Monday, June 2, 2014

Batgirl The Gymnast?

I am not coordinated.

My daughter is.

Sort of.

She does get hurt a lot.

But she manages to do gymnastics really well.

(And yes, I had to get her an awesome leotard. The other ones can be boring. And plus, tons of other kids would be wearing the same thing. Couldn't have that! So I ordered her a leotard from the Etsy shop SENDesigne.)

Tom was really excited to see his daughter perform at her end of the year show.

I'm serious when I say he looks like this 90% of the time. Bitch Resting Face. My husband has it.

The kids all go to different stations to show what they can do. Natalie is pretty good with the bars. I did gymnastics for a brief (brief) period as a kid and was petrified of the bars.

She didn't fall off the balance beam. I would have.

Whenever I see her do this, I picture Anne of Green Gables going across the roof.

(I have more photos on my Instagram account if interested.)

After the kids did all their tricks, they got a medal:

We'll keep doing gymnastics until she wants to quit.

(Some people gave their kids flowers after the show. Natalie got a pat on the head.)

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  1. We never showed up with flowers for dance recitals. :)
    My kids are way more coordinated than me too. That's why my exercise of choice is just have to put one foot in front of the other. Haha! Even as a kid, I wasn't coordinated!

  2. Awesome leotard. I love the Anne of Green Gables reference.

  3. Bwahahaha I loved the pat on the head comment- plus her batgirl leotard was stunning!

  4. Love it! Super cute leotard, and she looks like she is having a blast!-Ashley

  5. I love the leotard, but my favorite part is how happy and proud she looks!

  6. Yay Natalie! I love the leotard! I vaguely remember trying gymnastics as a kid but I lacked the gracefulness for it.

  7. Saw your title on SITS and had to stop by. That leotard is adorable! I noticed you wrote a book so I went to Amazon and got it. It sounds great! It's next in my queue, right after I finally finish The Goldfinch.

  8. Natalie's leotard is AWESOME. That's so neat that she does gymnastics!

  9. That leotard is the coolest! I did gymnastics when I was little but if I tried that balance beam now, I'd bust my butt!

  10. Natalie looks like she is really enjoying herself. She is a really brave girl and should be super proud of her accomplishments.

  11. Where do you find all her adorable leos?

  12. That is pretty much the BEST leotard ever! I always wanted to try gymnastic as a kid, but I was so far from coordinated. I grew out of that... eventually.

  13. beautiful! And her leotard is AWESOME!

    I did gymnastics for like a month and quit LOL

  14. her leotard is so cute! and yeah if she still loves it, that's awesome.

  15. Love the Batgirl leotard!!! She looks very graceful on the beam!!
    And, we are the same - we let the boys do stuff until they decide they have had enough (although if they start a season we do have them see it through).

  16. She pretty much has to have the best leotard in class, right? I refuse to believe otherwise at all.
    She's wonderful!

  17. Leotard is awesome! I was petrified of the balance beam though. It drove my PE teacher crazy so he finally told me to picture a terrier chasing me and the only way to save myself was to walk on the balance beam. I told him I'm bigger than the terrier and there is no way I'm getting on it. I still remember how he threw his hands up in total exasperation!

  18. I love that leotard!! I did gymnastics as a kid, but the classes around here have never worked with our schedules. Frances loves ballet though, so I guess I won't be too sad!

  19. my kids just started tumbling (no bars, no beam, just floor) this year and LOVE it! As for me? I didn't make it out of beginners gymnastics

  20. Awesome! I wish there was gymnastics out here :( we did it in Alabama and Penny LOVED it.

  21. Okay you get coolest mom award for that leotard, you're right. The others are boring. And I like that you're going to let your little star shine until she's done. Pushing kids to do things is sooo stupid. Yeah I said it!


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