Thursday, July 31, 2014

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: No Sitting At The Rodeo

I went to my first rodeo last week.

I liked it.

And I'll be writing more about it next week.

But one thing that bugged me?

No one liked to sit.

There were people constantly walking around.

Some people were dressed like they were going to a club.

This baffled me.

But mainly, it would irk me when I'd try to see if the dude would stay on a bull, and a crowd would walk past so I couldn't tell.

Many people had on cowboy hats, so that blocked a lot of the view too.

I wanted to tell the people behind us to STAY SEATED. They kept walking back and forth down the aisles.

They had a small child who kept touching our backs.

Why was no on sitting? I suppose I could have stood up, but then I'd block the people behind me, and I actually have manners so I didn't do this.

The rodeo was fun.

But apparently, it's not a place where people like to sit still.


  1. I've never been to a rodeo and while it sounds like a fun experience, that would annoy me to no end too. And dressing like you're going to a club? What is it with people?

  2. I kind of remember that from growing up in Houston with that rodeo. It is annoying!-Ashley

  3. So, this was actually your first rodeo. Cool.

    This is less a reflection of rodeo culture as it is 2014 culture - minus the cowboy hats. It bugs me too, but it's in the movie theater, the ballpark, school concerts.

    People can't sit still.

    They fidget and preen and walk around and check their smartphones.

    At least 37 times watching the World Cup on TV at work, someone would get up, wander in front of their TV while checking their phone, and just stand there.

    You know those rodeo clowns? Let's replace them with the people who can't sit still.

  4. That sounds like my first middle school wrestling experience - I got hit in the head, kicked and stepped on so many times that day - I just wanted everyone to quit walking around all the time - bring a book and read like me!!!:)

  5. I was at a concert last weekend and guys were putting their girlfriends on their shoulders or holding their phones up and I couldnt see it was so aggravating.

  6. I went to my second rodeo a few years back in Montana. It was an interesting experience for this East Coast girl. A sub culture all its own. And yeah, there were buckle bunnies dressed to the nines and cowboy hats all over the place. It was an event to be seen at as well as to see.

    Glad you liked it!

  7. I think that would annoy me, but I am very lazy. When I want to go to a place like that, I want to sit!

  8. I want to ake my son to his first rodeo this summer. Glad you enjoyed it!

  9. surprising -- up here that would be so unacceptable. Manners matter people! That's too bad though because it is definitely an interesting ... sport? I don't know... is it a sport?

  10. That would annoy me too, although I have no idea what rodeo etiquette is. Don't they want to pay attention? Isn't that why they came? People are odd.

  11. Did you see the Real Housewives of NY when they went to the Rodeo dressed like a bunch of city slickers? lol I hate when my view is obstructed so yes- super annoying.

  12. I went to a rodeo for the first time this year too. I didn't notice the standing thing but it was hard to see over some hats!


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