Monday, August 18, 2014

Inside Natalie's Closet: Back To School Outfits From Gymboree

School starts tomorrow!

One of the things we do is go back to school shopping. You guys know I love buying clothes for Natalie. (Don't worry, Tommy doesn't go naked. It's just, boy stuff isn't as fun.)

Gymboree has had a lot of cute things.

In fact, this is what Natalie will be wearing for her first day of second grade.

"Natalie, can you please cooperate?"

"People want to see a smiling face."

Sometimes taking photos of Natalie is difficult. In the past, I could run into the house and get her to laugh because apparently when I injure myself, it's funny.

But she's getting older. And she says that I'm not funny anymore. (!)

Sometimes I can get her to laugh by making farting sounds. Or asking her if she has to fart.

But lately, when I do this, she's all:

"You are NOT a funny Mommy."

Want to know how I get her to cooperate these days?

By getting her Daddy to ask her to please smile for the camera.

She kisses him on the cheek and is all, "Okay, Daddy."

(These are not real glasses. They are fake ones. Also Gymboree.)

"This is just so HARD!"

"How about we change outfits?"


"Tom? Could you please come out here?"

**Outfit Change**

She's getting big. *Sniffles* And she refuses to have her hair cut. She calls her hair "princess hair."

And despite what she says, she still finds farts funny.

**Outfit Change**

"I'm done with ALL of this."

"Okay. Let's go inside."

"Wait! I was JOKING at you."

Same leggings from the previous outfit. Different top.

Wondering what kind of trouble she can get into later.

She does not yawn like a lady. She'd never fit into Downton Abbey.

**Last Outfit**

Oops! Headband was too big and kept slipping down.

Natalie is all ready for second grade:

"I'm being like Stephanie on Full House! At the beginning of the show she gives a thumbs up. Me too!"

Do you like back to school shopping?


  1. She is so cute! Girls have such cute clothes!

  2. Love all these outfits. I also love her 'princess' hair. My seven year old doesn't want a haircut either. She loves what she calls her 'Elsa hair.'

  3. She looks amazing! Little fashionista!

  4. I miss my kids being small enough to wear gymboree. My girlies both wear fake glasses too.

  5. The fact that you can get her to cooperate for this is amazing to me. I'd make it through 4 pictures and my daughter would start being a pain and we'd have to stop.

    Love the clothes! We don't shop at Gymboree but we do have an outlet nearby. I might have to check it out.

  6. I would refuse to cut my hair too if it was anything like hers, it's absolutely beautiful!!

  7. I love, love, love those outfits! You have the same taste as we do. My duaghter would love all of them.

  8. She is getting so big!
    And Scarlet makes that same face with her eyes closed and her tongue out.

  9. I love her clothes - that last one I think would be awesome in an adult size!!!
    Super cute pictures!
    My boys have never really been into the school clothes shopping:)

  10. OMG GIRLFRIEND! I love how you theme outfits! I mean, I knew you were a themer but this first day of 2nd grade outfit you have planned is on a new level!!! PENCIL SKIRT?! TOO GOOD! And the hair clip? Why am I not this cool?! Style meeeee

  11. I just adore your daughter (or at least your interpretations of her lol). We must see video!

  12. Your daughter is a doll, and I love all her back to school clothes! :) Gymboree was my favorite when the boys were little. Happy back to school (we still have two weeks).

  13. She's so cute! I miss back to school shopping.

  14. natalie is so fucking cute. i bet her little pussy tastes like champagne.


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