Monday, June 30, 2014

Reasons I'm A Different Kind Of Chick

I've noticed that I don't always act like the women around me.

It's okay though. I like that we're all different.

I actually have friends who do almost ALL the things I've listed. And again, it's okay.

Here are reasons I'm a different kind of chick (peep!):

--Shoes are just things that I wear on my feet. Some women get excited about them. I hate wearing heels. How am I supposed to have a good time if my feet are killing me? I mainly live in sneakers. Or flip flops. If I have to wear heels for a special occasion, I do so with a pinched, uncomfortable expression on my face.

--I don't have an urge to do crossfit. Or run. Or Zumba. Or Yoga. Or Kale.

--I'm not touchy feely. Growing up I'd notice other girls playing with each other's hair. I didn't want anyone messing with my hair. I didn't need to hug when I said goodbye. If a friend was upset, I'd get uncomfortable and try to crack a joke. I remember thinking, "I hope she's not expecting a hug because I don't wanna.."

--I don't use cutesy names. I notice on Facebook, women will go, "Hey girlie!" or "Hey lady!" I just say "Hey." Or use their names.

--Name brands do nothing for me. A lot of women like Michael Kors and will gush over their new purse. I want to say, "You paid $200 for a bunch of MKs all over the dang place?" Most of my purses come from Kohls or Target. From the clearance bin.

--Fifty Shades of Gray grossed me out. Women were fawning over Christian and all I could think was, "He had period sex with Anastasia. He removed her tampon. He's controlling and yuck."

--I wear basic sweatpants. I notice a lot of women around me want to rush to Victoria's Secret to buy overpriced sweats with PINK down the side. Why would I pay double (or triple) the price for sweats with writing on it?

--I don't feel the urge to post multiple photos of myself sitting in my car. Or I don't care to share to the world my legs and toes as I sit near the pool or beach. I'll just post a picture of the pool or the beach. My lower half does not need to be included.


How are you a different kind of chick?


  1. Totally agree with you about the shoes thing - I try to care, but really I'm much happier barefoot!
    Unfortunately I am a culprit of, 'hey lady!' though...

    How am I a different kind of chick.. uh... Brad Pitt doesn't float my boat. I can't freaking handle chocolate. Every time I put heels on I topple over and get accused of being drunk, which you know.. I probably am...LATER in the evening after giving up and dancing barefoot with blisters. but so not the point!

  2. Pretty much everything you have stated and I don't obsess over exiting my house without lipstick/mascara/make up in general, I don't go around the house nagging until my husband's ear fall out.

  3. Pretty much everything you listed and I'm not that excited over jewelry. I don't need or want my wedding rings updated every couple of years. I like mine the way they are. I also never got spa days. I do go for a massage but that whole have a stranger scrub me down, rub me with I don't know what and wrap me up like a burrito isn't for me. Also barre classes. I was a professional dancer for 17 years, been there, done that.

  4. I'm probably like half those things. Purses and sweatpants? Kohls is the place to be. Shoes.. I wear TOMS. I only have one pair, but I wear them everyday - but that's because they are super comfortable and have not made my feet hurt - a problem I've had often with other shoes.

  5. The whole 50 Shades thing I can't do. It started as Twilight fan fiction and I just can't. No Edward. Just no.

  6. I hate 50 Shades of Gray and I hate all the women who I respected and liked who try to tell me it's a good book. Tell me you like reading trash and I'll be fine with it. Tell me it's an amazing piece of literature and I'll give you the finger.

  7. Apparently I am a different kind of chick too. LOL Loved this!

  8. I am definitely not touchy feely. I remember one of my friends and I went to visit my best friend in NYC. My friend who came with me was surprised we didn't hug when we saw each other. Just not our thing!

  9. HAHAHHA he had period sex with Anastasia I sooo just laughed out loud!

    I dont care for shoes or designer brands I dont even carry a purse I have a transformer wallet LOL

    My workout gear comes from Walmart

    I hate shopping with a passion..

    Im not into being all girly girly bring on the pizza beer and tshirts and regular sweats haha

  10. We need to hang out! I live in sweats or crappy old shorts. I consider jeans dressing up. All the women in the spouses group here wear dresses and nice clothes. I don't own that stuff. I have never read 50 Shades of Gray, and I have no desire after that tampon scene you mentioned. I never wear make up or do my hair.

  11. actually I'm a lot like you! I'd never spend $100s or $1000s on bags or shoes.

  12. I have to admit, selfies can be pretty obnoxious--especially the duck face variety and whatever else they're doing today! But many of these other things are relatable to me, as well. I own one main pair of shoes for summer, one pair for winter, and a pair of tennis shoes that work year round for walking and doing other forms of exercise.

  13. I'm not a fan of selfies. If I have heels, I've carefully collected comfy ones. I don't require wearing makeup to be seen in public. I only like name brands if they give me quality without there logos all over it. I had brand logos with a passion.

