Thursday, October 16, 2014

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Crying Over Minecraft?!

She was crying hysterically.

I thought she was hurt.

So I rushed into the bathroom. Yes, she was in the bathroom. With the iPad mini. She's like her father. I want to get in the bathroom, do my business, and hurry out. Meanwhile, my husband perches on his throne and emerges twenty minutes later. Natalie is the same.

I didn't know what was happening. Natalie hurts herself a lot. Did she accidentally run into the sink? Did she bang her head on the wall?

Did she...oh gosh...drop the iPad Mini into the toilet? Maybe that's why she was crying.

Oh, please no.

I opened the door and found her crying in the middle of the bathroom. No blood. And praise chocolate, she was grasping the iPad Mini.

Maybe it was a UTI?

Oh gosh, ew. Please let it not be a UTI.

"What's wrong?" I asked, because she continued to sob.

"My buildings are on fire! I worked so hard on those!"

I didn't compute. What buildings? What fire?

She waved the iPad Mini at me. "On Minecraft! My buildings are GONE! FOREVER! And I worked so HARD ON THOSE!"

I'll be the first to admit that I don't get Minecraft. I sort of roll my eyes when she watches those Stampy videos. "Hello, this is Stampy!" "Hello, this is Amber, and your voice hurts my ears at 7 AM."

"Come on," I said and scooped her up. I can still pick her up but my time is limited. She's 7, so soon I won't be able to. I already struggle now. It might be because I'm weak though.

"My buildings," she wailed into my shoulder. She rubbed her snot all over my shirt.

"Rebuild," I suggested. "For heaven's sake. Be grateful you don't have Ebola."

"You don't understand!"

"What's going on?" Tom asked. Ironically, he was playing a video game and was just grumbling about it minutes before. Gee, I wonder where Natalie gets it from?

"My buildings are on FIRE!"

"Put them out," Tom suggested.


She turned into Lizzie from The Walking Dead.

I managed to calm her down. She is going to re-build. She will be okay.

Dang Minecraft.


  1. Our son is into Minecraft too and I wish he would stop changing his mind. Two days he plays it like crazy and builds, builds, builds, then spends the next day uninstalling it. Then the next re-installing it, playing it before uninstalling it. The circle never ends!

  2. I know nothing about minecraft. I know nothing about farmville or zombieland games. I know nothing about building or tearing down anything in the virtual reality gaming world. BUT, hearing your tale on this... it makes me wonder. Maybe it is good in some ways-- Natalie is realizing she has to work for something and that you can lose it in an eyeblink. It makes me think this is a valuable lesson, maybe?

  3. Your post cracks me up! We have some Mindcraft or sorry, MinEcraft fans in our house. They get so mad when I call it by the wrong

  4. haha! Yes, so much better than ebola.
    I have never known the wonder of Minecraft. Maybe I will someday.

  5. My daughter doesn't play Minecraft but she does bring her iPad into the bathroom and she does cry at ridiculous things.

    Having a 7 year old is fun, isn't it?

  6. My daughter let out a huge cry in bed the other night. I go into her room to find out what is wrong. There is a hole in one of her stuffed animals.

  7. My kids aren't into Minecraft. I think I'm thankful for that! My son gets upset when I make him pause YouTube videos because then they "have to load all over again!!!!"

  8. Jonathan plays it too. He loves it but I've never seen him have his homes burn up. I think he spends more time watching those videos than actually playing the game.

  9. Hahahaha, Minecraft. My son gets all huffy, turns off the computer and stomps away when something bad happens!

  10. I know this all too well and I don't understand Minecraft either lol.

  11. every time one of my children do this, I want that gif from A League of Their Own, except mine would say:

    There's no crying in Minecraft!!

  12. Even my 17 and 19 year olds have temper tantrums over video games. Geez - I tell them if it's making them that mad, just turn it off already. Love the Ebola comment :)! My younger son's girlfriend tweeted "Thomas said if I get Ebola he's breaking up with me". I suppose it's not really funny, but it made me laugh!

  13. I do not get that game. 2 summers ago Jordan spent almost every minute on it - he beat every level I think and at least he didn't cry.
    Hunter used to play and would show me sheep houses and other weird things.
    Is there even a point to the game?

  14. Hahaha. Video games can be so traumatic! I don't get Minecraft either. My boyfriend likes it, but I don't see the appeal.

  15. My husband would DIE if anything happened to his precious Clash of Clans game. I can relate.

    I had to laugh when I caught one of my 8th graders playing it on his phone in class.
    8th graders > husband.

  16. I totally get it, Natalie. First, building stuff in Minecraft is HARD. Second, things go wrong and the things that should help don't work the way you need them to. I dumped a bucket of water on a fire in my house and it flooded everything! People! It was just one bucketful! Oh, sorry. I tried playing it to see what my grandkids were up to. I gave up. But if Natalie is playing it, I say good for takes a lot of skill and concentration. (And you can always choose to play in "creative" mode so bad things don't happen, but kids seem to like dealing with the bad stuff...except when they are crying.)

  17. LOL! Kids get worked up over the craziest things sometimes. I'm sure mine have cried over a video game or two.

  18. Oh my gosh this is hilarious! Not a UTI, but burning Minecraft buildings! You just can't make this stuff up :)

  19. This is how I used to feel playing Sim City!

  20. HAHAHA! Omg. I love this story- not just the story itself but the way you wrote it. You're a GREAT writer

  21. I feel her! Man it stinks to mess up in a game. And spend time fixing it. Hahahahs


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