Thursday, June 26, 2014

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Finishing An Awesome TV Series

I love history.

I especially love anything that has to do with the Tudors. Of course most people know about Henry VIII and his love of chopping off heads.

But what happened BEFORE Henry VIII?

I checked out The White Queen on Netflix. It's based on Philippa Gregory's books. If you haven't read her books, you need to.

The series is about two sides who want control of the crown. It reminds me of two children bickering and whining "I want the crown!" "No, I want the crown!"

It's the House of Lancaster versus the House of York. Someone is crowned--and then the crown is taken. Crown is back. And taken again.

It would have been a pain in the ass to live back then.

Meanwhile, Henry VIII's grandma is certain that her son, the heir of the house of Lancaster, will one day be king. We know it happens, but this lady seems a bit nutso when she spouts this out.

She keeps saying it! Even when the house of York pops out boys. Her husband is even like, "Lady, how is your son going to get on the throne with all these boys?"

Well, it turns out those boys start dying. You've heard of the Princes in the tower, yes? Well, the boy who was SUPPOSED to get the crown disappears, along with his brother. His uncle takes the crown for himself, saying that the boys were bastards.

It's just...a giant medieval soap opera, and I LOVE IT.

A lot of the people of England were like, "WTF?" when King Richard took the crown for himself instead of giving it to his nephew. So that gives an opening for Henry VIII's granny! A war ensues. The House of York against the House of Lancaster! History calls it The Wars of the Roses. Or, in that particular fight, the battle of Bosworth. It's like an insane football game--only this one includes swords and armor.

The series is amazing and I was bummed when I had watched all the episodes.

I wanted to see Henry VII's reign! See, he marries a York girl, because they want to have peace. You can imagine some drama comes from that. Henry VII's mama, who knew her son would be king, is...well...not the nicest mother-in-law.

It turns out, there MIGHT be a series about Henry VII's reign. Of course England will get to see it first, and I'm incredibly jealous. You guys have some fascinating history.

So yes, I always hate when I finish an awesome series.

Go see it, if you haven't!

(Someone even gets drowned in wine since he was guilty of treason. It was the king's brother, actually. Oops. Apparently this was only a RUMOR of really happening in the 1400s though. Still. Yikes.)


  1. It's worse when we finish an awesome series. We only have an antenna so if it's on cable we have to wait until Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Amazon Prime comes out with the next years series. Then we bing watch it in a couple of days...then wait another year. Horrible!

    This sounds like something my husband would really enjoy. If he hasn't watched it already.

  2. I don't know it but I hate finishing an awesome series! It's just... sad.
    I'm currently behind on three of my shows so it's fun to catch up.

  3. I just finished binge watching season one of Quantum Leap, and now I'm sad because I don't have the rest of the series. That's kinda similar, right??

  4. You have convinced me. Now when I find time, I will start watching it! Hmmm... is it okay for 10 year olds? ;)

  5. When I finish binge watching an amazing show, it's kind of like "now what do I do?" Things seem empty.

    However, sometimes I'll finish a binge watch and the show will be in the middle of a new, regular season and that helps. But when the weekly episode is over, I expect the next one to immediately start. So there's that.

  6. i looooved this series too and was sad when it was over. i hope they continue it because i love historical series too. i read the first book but not sure if i'm going to read the rest yet.

  7. I just started watching House of Cards, and loving it!

  8. Well now I am definitely intrigued to watch it :)

  9. Love her books and I loved this series too! I didn't want it to stop ever. They have plenty of content to keep the series going...

  10. Then you might want to drag out watching OITNB until sometime in 2015 when it comes back. ;)

  11. I hate that too! Oh and my mother has a nice collection of her books so I've read them (or devoured them like my husband would say)!

  12. I have not heard of this but I'm going to have to tell two of my sisters who are absolutely fanatical about the Tudors!

  13. I agree, I hate when I finish a really good series. I need to check out the White Queen!

  14. Aw it's not on Instant Play :(:(


Thanks for the comment!

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