Sunday, September 14, 2014

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Giveaway!

**I received a prize pack in exchange for this post. My opinions are my own**

Remember the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?

I think about it when I'm having a terrible day.

Well, Disney is making a film based off the popular book! (Learn more about it here.)

Something I'm excited about?

Steve Carell stars in the movie! I love him. Jennifer Garner also stars in it, as well as that kid who died on Scandal.

Here's a preview of the movie:

Looks hilarious. I know my kids will love it.

A lucky reader can win a Alexander prize pack! It includes:

--1 Alexander Coffee Mug

--1 giant green highlighter

--1 crocodile stress toy

--1 official Alexander reusable bag

Giveaway Rules:

--Must be 18 or older

--Must live in the US

I will pick a winner on October 6th.

Good luck and be sure to catch Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day in theaters October 10th!

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  1. The other day, when my 18 year old autistic son was suspended frmo school. That was a very bad day.

  2. I LOVE this book. I love it! I can't wait to see the movie.
    Let's see.. a horrible day.
    Athena was sick and had an accident on the couch. I was trying to get the couch cover off the pillow and broke my nail halfway back.. it was.. bad.

  3. Hmmm a horrible day. I've had many. The last one was a week ago Sunday. After a good start to the day, I I ended up putting my recently purchased bookcase together wrong. Then it broke. And... I super glued my fingers together and glued a washed to a bowl.

    IT all worked out in the end, but I was so stressed that I ended up in tears at the end of the day.

  4. Terrible day? How about a terrible year? This year on my birthday, all I wanted was to go out with my husband on a date. No kids, no friends, just us. Instead, his mom passed away just after midnight on my birthday, and then we spent the whole day looking for a burial plot and funeral home.

  5. I just saw the trailer for this yesterday. I love Steve!

  6. Love the book; can't wait for the movie!!
    A horrible day?
    Haven't had one recently, but last winter there were quite a few last minute snow days/sick days that didn't work out so well for any of us!

  7. We love this book! A horrible day...hmm well there are a few, but one that is recent was I forgot to turn down the crock pot before we headed out to football practice and we returned to a burnt dinner. Thank goodness for leftovers! :)

  8. april 15, 2012. I got bacterial menegtis.

  9. Terrible day? Today. I injured my hand at work, my right hand, I'm right handed. Makes it tough to do things.

  10. A horrible, no good, very bad day for me? The day our dog pooped on our cat. No kidding, Dolce just unloaded diarrhea all over Meagram.

    Now we look back and laugh, but at the sucked to clean.

  11. I have a mix of stressful days. I remember one in college when my pepper spray opened up in my pocket and stunk up the room and slightly burned my leg. Then this creepy guy I didn't like left me a voice message that night.

  12. My horrible day was yesterday. My daughter came home with a fever the other day from preschool so for the past 5 days, I've had a house full of sick people. Everybody else finally got better.

    Except for me. I was so sick yesterday...I kept coughing and couldn't breathe. Urgent Care was closed up here so we drove 15 minutes away to another urgent care that was so packed they sent us to a new one. I told my husband we should just go to the ER but he was insistent we would be there forever. Well, half an hour later we were sitting in an ER because we couldn't find the UC in that area. And then! There were 2 people ahead of me and they'd been there for an hour and a half already and they just cleared out 2 rooms. I left. I have kids who needed to go to school today. This was about 8pm last night. I was done with it all.

  13. Aren't all Monday's rough? I haven't had a horrible day in a while, but it seems it is just hard to get going on a Monday.

  14. My bad day was Sunday when my daughter decided she would go through my phone. There went the surprise camping trip.

  15. My bad day was Saturday when my son was stung by a bee, had a mild allergy and a swollen hand for the past 4 days.

  16. My bad day was when the apartment complex I manage got struck by lightning, and I had multiple people calling with all of their appliances fried! The good thing about bad days - Things can only go up from there :)

  17. Yesterday, I practically had to swim to work because the rain would not stop. After I almost made it all the way avoiding the high I water, I was late anyway because of a blinking red signal light!

  18. The other day I managed to somehow hit myself in the shoulder with the car door, causing a terrible bruise. That's the same day I threw my back out. I'm still suffering the consequences of that day.

  19. I tried to nurse my baby at the same time I straightened my hair. Went to work with a burnt chunk of hair...

  20. My worst day was blogging at an event and all my technology failed me!


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