Thursday, June 12, 2014

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Extra Commercial Time

I admit it.

I watch trashy reality shows.

I know they aren't really reality. But I don't care. They entertain me.

But you know what I hate?

When there's a commercial and then you think, yay, the show is back, I can see what happens after she threw the lemon at that other housewife--but all that is shown is a thirty second clip of the show--usually of something that has nothing to do with ANYTHING...for instance, it'll be a housewife's kid making a dumb comment or a housewife doing a stupid dance--and then it's BACK TO THE COMMERCIAL.


I don't want to see thirty seconds of the show that has nothing to do with the "plot."

I've noticed ALL reality shows do this. Deadliest Catch. Million Dollar Listing. Marriage Boot Camp. Teen Mom.

Usually towards the end. It'll be commercial. A thirty second dumb clip. Back to commercial.

I hate it.

It teases me each time. So then the viewer gets to endure like five minutes of commercial time.

I want this to stop.

And now, a message from Countess LuAnn.

She's talking to you, Lindsay Lohan. And probably most of the Kardashians.

(I was interviewed over at Chick Lit Central. Check it out here!)


  1. I also find I engross myself in absolutely mindless reality shows - but sometimes I guess it is nice to escape our own chaos and get lost in the lives of the K Clan... See what I did there? haha .. it sounded better in my head :)

  2. I am all about the 'reality' shows. Well, the ones that air on network television, since my husband and I are too cheap to pay for cable/satellite. But I do love the stupidity that is I Wanna Marry "Harry" and Big Brother. So much fun.

    The commercials? Those aren't so much fun. Not at all.

  3. Oh, I agree- I hate those little blips!! I watch most of my reality TV on the treadmill and from my DVR - I have to pick up the remote, fast-forward and then fast-forward again after the stupid clip!

  4. I hate commercials period. Here in Croatia they have this annoying habit of stopping right in the middle of the most intense scene during a movie and go on a 10 minute commercial spree. What's worse my mother likes to flip channels when commercials come on and sometimes she forgets to put the movie we watched back on!

  5. That annoys me, too! I don't watch much reality--mostly Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant (#noshame)--and I get all excited that the show is back and Get it together, MTV. That's cruel.

    I also cannot stand the 48411 commercial breaks that most shows have. It's why I can barely watch regular TV anymore. DVR or Netflix, FTW!

  6. Last year when my baby was born and I spent some time cloistered indoors I began watching the Kardashians. Never had before, but it was like a train wreck full of mindless people and I just couldn't stop myself from watching. I am in rehab now......

  7. That is very annoying! I think the Food Network does that sometimes too. I guess it's to fake out all of us DVR users?

  8. Yes! I hate that too. So frustrating!

  9. Exactly! I will run to the bathroom during the commercials and panic when I hear the show starting again but then it turns out just to be that little snippet.

  10. Ugh I hate those too! This (and because I can never remember when the shows actually air live) is why I live by DVR- fast forward please! Also, when they come back form commercials break and give you a replay of the last 3 min of the previous scene... seriously? I JUST saw that- stop wasting air time and show me something new!

  11. HAHAHAH! I used to hate it but I've become so engrossed with the teen mom/real housewives series that it doesn't bother me anymore. I see them as bonus clips. I have so many episodes to catch up on! Just saw OC where Tamara gets all pissy about her gym not being featured on Good Day L.A. before Heather's other gym was. Psh. Entitlement, classic!

  12. SO annoying! Greedy bastards messing up our viewing pleasures!

  13. Commercials, they put them everywhere now. I think that if I pay for cable, I should be allowed to opt out of having to watch all their commercials. I really dislike commercials.

    Love Reality TV.

  14. I am soooo happy to have a DVR. And that I'm bad enough at fast forwarding that I always end up skipping through those 30 second blobs. My husband always gets stuck on them, though. lol

  15. Thanks for including the link to your CLC post. :)
    I watch most shows online so I don't get as many commercials. Still, the ones there are so long and annoying.

  16. I hate it because I DVR shows and I thought I missed the beginning of the next segment, so I have to rewind. Only to find out it was a stupid clip. What is the reasoning behind this strategy anyways?

  17. Yes, yes, yes! That shit drive me batty, too. But you know what? The producers know they've got us on the hook, so they stretch it out, basically. The 'ol bait and switch personified.

    In my pre-mommy life, I was a reporter for a CBS affiliate, and TV news is the Grand Poobah of the bait and switch -- I think we just notice it more with reality because we really want to watch those.

    Oh, and about reality not being real, my mom regales me on this all the time, to which I reply the same as you: Me don't care. It's entertainment.

    Funny post.

  18. I hate that I watch those reality shows, especially the ones with really bad grammar. Why?? I need to be doing something to grow my brain during the commercials perhaps. I just keep watching. I actually miss All My Children some days.
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  19. The real housewives make me laugh far more than they should. How do they have that much energy for arguing?! Adverts in general annoy me. Just put them between shows!

  20. The real housewives make me laugh far more than they should. How do they have that much energy for arguing?! Adverts in general annoy me. Just put them between shows!


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