Friday, October 17, 2014

8 Things Security Forces Members (and Police Officers) Have To Deal With

My husband is a part of Security Forces in the Air Force.

It's basically a fancy name for military police.

He gets to wear this nifty beret too.

He also has to deal with all sorts of people at his job and has told me some insane stories.

Here is some of what he has to deal with while at work:

1. People who say, "I deserve to be saluted. Do you know who my husband is?"

Seriously. There are some spouses who believe they deserve to be saluted if their husband is high ranking.  Or if they get a ticket, they want to bring up their oh-so-important husband. It doesn't matter. You break the rules. You get a ticket.

2. Only sometimes it's not true. Tom once got in trouble for pulling over a high ranking officer for speeding.

So. If you have brass, you can speed? You'd think those people would want to, I don't know, set an example for the base and NOT SPEED.

3. People who say, "Um no, I wasn't speeding!"

You were, because there's this awesome thing called a radar gun. The speed limit on base is 25 in most areas. 15 in housing. Just be honest and say, "Sorry, I was going fast." Don't have an attitude. Don't lie. Most of the time if you're polite, you're let off with a warning.

4. People who say, "I don't have my license."

Why the H would you get into a vehicle without your license?!

5. People who say, "My tag isn't current because I forgot to get a new one."

Uh, they send reminders in the mail. And also, if a year is up, don't you think it's time to get a new one? If I could remember to renew both tags on both our vehicles when Tom was in Korea for an entire year, so can you.

6. People who say "Stay warm!" or "Stay cool," to the Security Forces members at the gate.

This comes across as sarcastic and Security Forces members don't want to hear it. Sometimes people are genuinely being nice. But most aren't. Here's a tip: if you say it and you mean to be nice, bring some hot chocolate to everyone at the gate. Or if it's hot, drinks from Sonic. Happy Hour is half price drinks.

7. Messy people. Tom does dorm inspections sometimes and guys? Some troops are slobs.

It's called Lysol and Windex. Don't be gross.

8. Crazy domestic disputes.

Tom once had to break up a fight over laundry detergent. Laundry. Detergent. Guys, this isn't Jerry Springer. Relax. Go out and buy another thing of Tide if it's so important to you.


Remember. Treat Security Forces with respect. So many times they are treated like servants. All these things apply to regular police officers too. They can get a bad rap and yes, like with every profession you do have bad seeds. But for the most part, the people protecting and serving us with very little pay are good human beings.

So thank them.


  1. i know i've said keep warm to people before--now i know to not do that anymore--unless i bring something!

  2. OMG SMH at #1. Seriously?

    I have to chuckle because my husband is double rated (Corpsman and MA) and he tells me similar stories. It's the military; NOT junior high! UGH.

  3. My husband isn't an MA, but he used to have to do barracks inspections all.the.time. He would come home, walk straight to the shower, and then afterward come complain about how gross some guys are.

  4. What a tough job! Can't believe the gall of #1. I agree that most police, military or otherwise, deserve respect for what they do.

  5. HAHAHA the call the Midwife pic had me dying!! Oh my!!!!! Great post!

  6. AMEN and amen! My husband is a police officer, and he would concur with every single one of them. People are just flat out stupid. And don't get me started about the lack of respect shown to police officers of all kinds. UGH!

  7. John is an MP and I love some of the stories that he comes home with. It's even better when they call him in the middle of the night and I pretend to be asleep so that I can hear all the details. People get pretty crazy with the domestics.

  8. This is funny. I literally laughed at the laundry detergent. My cousin was Military Police when he was in the army. He liked it but not enough to go career. He sales cars now, Which I don't think is as cool. I am awful about speeding but I always acknowledge that I have a horrible lead foot.

  9. The spouses who wear rank bother me. When we still had stickers on the car, I hated that the guards would salute even if my husband wasn't in it. I am not in the military, and neither is my car so a salute isn't necessary.

  10. I bet Tom has some of the best stories!!!
    I can't imagine wanting to be saluted - I would feel like an idiot if someone saluted me because I'm not even in the military.

  11. #7 and #8 oh my! And yes, they are woefully underpaid.

  12. Great post and a great reminder. I bet this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  13. An awesome reminder to people to behave civilly! Though it's sad that you have to.

  14. HAHAHAHAHA the spouses. Such morons. We were dual-military at one point and I remember those dumb women. They weren't worth anything, let alone my time or energy.

    Give your husband my thanks.

  15. So, it wouldn't be creepy if I brought gate guards food or drinks? I've thought of doing that before (especially around the holidays), but I wonder if they'd feel weird eating cookies made by someone they don't know. Maybe I'm too much of a cynic?! ;)

  16. I can't believe those women who want to be saluted just because of their husbands!

  17. I cannot stand women who take on their husband's rank. If it's so important for you to be saluted, join the military and become an officer.

  18. I've never heard of women wanting to be saluted because their husbands are high-ranking. Bizarre.

  19. I once visited a frat house on a Saturday morning it was horrifying! Having to perform regular dorm inspections would be a total gross out experience for sure.

  20. Ugh, poor Tom sometimes! I'm sure he has a boatload of stories.

  21. I see the hate and disrespect that police officers deal with online. I can't imagine facing it in person! These people are here to protect us!! Please thank Tom for his service and tell him to not ever come inspect my house! LOL!

  22. I am not near officers often... but those are all good tips to have in mind!! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Okay...really? People really think they deserve a salute by association? That's so ridiculous. People never cease to amaze me. Even the fight over detergent is nuts!


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