Monday, September 15, 2014

Disney On Ice and the Oklahoma State Fair (Food!)

One of my favorite things about the Oklahoma State Fair is the food.

My Mom comes out every year for the Oklahoma State Fair. Usually there is always a Disney On Ice show that we see. This year it was Disney On Ice: Let's Celebrate.

Natalie brought her light up toy that we bought 3 years ago at Disney On Ice for $20. I refuse to purchase another. And I see they've gone up in price ($22 now.) So if your child will want a light up toy and you don't want to fork over $22, bring one from home.

The food sold there is also overpriced, but it's to be expected. Cotton candy with Mickey ears is $12. I bought Natalie a sno cone for $12. But I think Disney tries to make you feel better about spending an obscene amount by giving you something to take home. With the sno cone, you get to keep the cup. Yay!

The show was entertaining, as always.

Natalie was so excited to see Maleficent:

"She just needs to stop being cranky," Natalie told me seriously.

Another fantastic show! Natalie approves. And yes, she's aching to see the Frozen Disney On Ice but it isn't in our area yet. Maybe next year for the fair? *Hint hint Disney*

We returned to the State Fair on Saturday for the rides. And more food.

The thing about Natalie? She wants to go on EVERY ride. She gets insulted when she's not tall enough. "But I won't be scared!" she pouts. I explain it's a safety thing. Does she want to slip out and go flying through the air? "Sounds like fun," she answers. *Le sigh*

She was miffed that she wasn't tall enough to go on this slide. "But I wouldn't fall! I know how to go down a SLIDE!"

Tommy happily went on it.

Natalie wasn't tall enough to go on the swings that went high on the air so she had to settle for this.

Notice the jackets? It was COLD Saturday morning. Like 60 degrees. Oklahoma is confusing us.

This man scared me. He was at the haunted house. Which Natalie went on. Alone, since Tommy was on another ride she wasn't tall enough for. She came out and was all, "An evil clown tried to scare me. It didn't work."

I even went on one ride. We bought the kids unlimited ride armbands. I just bought tickets for one.

It was a ride that went round and round. I'm getting old, guys. My poor head was still spinning afterwards.

So what did we have to eat?


A plate of fried food! That's fried pickles. Fried ravioli. Fried mac n cheese. Fried mashed potatoes.

I loved it all.


A fried Twinkie. In the past I've also tried fried oreos and fried butter. Both are superb. The kids had the funnel cake.

There were people everywhere when we went but we still had a fantastic time.

I'm already looking forward to next year.

And if you're nearby? The fair runs until the 21st of September.

Go get a fried treat and think of me when you eat it.


  1. Now I'm craving fried food. My head is spinning too after some rides. Although I avoid roller coasters. Like the plague.

  2. We only had one evening at our fair, so I don't feel like we got to do much. The kids had fun, though, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

  3. Yum...fried food! Looks like the kids had a great time!
    Fried butter? Not sure how I feel about that one lol

  4. i can't ride rides like i used to! when i took the 4 yr old to see dinsey on ice, she was all confused as to why they were on ice, hehe.

  5. Ok, i'm going to our fair next weekend. I did friend cookies and cream a couple of years ago and it was good.... I don't know if we have fried butter but that sounds good. And... hmmm... I think we tried fried oreos and they were good. I might try the twinkie this year! Looks like you guys had tons of fun!!!

  6. i have seen recipes for fried ravioli and i want to try it!
    we have fried dill pickles...i have also had the fried mac and cheese...and fried mars bars

  7. Poor Natalie - so unfair that she can't ride all the rides!!!
    I'm not a ride person at all!!
    We haven't een to the state fair in ages. Sounds like y'all had a great time and had lots of tasty treats!!

  8. Scarlet will never get to go on rides. She's in the 5th percentile for height! Insanity.
    Our big fair is going on right now. Can't wait to go!

  9. Disney on ice looks like so much fun. My girls want to go see Frozen.

  10. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?! That food. GAHHH! I agree... totally overpriced but every once in a while - WORTH IT!

  11. Oh, the fair good! I have never tried a fried twinkie, but I want one! My younger son used to get so mad when he wasn't tall enough for rides. Love the pictures!

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    I`m here the first time & I wanna stay!
    How about follow each other?? I always follow back when I propose it :)
    I tell you that because I really love your blog! WOW!
    Pics so inspiring & descritpions are great!!!!
    so let me know sweetie!

    have a nice day!
    keep in touch :)

  13. Your daughter is so fun, always up for risks and thrills! I used to sneak my much shorter sister on rides she was too small for. Looking back, what an idiot!

  14. God I love that America fries everything.


Thanks for the comment!

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