Friday, June 27, 2014

In Which Natalie Saw Hook For The First Time

I've written about how I like to have movie nights with the kids when my husband is gone.

This time, we watched Hook.

Natalie takes her viewing area seriously and brought down most of her bed.

And added a carpet walkway.

Tommy had already seen the movie. Natalie had not. She knows all about Peter Pan and Captain Hook though. And Tinkerbell, of course.

But before I get into the movie, did you guys know this?

The Goblin King as Hook? I'm not sure I see it.


Natalie was concerned because Peter forgot everything. 

"Will he ever remember again? What is going to happen to his children?" 

She thought the Lost Boys were going to kill him.

"Does the movie end here?" she asked.

"No, stupid. That would make no sense," Tommy grumbled.

Natalie whacked him with one of her many pillows. "Don't call me stupid, you rude boy!"

"No name calling. Let's watch!" 

Natalie was like, "Phew! Someone likes Peter," when this happened:

She wanted to have a food fight when this happened:

(I said no.)

Natalie liked when Peter remembered and began to fly. 

"He's in his green outfit!" she shouted happily.

She was not happy when (spoiler alert) Rufio was killed. 

"He's not really dead IS HE?" 

"I'm afraid so."

But she WAS happy when Peter's children were saved. And when Captain Hook was eaten by the crocodile. "He deserved it for being so mean!"

I love this movie. If you haven't seen it, you're probably super young, and I feel incredibly old.


But that's not my favorite line in the movie.


This is:

I always crack up and when it's snowing outside, I think of Toodles shouting his line and slamming the door. 

When the movie was over, I asked Natalie if she liked it. 

"Yes. But Maggie's happy thought was her Mommy. No offense, but mine would be Daddy."

Somehow, I'm not surprised.


  1. This is bringing back all kinds of memories! I remember that food fight was my ultimate dream. I never did get to be in a fight like that.

  2. I love that movie but then again I love Robin Williams in general. Hubby and I watched Patch Adams for the umpteenth time the other night.
    And yeah, Goblin King definitely wouldn't be right for Captain Hook. Argh now I have that song in my head. You remind me of a babe//What babe...

  3. I love Hook! It was the only VHS my grandmother had when we were growing up and we would watch it all the time! It's still a favorite!

  4. I love this movie. I haven't shown it to either of my kids and have just now realized that I need to do so.

    And you've gotta give Natalie points for honesty even if the truths stings just a little. :-)

  5. I never watched this movie (and I'm not super young). But I will add it to my list!

  6. Its been on but I haven't paid attention to it. I think I'll actually watch it now.

  7. I loved that movie, and Natalie reminds me of my son and his daddy SMH

  8. I know I've seen this movie, but it's been a while. Now I feel like I need a refresher!

  9. Well, I know I'm much older than you but I'm not sure I've ever seen the movie.
    Watching movies with Natalie and Tommy always sounds hilarious!!

  10. Oh, I LOVE this movie. I don't think my daughter has seen it yet! I'm so glad I read this! When she gets back from camp we're going to watch it!! --Lisa

  11. One of my favorite movies, always.
    My favorite line is from Tink but I didn't Google it first. I think it's something like, "In between being asleep and awake. That's where I'll always love you."

  12. Aww, she's so cute! I'm just glad someone's watching a movie from the 90s...and it isn't a remake of a movie from the 90s! All these remakes of movies from my 20s are starting to make me feel old.

  13. Ahh definitely a classic movie!! I hated the part when Rufio was killed also....I remember watching it with my dad and getting so upset about that part (I may have started throwing a fit telling my dad he HAD to go change that part of the movie!) That was adorable what your little one said about her happy thought!

  14. Adorable. I love Hook. My kids love Hook. Here's to 90's movies making a comeback!


  15. I love that movie- lol at your daughter's happy thought. That girl is seriously honest

  16. I was just looking through old videos in my basement and told my daughter that this is a must see before we give it away. :)

  17. Awww! That was one of my favorite movies as a kid, definitely a classic that kids ought to be introduced to!

  18. That is one of my favorite movies!! I can't wait until Penny is old enough to care and watch it.

  19. I loved that movie!!! But I completely forgot that Rufio died. Dang.

  20. This is so nice that you get to do this with your kids. I loved how you put all the gifs. i haven't watched this but not cus I'mn super young or super old. but i smiled and i likeed it

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  22. Great review! I have not seen Hook and neither have my kids but that makes me very old probably! I will definitely look for this for the boys. And a big thank you to your husband for his service to this country and to your family for your sacrifice. America appreciates you!

  23. I love this movie! They dont make them like that anymore! Now, this is the kind of things to say that make you feel like a hundred years old haha! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Hook is one of my favorite (kid friendly) Robin Williams movies. Thanks for the reminder. I haven't shared this one with my daughter but I definitely will.

  25. Hopefully Elias would wash these movies with me! Jose never liked them. I guess those are not his kind of movies!

  26. It's so great you can have this special time with your kids. Movie nights are awesome!

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