furniture pointing at then?" I can't imagine a life without TV.

Since I watch so much of it, I decided to put together a list of TV men that make my heart go thump, thump, thump, YUM.

Patrick Jane from The Mentalist. His wife and daughter were killed by a serial killer. He blames himself because he went on TV and basically mocked said serial killer. Patrick joins the CBI (California Bureau of Investigation) as a consultant to help catch killers...his ultimate goal? Is to catch Red John, who killed his family. (Does he? Watch the show!) Patrick can read people using cues. People call him psychic but he insists there are no such things as psychics. He tends to upset people with his views. He's brutally honest and doesn't care who he offends. He also loves his tea.

JIM from The Office. I mean, duh. My longtime readers know that I've asked for John Krasinski on my birthday. Of course I'd be a fan of Jim. His expressions crack me up. I have the same look on my face when people use words such as "selfie" "cray cray" or "adorbs."

Charlie from Lost. I was PISSED when they killed him off. That was my eye candy! Most people were all, "Sawyer, take off your shirt and say something funny and insulting!" and I was just like, "Charlie! He's pretending to eat peanut butter with Claire. Aw!" I liked how he sang, "You all everybody!" I'm glad he popped back on towards the end of the show.

Ross! I LOVE his expressions. Mind you, I also like Chandler, but because Ross said the above, I marked him as the ultimate favorite from the show. I seriously feel like posting the above gif on Facebook often. I also enjoy how Ross shrieked PIVOT! PIVOT! This pops in my mind whenever we move stuff.

This is Huck from Scandal. Some people ohhh over President Fitzgerald. They can have the cheating dude. (I like the show but I feel for Mellie. Yes she's cold but she loves her husband. But her husband keeps sticking his wick where it doesn't belong.) Anyway, Huck knows all about killing, which is EEK, but remember that episode where it shows that he HAD A FAMILY? I cried! "752!" I wailed, which freaked out my husband. "What's happening at 7:52?" he kept saying. "752!" I'd shriek some more. "You need help," Tom told me kindly. Huck is loyal, which is why I'm a fan. See ya, President Fitz. (And yes, Huck. Weird IS good.)

Which TV men do you admire?

(Or if you're a straight dude, what women do you enjoy? My husband would say Megan Fox or any redhead.)


  1. Oh HUCK from Scandal. He's sweet and tortured and lovable! I love love love Huck! I'm also partial to Ross--although--I'm pretty partial to ALL of the FRIENDS cast. My favorite moment of Ross's is when he does that awkward excited jump thing when Rachel and Phoebe are trying to distract him from the window (where he could see Monica and Chandler doing it) in Ugly Naked Apartment!

  2. Now you're speaking my language. I ADORE tv. I wholeheartedly endorse all of your TV men...but I ALSO loved Sawyer on LOST. The more the merrier.

    Right now I am in the middle of a Netflix marathon of a UK show called Being Human. One of the actors (Aidan Turner) plays John Mitchell. He's #1-10 on my current top 10 list. (Although Adam from GIRLS on HBO also makes my day) --Lisa

  3. i still love don draper, minus the smoking, from mad men. he just seems like a MAN. idk how to explain it.

    omg you're vs. your
    =nails on a chalkboard!!

  4. Shawn from Psych and Stabler from Law and Order SVU although he has a new show now. I stopped watching SVU when he left

  5. I could not agree more with Jim and Charlie. I cried like a baby when they killed Charlie off! NOT PENNY'S BOAT...wahhh

  6. I totally agree with you about Huck. When I finally found out 752 meant 7:52 when his family would take the subway, I was like, "WAHHHHH!!!!!" Brilliant.

    I love me some Jonathan Rhys Meyers from "The Tudors". He's a mad man, but he is HOT.

  7. Avery from Grey's, he's just yummy.
    I loved Warrick from CSI, I was pissed when they killed him off, I think I yelled profanities at the TV,
    Oh and Derek from Criminal Minds ...
    Are you seeing a trend? I am but didn't until I started typing.

  8. Have you seen Dominic's (Charlie) new show Wild Things with Dom? It's a nature show where he goes around the world interacting with animals - often the dangerous one. It's via the BBC.
    and he will be the guest on The Talking Dead this Sunday night after the Walking Dead.....which happens to have my eye candy Mr. Daryl Dixon - Norman Reedus who I have actually touched!!!

    And I love Kevin Bacon in The Following. The show totally creeps me out - but Kevin is good in it. And my favourite guy team is definitely LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell from NCIS LA. I will watch them forever.

  9. I like Nathan Fillion in Castle. I also like David Boreanaz on Bones (or Angel, or Buffy...) I don't watch much other TV. We got so behind on the Mentalist that I think we're going to have to start over at some point. I did really like the show, though!

