Monday, September 1, 2014

What's Your Jam?

I've started walking the track on base.

It's my pants.

They're starting to get tight.

You see, I like the junk food. And my metabolism is rudely dying on me.

I won't give up my junk food. I just can't.

So I'll walk.

And while I walk, I'll listen to music.

Now, a lot of people listen to the music of today when they walk.

A lot of the music of today hurts my ears.

So I make up a playlist of a variety of songs.

Here's one of those playlists:

Life's A Happy Song from The Muppet Movie

Defying Gravity from Wicked

The Goodbye Song from the Smash soundtrack

And Then He Kissed me from The Crystals

Barbie Girl from Aqua

Daydream Believer from The Monkees

God Only Knows from The Beach Boys

I Heard Your Voice In A Dream from the Smash soundtrack

Hold On from Wilson Phillips

The Great Collapse from The Zolas

Greatest Hits from Lost from Michael Giacchino

Some Nights from Fun. <---hey look, that's semi current!

Does anyone else start to dance when they walk and listen to music?

Because I did.

For instance, Defying Gravity excites me so I found myself twirling and skipping. I don't think anyone saw. Maybe they did. If so, they might have assumed I was drunk.

I started bouncing around with Life's A Happy Song from The Muppet Music. Jason Segel is so much fun to walk with.

As I walked, I waved to the people who went by. After all, we were fellow exercisers! We decided to get up from the couch and do something. Hello! (I mostly got odd looks.) (Also, most people were running. I was just a walker.)

I plan on walking at least 5 times a week. I hope the walking helps because I really, really don't want to go to a gym.

Wish me luck!


  1. Any playlist with Barbie Girl is a winner in my eyes!

  2. I don't like music. Okay, I do but not enough for it to get me through a walk, so I usually walk with my brother and mom. I went for a walk this morning, before 8am, and OMG it was sot hot, I had to come and take a shower. Enjoy your walks and music!

  3. ain't nothing wrong with walking! if you want to pump up the jam, hike trails. the uneven terrain and slopes will burn 600+ cals per hour just from hiking.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Walking is awesome and the dancing only helps burn even more calories so more room for Oreos later!!!
    If I listen to music when I run sometimes I sing along - total nerd but it makes me happy!!!

  5. Good for you lady! Love your playlist. Especially Barbie Girl. Haha.

  6. I'm doing the exact same! Some of my favourite songs on that list ;)

  7. ugh, I need to start walking again. I just hate pushing my two year old in a stroller up hills!

  8. Hold On... Yessss! Love that song! I always pretend I'm singing it with the cast of Bridesmaids haha. Good luck!

  9. Lol. You sound a little like myself. I love dancing to music. It makes me feel so happy, I can loose myself.

  10. Walking is one of my favorite exercises - it makes me happy too! Love your playlist.

  11. I listen to music while I run. Sometimes I find I am singing along, and I hope nobody is around to hear me. I also wave and say hello to everyone.

  12. Defying Gravity is on my "motivational songs" playlist for when I need a little emotional pick-me-up. Also, I have a huge crush on Jason Segel and The Muppets are one of my most favorite things ever.

    I listen to rock music when I walk or do the elliptical. The faster pace gets me going.

  13. Music is totally the difference to me between walking and doing nothing. Honestly.
    And I love that Beach Boys song! It's so good.

  14. If you get tired of your playlists you could also listen to Podcasts!

  15. Good Luck! I usually walk on the treadmill at the gym that way I can put on Netflix and watch tv :)

  16. Ugh! I know the feeling!

    My pants are also rather tight and so I started my diet and exercise plan on Monday so I'm on my third day.

    I cut out the carbs, pepsi max and junk food, have no problems or cravings and am on my exercise bike while watching Extra and Entertainment Tonight (on between 3-4pm) My behind hurts from sitting on the bike but that will go.

    Otherwise, I don't listen to music while exercising but do love going to bed early when there's nothing on tv and sticking my pod in. I'll end up dancing in bed, just as well that I'm single I suppose.

  17. Any playlist with Defying Gravity is a good playlist!

  18. I like a mix of oldies and new stuff. But I don't dance when I walk cause I have no rhythm and end up looking epileptic. Good luck and don't step in dog poo!

  19. WHOA! That is some eclectic playlist! Ugh I always say I'm going to cut down on the junkfood and then I buy two bags of peanut-butter eyeballs because the halloween candy is already being pushed at the grocery store. There's very little hope for me, maybe I should walk too lol

  20. Good on you - I like to listen to a lot of 90's stuff and early millenium stuff - No Doubt, The Killers, OKgo, The Fratellis. :) Peppy stuff.

  21. Oh I love God Only Knows! I sing and dance in the car...does this count? It's usually to Missy Elliot...haha


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