  14. I feel like you crawled in my brain and copied everything I would have written. I wear what I must to work, but on MY time it is jeans, shorts, tennis shoes or flip flops. When I put on a belt and earrings, that is dressed up for me. I am a minimalist with makeup and hair. I do not like pics of myself PERIOD, so selfies are OUT, no duck face here!

  15. I think you and I have a lot in common. I only have like 3 pairs of shoes and my instagram account it only for marketing. Above all, I hate hugs.

  16. I think I've taken two "selfies" ever, and that was after 2 amazing haircuts haha. Pictures of feet/toes gross me out. I had forgotten about that part in 50 Shades, and while I did read all 3, I didn't think it was well written at all. And although I don't usually obsess about shoes/purses/accessories, I do want an MK watch- I kind of love it!

  17. I'm a different chick because:
    - I don't need/want a partner in crime when I head toward the bathroom;
    - I like quality products but refuse anything that showcases brand logos- I aint advertising for free;
    - When I say "it's fine," I actually mean it.

  18. Oh - I'm a total shoe lover!!! Running shoes all the way to heels!!!

  19. Haha, I guess I'm more of a typical chick! I say "hey girl" a lot when I'm writing to my friends. Term of endearment, maybe?

  20. I thought 50 Shades was gross, too! And you know me... I don't get grossed out very easily! haha

  21. I am totally with you on the shoes thing, I feel guilty spending more than $50 on shoes, and usually those are just sneakers! As for sweatpants, I usually just wear my fiance's old high school sports sweats.. And touchy feely, yuck! I hate hugs and I don't like when people touch me! Glad I'm not the only one!

  22. LOL. I love this LADY. ;) I am so a basic sweat pants girl. In fact most of mine come from the mens department as they are more comfortable. I do love shoes and designer purses, and I am guilty of using cutesy names. But hey.. like you said, it makes us all special!

  23. 50 Shades of Gray was THE WORST and anyone who tells me they loved it, well, I totally judge them and like them a little less.

    I do some of the things (like run and Zumba) but the other stuff? Hell, no. I hate shoes, car selfies make no sense to me, and expensive sweatpants are a waste of money.

  24. Totally with you on 50 Shades. Ick. Actually, though, I'm that way with most movies, books, etc. targeted toward women ... chick flicks aren't usually my favorite.

    I don't get shelling out thousands on designer stuff, either. If I like a $10 Target purse, I'll snatch it up!

  25. I'm with you on nearly everything. I do love shoes but it's not really a thing for me. I buy a new pair maybe once or twice a year. I've never read 50 Shades of Gray so I'm not sure what that's about.
    The selfies! What is that? If you post several photos of yourself a day.. alone.. what is the message there? You need attention? You think you're hot?
    I try to understand! So I'm with you there!

  26. I'm half with you! I have no urge to do any of those exercise crazes...or exercise in general. I do own name brand purses, but I also own bargain bin bags that look just as cute. I definitely agree about the leg photo thing. I'll admit I tried to take a few, but I feel like my disjointed legs just look like weird sausages with feet.

  27. I feel you on the shoe thing. I live in flip flops most of the year. I am a fan of boots in the winter, but mine don't have heels.
    I've never read 50 Shades of Grey and thank you for giving me a reason never to read it. That and the fact that I have no interest in Twilight makes me a different kind of chick.

  28. I didn't want to read 50 Shades anyway, but you just sealed the deal right there. EW!!!
    I don't like shoes or going shoe shopping. I know nothing about the latest fashion trends and buy all my clothes at the thrift store. (I don't like the mall either.) I don't get into all the beauty trends or wear tons of creams, lotions, etc. The list goes on, I'm sure.

  29. Pretty much all of the above.

    I do love my shoes to look good but don't wear heels and refuse to ever get into stilettos.

    I don't exercise as I'm lazy even though I need to loose weight.

    I'm not touchy feely either, but then the people I know I don't want to touch anyway, lol.

    Don't use names, just say hey, especially if I don't know their name to begin with.

    Never read 50 shits of anything, refuse to on grounds it's badly written.

    LOVE sweatpants in winter, we call them trackie dacks as it's a tracksuit here in Aus. Mine are $10 plain black or navy.

    Have never posted a selfie of me at all, nor one in the car, etc. Did post one of my new shoes, on my feet that is, but that was probably the only time.

  30. I'm totally with you on the brand name stuff. Today I am proudly wearing the new shirt I got at JCPenney's for $1.97 on the clearance rack!! Also, feet pictures and car pictures make me scratch my head. I don't get those at all!

  31. I do love my shoes, clothes, and jewelry, but I shop wisely for stuff I will have for a long time. And I once wrote a whole post involving pictures of my feet! So I suppose I am a different kind of chick than you :)

  32. I'm with you on the shoes.

    I never read fifty shades of grey. Had no desire to, don't like S&M. BUT PERIOD SEX?! Are you serious?! And HE removed her tampon? HOW IS THAT SEXY?! OMG. Barf.


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