  10. I could go on and on about TV dudes that I have crushes on. For serious... I watch WAY too much TV... However, my biggest crush at the moment is Jason Segel. I LOVED him in Freaks & Geeks and that made me totally crush on him hard. Haha! My newest crush is Matt Lanter. Apparently he was in the 90210 remake, but he's now in Star-Crossed on the CW. Being as he's almost 31, I don't feel creepy having the hots for him like most of the other boys on the CW.

    Charlie was my absolute fave on LOST. I loved him and cried like a baby when they killed him off. I watched Flash Forward just because he was on it... though I didn't love his character as much on that show. I'm so excited because I saw he's going to be on Talking Dead on Sunday. YAY!

  11. Yes to Charlie! He was my favorite!!! I adored him so much!

    Oh, Cole Turner/Balthazar played by the gorgeously wicked Julian McMahon. That man is gorgeous.

    I adore Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon. I can't help it. He is just so good in so many ways.

    Then there is Charlie Hunnam who plays Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy. That man. I just. Yup, no word, just drool. *slurp*

  12. Well, you saw some of my picks last week! Dom, ooh, he's a good one. I don't watch Scandal but Huck sounds much better than that awful president. Sheesh.

  13. I have to completely agree about Jim! I also think Nick from New Girl is great. (But I think that's mainly because my hubby is a lot like him) ;-)

  14. I will always love Jim.

    I also love Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds and Roger Sterling from Mad Men.

  15. I watch way too much TV too, but apparently we're watching different shows, because I don't know who any of these people are. The lost guy does look like one of the Hobbit's though from Lord of the Rings. My TV guys would have to be Dean from Supernatural and Lip from Shameless.

  16. i LOVE huck!

    there's Jax from sons of anarchy - he can call me ANY TIME and Ragnar from Vikings. oh, i love him. he's so hot.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  17. Joey wins with the difference of You're and biggest pet peeve when used incorrectly!
    Eva Marie Taylor

  18. Other than The Office - I haven't seen any of the shows you mentioned (I mostly watch reality TV, HGTV and Food Network).
    I like Bobby Flay!
    And, I like some of the old guys - George Clooney and Noah Wylie from the ER days.

  19. So the "you're, your" thing, is definitely one of my biggest sore spots. (By the way, so is when people misspell "definitely.") I can't stand it, and then the other day I was quick texting my boyfriend and I was like, "Your cute." I didn't catch it. I NEVER do that. I had to delete the text from my phone because it was mocking me. I'm so ashamed..

    Anyway I love Avery from Grey's and Dr Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. Everyone is all about Morgan, but there is something about Spencer for me.

  20. I'm outing myself here as a huge Doctor Who fan girl. Just got to love the Doctor!

    I agree, Ross is love-worthy for this quote!!

  21. Well, I'll say Ross just for that quote, but usually not.
    And Desmond from LOST!! I'd even take Sawyer on a bad day, but nothing compares to you...Des.

    I really, really need to watch Scandal.

  22. Definitely David Tennant from Doctor Who! I also love John Hamm (Don Draper in Mad Men), Matthew Morrison (Mr. Shu on Glee), and Seth Green from his Buffy days. Oh, I also love whenever Josh Groban guest stars on anything :)

  23. Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds!
    ummm I'm sure there is more...drawing a blank!

  24. I think Huck is a hottie. Someone once said my husband looks like him. He does not. At all.
    I am cracking up about "What does your furniture point at? " That is GREAT and I am the same way with TV. It's always on, even when I'm sleeping.

  25. It would seem I don't watch enough tv as Jim from the Office is the only one I know on your list!

  26. There's only one - Mr Cumberbach AKA Shetlock Holmes.

  27. Love that you dig the geeks and weirdos. Of your list, Simon Baker is the only one that qualifies as sexy, but he's very short.

    Back, back in the day, I used to have a crush on a short, cute, weird TV actor - Peter Scolari, he was on "Bosom Buddies" and "Newhart" - thought he was adorable!

  28. LOVE this post - Charlie from LOST was cutie! I love Dr. Reid from Criminal Minds and Sherlock from Sherlock (BBC) - oh man, I could look at Benedict Cumberbatch all day haha

  29. Hi Amber! I can see that I obviously NEED to watch more television. When I got to Ross I was like, "Him, I know!" LOL
    I did watch Game of Thrones on HBO and had a crush on Kit Harington who plays Jon Snow until I found out that I'm like 700 years older than he is. Then I just felt like a creepy old lady. ;)

  30. ooh, one of my favorites is Avery from Greys - those eyes... sososo attractive it's distracting. I also really like Severide on Chicago Fire, and Damon in Vampire Diaries. Yow. When we watch those shows I can't help getting all smiley and my husband tells me to keep it in my pants, lol

  31. I love the new story line in Scandal. Huck is HAWT.

  32. Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds!!!! David Boreanaz from Bones!!!!

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