Monday, May 5, 2014

Inside Natalie's Closet: Summer Outfits from Gymboree!

It's finally warm here!

And maybe...dare I say it??? It will STAY warm!

The weather in Oklahoma has been tricky. It'll be warm. And then it'll get cold. Warm again. Back to cold.

My body is like, "WTF?"

I bought some outfits for Natalie from Gymboree with my Gymbucks. Some people might be all, "Gymboree is too expensive!" It's not, if you shop the sales. Which I do. When I redeemed my Gymbucks, there were a bunch of shirts marked to $10. Shorts down to $5! So I got some fabulous deals.

Natalie loved the mermaid outfit. She thinks she'll be a mermaid one day. "It can't be so hard to grow a fin."

Natalie wears a size 6. She's about 45 pounds, I'm not sure how tall, and she's 7. Some size 6 bottoms still fall off her, unless there's an adjustable waist.

**Outfit Change**

I'm a sucker for matching accessories.

Natalie was actually in a good mood for these photos.

*Shirt change*

"I'm that statue in Rio!"

She farted. And she announced it, lest I didn't hear it. (I did.)

Some people have asked, "Does she really wear whatever you dress her in?" For the most part, yes. Somedays she will be like, "I don't want to wear that," but it's rare.

"No more pictures!"

Dang! We were doing so well.

*Pause. Cookies might have been used as a bribe. I know, Supernanny, one shouldn't bribe a child with sweets. You'd be all, "Am-bah, that will give your daughter bad habits and she'll think whenever she needs to obey that she needs a cookie first!" I'm sorry, Supernanny.*

**Outfit change**

(Two cookies later.)

(They were small cookies.)

These are the shorts that were $5! I didn't even know what I'd pair them with at first. I just saw $5 shorts and got excited. (I also got a green pair. I don't know what I'll put those with yet.)

"I want to be that statue in Rio again!"

Doing an impression of Justin Timberlake, who hurts our ears.

Guys? She's getting big on me. *Sniffles*

I'm not sure what she's doing here. Being like a Real Housewife with too much plastic surgery so their face looks constantly startled?

Those bracelets are too big for her arm. Hence why she moved some up. "They fit my big arm up top," Natalie explained.

I have one other outfit that I got with the Gymbucks but Natalie said no more pictures, not even for a cookie. Maybe next weekend?

A lot of these outfits are still available on the Gymboree website!

(And no, in case anyone is wondering, I did not get paid by Gymboree to say any of this. I'm still wishing! I come across blogs who DO get Gymboree gift cards in exchange for a post and I'm like, "Hello, Gymboree? I've been talking about you guys for like 12 years now. Am I chopped liver?")

Happy Shopping!


  1. Oh I love Gymboree! Cutest clothes ever!! Mac is still too small for me to shop there but when I see a sale, I have to stop and get stuff for my niece!

  2. She is such a cutie pie!!! And I say Supernanny, until you come and put my kids straight - they are getting cookies! :)

  3. We just happened to be in the mall this weekend, and when my girls walked by that store: it was like a light shone down from Heaven and pronounced it All Good.
    I was annoyed at first, because we were not there to shop per say, but then hubby reminded me I get the same look on my face when I pass the Apple Store.
    So, I guess we all have our Mothership that calls us home :)

    LOVE every single one of them. And yes we did leave with a sundress for each girl.

  4. do you know how sad I was when my 12 year old stopped wearing Gymboree?? We moved to Crazy 8 for a while, but then she quickly outgrew that. Then it was Justice. Then PS by Aeropostale. Now, she actually wants American Eagle and such. Ugh. I miss my little girl Gymboree days! And no, her little sister does not tolerate Gymboree. She only wears disney clothes, hurumph.

  5. How cute. She looks thrilled that summer is finally here.

  6. So cute! I love Gymboree. My girls have outgrown them though. My youngest wants to be a mermaid someday too.

  7. So cute : ) I really like the one-strap top!

  8. Super cute! I love Gymboree, too! :)-Ashley

  9. The camera loves her (not as much as you do, but still...). Adorable!

  10. Zachary is the same way with his size - he's 7 in June but wears a size 5 bottoms. I did get him some size 6 shorts that have drawstrings though!

  11. Such cute outfits and she's adorable. I wish I had better luck scoring sales. I'm never able to find the sizes I need

  12. OH - those clothes are so cute!!! I love the black top and that last outfit!
    And, Natalie is quite a model!

  13. I love that she farted.
    And heck, I can still easily be bribed with cookies. It never fails.
    Gymboree has GREAT prices - you just have to know how to shop it, like you clearly do.

  14. aww I want a little girl her clothes are adorable!

  15. OOh! How can you stop yourself from biting her??? I love the shorts!

  16. Hahahah... she has the best facial expressions!

  17. My favorite part of having a little girl is the clothing. Love all of the outfits you get for Natalie!

  18. I think I've only been in a Gymboree once in my life. There isn't one any where close (that I know of). Those outfits are super cute, though!

  19. I was seriously wondering how your daughter was the best little model in all the lands...then you said cookies. DUH! Of course, cookies are the answer to everything! Super nanny? know she is a closet cookie monster!

  20. I miss having girls young enough to let me dress them the way I want to- I always bought Gymbo for my girls too (and babies, it's cute for babies. I just have a hard time finding stuff I like for the little boys)

    I always was a sucker for the accessories and sales too!

  21. You are hilarious!!! Loved the pictures! :)

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