Thursday, June 19, 2014

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Flying On Airplanes

I hate flying.

I had to fly to Texas yesterday.

I hate going through the security line. I try to move as quickly as I possibly can, yet there's alway someone behind me huffing and puffing impatiently.

"Go ahead," I'll urge, and the person will go, "It's FINE," in a voice that conveys IT IS NOT FINE. Dude! Just GO AROUND! I have CHILDREN! I don't have a husband to help.

Going through a security line with kids can be tricky. Tommy gets overwhelmed easily and the fast pace of it all makes him nervous and on the verge of a meltdown. I'll remind him to take deep breaths. Natalie will worry about the toys in the backpack.

"They don't want to go through that scary, dark tunnel thing!"

"Well, they have to. Sweetie, stop arguing, there's a line."

By the time we've gone through, it feels like I've run a marathon. Not that I know what running a marathon actually feels like, I'm just guessing.

Being on the actual airplane is scary. I immediately think of the show Lost. I always stare at my fellow passengers, wondering who will have what role if we crashed. Who would be Jack? Sawyer? Kate?

But then I panic, thinking of what all the people on Lost went through:

I don't want bits of the plane exploding behind me!

Taking off makes me nervous. I'll grip my armrests, if I can. Sometimes I'm beside a person who won't share, aka, my children. 

If there is any sort of turbulence, I panic.

"Why did the plane jump like that?"

"What's that strange sound?"

"It's nothing. Relax," my children have to tell me. Yes, my children. They like to fly. 

I might even say this:

I also keep a close eye on other passengers. If someone is acting or looking suspicious, I panic. 

Landing isn't fun either. I have to hope that everyone in the tower is directing planes safely. Have you seen the stories where planes have almost collided?!

Or stories where a wheel has popped off upon landing?

Flying scares the dickens out of me. 

Thankfully Tom is picking me up after he finishes his military class so we'll just drive home. 

Do you guys like flying in airplanes? Or do you flip out like I do?

(By the way, today is my birthday! Follow my adventures on Instagram!)


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

  2. Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day!

  3. Happy Birthday! At least you aren't flying on your actual birthday.

    I like to fly but that's mostly because I hate driving. Driving feels like a huge time suck so flying is awesome to me because I can get somewhere so much faster and I don't have to do the work involved in driving.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!

    I don't mind flying but I hate waiting for people to deplane.

  5. Happy Birthday! Perfect GIFs to go along with your post. I actually love flying but do get antsy on looong flights. That said, I haven't flown with my children yet so I'll probably sing a different tune when that happens. Glad you survived it!

  6. Happy Birthday! Perfect GIFs to go along with your post. I actually love flying but do get antsy on looong flights. That said, I haven't flown with my children yet so I'll probably sing a different tune when that happens. Glad you survived it!

  7. i don't mind flying, but getting through the airport is such a hassle! when we were leaving FL last year, the lines were SO long that we missed our flight and had to go standby on the next available one. they should be more organized and give priority to people who have earlier flights. also, the kids fight over who gets the window seat. and having to schlep all our stuff is a pain too. driving might take longer, but we have control over the trip.

  8. Happy birthday!

    I don't mind flying, but I do hate going through security and then feeling like I'm stuck in an airport and then stuck in a plane and then stuck in a baggage claim and then FINALLY fresh air.

  9. I actually feel that way every time I drive now. Maybe I became immune to it when I had to commute every day, but now I have no tolerance whatsoever for impatient people on my butt! I almost always have to move to another lane (sometimes even the fast lane) to wait for some impatient jerk to go around. You'd think they'd get the hint. By the way, I go above the speed limit--up to 10 miles, since I know most cops won't issue tickets for that. People need to just chill!

  10. First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Second, flying isn't too bad. I don't mind it :)

  11. Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful time In Texas!! As for flying... I don't mind flying although I really do hate take off, landing, and turbulence... so maybe I do hate flying?

  12. Happy Happy Birthday to my "friend in my head"! lol. I actually LOVE flying because I HATE long car rides so much!

  13. Happy birthday - I hope you are having a great time with your parents!!!
    I love to fly - my oldest son does not like it at all.

  14. First, Happy Birthday!!! I hope it was not a situation of "why is the rum gone" once that plane landed -- because that's how I handle flight turbulence. did you know you get drunk like WAY faster up there?
    it's true.
    anyway, hope it all went well and that you have a fantastic birthday.
    love the gifs - Beaker is my fave. :)

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! LOL At all of your gifs. Too good! I love flying, particularly taking off and landing. But I have made an entire theory up against a passenger that was walking back and forth on an international flight when everyone was sleeping. After bringing way too much unnecessary attention to him, turns out the guy just wanted water. Oops! Enjoy your trip out!


    Flying doesn't bother me too much - if I don't think about being in a tin can hurtling through the sky. Other than that, I'm good.

    Have a wonderful time!!

  17. I do not mind flying but I hate the security lines.

  18. First and foremost, Happy Birthday!!
    I don't like flying. I think it's a lot of anticipation and when I'm actually in the flight and not rushing to the airport or putting two kids through security, I'm really not that bad on planes. I do have occasional anxiety attacks (not panic attacks) but they're minimal.

  19. I love to fly. I wish I could do it more. I love the experience of going through security (even with kids, I've lugged 2+ kids through an airport before).

  20. Happy birthday, friend! :D
    I love flying... it's so much faster and plussss I have terrible road rage, haha!

  21. Happy Birthday to Youuuu!
    I have only flown twice in my life. I was a teenager both times. One of the flights was horrible and I thought for sure I was going to die.

  22. Well, happy birthday!! Hope it's a great one and you are living it up!

    (But not on a plane.)

  23. Happy late birthday! I've been out of commission on blog reading for the most part these last few days. :( Hoping to catch up this weekend.

    Flying bothers me sometimes and other times it doesn't. I try to sleep and then I don't think about it. It depends on if I am by myself or with my family. I get more stressed with my family. Once my youngest packed a toy gun and a pair of craft scissors in his you can imagine, that turned into quite the ordeal. Why we let him pack his own carryon is beyond's comical to talk about now though.

  24. I've never been on a plane because just thinking about it terrifies me lol.. I think the time will come though, where I can't avoid it. Eeeek!!

  25. Have never flown before but even watching movies about plane crashes or that show Air Crash Investigations makes me not want to fly.

  26. In our house, it's me that doesn't mind and my husband who freaks out. We don't fly often,, so there's that, though.

  27. happy belated!
    I feel the same way about flying for sure.


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