Monday, July 28, 2014

What Tom Learned About Me

Tom and I got two weeks of kid free time.

(You can read what all we did here.)

He didn't have to go to work, because he took leave.

So we were around each other all the time.

Since he's usually at work and doesn't normally see during the day, Tom learned the following about me:

--I watch too many reality shows.

He knows I like them, he just didn't realize I watched so many. We'd be watching a Real Housewives and a preview came up for the new reality show Game of Crowns and Tom went, "That looks dumb," right as I went, "I'm so recording that." Tom couldn't sit and watch for too long, but the times he did he'd go, "Please don't ever put shit in your lips. It looks scary."

--I'll clean at random times of the day.

I don't have set times. I just know I need to get a certain amount done in a week. I'd be on the couch reading, and suddenly I'd get up and start to clean. Tom would find me scrubbing toilets and be like, "I thought you were reading?" I'd say, "I was. Now it's time to clean." When I got done, I'd go back to reading, and then get back up and clean some more. "Do you have a schedule? What's happening?" Tom wanted to know. "Can't you just sit? I feel weird sitting here while you're cleaning." He insisted on helping.

--I wash the sheets once a week.

He probably knew this. But he'd see the bundle of sheets in my arms and go, "Didn't you just wash those?" "Yes. A week ago. Lord knows what's living on them now." The funny thing is, I'm not a germaphone, I just know what can live on sheets. (This dust mite, for starters.) I don't want a dust mite to go into I wash the sheets weekly.

--I need to go to Target weekly

"But why? What do we need there?" Tom would ask. My answer? "You don't need a REASON to go to Target. Duh."

--I'll sometimes have a handful of cookies, crackers, and chips and call it lunch.

"That's not a meal!" Tom insisted. "It's lunch today," I explained.

--I don't like to be disturbed when I'm reading.

Tom would want to start a conversation right when I was in the middle of a good part. I'd say, "Can you give me ten minutes?" and he'd look offended. I can't just STOP reading. I mean, I can, but I'd prefer not to. Come back when I finish the chapter. We'll talk then, I promise.

In the end, the main thing we realized was that we still have fun together. Even when the kids aren't around. I admit, I was a little worried on how we were going to handle it without the kids distracting us. Would it be crickets every night as we ate? Would we sit silently on the couch? But no, we discovered that we can have adult conversations and not center things around the kids.

It was fantastic.


  1. Haha, I do the same thing when I'm reading. My mother in law is the same and she often calls it the "bitch" mode- I've stolen the term from her too and use it now when I am reading.

  2. I clean at random times too. Whenever the urge hits me, I go with it.

    My husband hates when I read because he knows he'll be thoroughly ignored until I'm done.

  3. It's awesome that you got to spend time with him and reconnect. It's also awesome that he got to see everything you do!!!

  4. Eek! The dust mites!
    I bet you get sick less often by changing the sheets once a week.
    This is funny! And I'm glad you two can have fun together.

  5. HAHA! I love this! How fun that he took the time off too. Your random cleaning spurts are so my style, and I cant stand being interrupted when there's a book in front of my face. I'm glad you two had a couple weeks together sans kids, that is so damn rare!

  6. Haha I dont watch too much reality TV but this weekend I did and Mike was like ummm why are you watching this crap LOL

    And you're right no reason needed to go to Target!

  7. That is priceless.

    Keith and I have never spent 2 weeks kidless alone, but we have spent a couple of long weekends together.

    And by 6:00 Sunday night, we both were saying, "No offense, but I'm kinda ready to go back to work."


  8. I'm the same with reading. I can stop, but I don't want to. If I hold a finger up, let me finish!

  9. Getting interrupted while I'm trying to read is one of my absolute BIGGEST pet peeves.

  10. Oh, I LOVE this post! I relate to it 100%. My husband is flummoxed that my "schedule" isn't regular. It throws him for a loop. "But I thought you picked Bobby up from practice at 10:30. (Yes, on M, W, F...but they lift weights on Tu, Thur.) "I thought you folded towels after lunch" (Sometimes. Sometimes I do other things.) I also watch a lot (I will never say "too much") TV...and I read all the time! --Lisa
    PS. I'm totally with Tom on the lip thing. S.C.A.R.Y!

  11. Isn't it funny how we realize those little things like random cleaning and stuff when we share our time with someone else?! Although I just don't clean much at home - since I clean our venue 1-3 times most weeks I've sort of put my foot down on cleaning (except the kitchen) at home - I let the boys handle it!!!
    And, there are days when I'm home alone that lunch (which may or may not be a true meal) happens at 10:00 am - I get up at 5:00 and don't eat breakfast so I'm hungry then some days!

  12. I sweat in my sleep and sometimes drool... so besides the dust mites, sheets are just GROSSSSS!!!
    I wish I could only go to Target once a week. The other day I went twice in a 3 hr period. haha

  13. Ewww dustmites, thanks for the sheets reminder. I mean I try to do it often but I'm not as on it as I should be! And I need to get myself to Target... I normally refrain because of all the money that I just know I will spend!

  14. This is way too funny, and we are intense readers too :)

    xx 365hangers

  15. LOL, found you through the sitssharefest. I relate to this, except my husband is always home lately. I need a day alone in the apartment so I can freely do my thing w/o a critic.

  16. Who needs a reason to go to Target? :)

  17. Visiting from SITS. This is hilarious. My husband would be TOO confused if he spent 2 wks with me and no littles. And Target....don't get me started.


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