Thursday, October 9, 2014

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: No Movie Theater Etiquette. Again.

I wrote about how we got to see an early screening of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day here.

I mentioned that the family behind us were annoying.

A lot of you guys might be like, "Seriously? Another rant about rude moviegoers?" because yes, I've done a lot of these.

But it irks me how people don't seem to care about having basic consideration anymore.

I know the movie was free. Maybe that's why the family behind us didn't feel the need to parent. They had 5 kids. I'm sure they are exhausted. But that doesn't mean they have a free pass to do nothing.

Here's what MY family had to endure because they didn't want to parent:

--our seats being pushed. The kids kept pressing their feet against the backs of our seats.

--kids kept walking back and forth in their row. Their hands would graze our heads as they did this.

--questions being asked over and over and OVER again. "Why are they having a bad day? What's that man doing? What happened to the van? Can we eat markers?"

-- Constant screeching from the infant. Why a parent didn't get the crap up and remove it after the fifth time is beyond me.

I had enough at one point and turned around and went, "SHHHH!" when the baby screeched for the 100th time.

The parent had the nerve to glare at ME. I mean ????

But finally, she got up with a huff and removed the angry child.

When the child behind me pressed his feet against my seat for the 500th time, I went, "Please don't do that."

Again, I was glared at.

But look. The kid was disturbing Tommy too, because he kept getting up. He'd push against Tommy's seat.

And the screeching infant?

Made Tommy wince each time, because he has autism and cannot take loud noises. So he wasn't able to fully enjoy the film.

When the movie was over, the people beside us went, "It sure would be nice if parents could keep their kids quiet so others can watch a movie." I wanted to clap. I'm not sure if the family behind us heard. One of the kids dumped out their juice at that moment.

Again. I feel for the family, I do. We've all had rough days. But I would never let my kids carry on like that in a theater. It's just basic consideration. I can understand a few noises here and there in a kid movie. But constant? No. Your kids are NOT ready to see a movie in a theater at that point.

So please! If your kids are noisy and rowdy and can't keep quiet for an hour and a half, do not take them to the movie theater.

It's not fair for the rest of us.


  1. don't even get me started on this. i HATE parents/grandparents who do this.

    bringing a 2yr old to a 930pm movie? WTF, did you actually think it was going to go well?

    bringing a baby to a LOUD action movie? see above.

    i don't even wait for multiple incidents to happen, i turn and say something to them after the 2nd occurrence because ain't nobody got time for that.

  2. Yes to all of this. I mean I know I'm not a parent, but there is no way in hell my mom and dad would've let me and my brother continue to act like that. They would and did jerk us out until we agreed to act right or we'd go home..

  3. It amazes me how people feel they are entitled to act in ways that disturb the majority of the people around them. To glare at YOU because they weren't parenting their children is completely uncalled for.

  4. I completely agree! I cannot stand those people. I'm glad my nieces and nephews have always been good at movies, but if they weren't, they don't definitely be removed.

  5. Honestly, with it being a free movie, I would have been even more likely to walk out with my kids., It would prove a point and I wouldn't be out anything (except the chance to watch a movie). MY kids rarely go to movies because they are so expensive, but when we do go, it's a Saturday afternoon and they know better than to act like brats!!

    PS Our #TuesdayTen this week is pet peeves. I thought of you and your Thursday annoyances. You should write a post and link up with us!

  6. I'm right there with you - I can't stand when parents choose to just let their kids be bratty in public!
    I had a small kid behind me on an airplane once who kicked my chair and screamed for all 3+ hours of the flight. When I turned around the mom said - "Well, what do you suggest I do?" Ummm....control your kid (he was old enough to be told NO!!!

  7. I hate this. You can't let your kids act however they want in public, even in child-specific movies/places. They still need to respect others.

  8. I actually felt myself get angry at the "pushing the chair" comment. No. Just no. If they did that more than once, I would have definitely said something. How rude.

  9. Ugh people annoy the buggery out of me. Seriously, I can't go to the movies more than 5 times a year because people are so rude it drives me bonkers. I never see a PG or anything because you know there will be annoying children. I'm not against children but damn if all the annoying ones don't show up in my theatre.

  10. Preach it!! honestly, this is precisely why I don't take all my kids to the theatre: I know not all of them *glaring at you ZooZoo* can keep still and quiet for the entire show. It's just basic human consideration.

    I feel you need this gif of Steve Rogers/Captain America for your next movie outing - because reasons!

  11. I was seriously getting irritated just reading this! It is annoying enough that they don't seem to care enough about the other people to allow them to enjoy the movie. But then to *glare* because someone said the obvious 'shhh' that should've been said probably 30 min prior?!

    No consideration.

  12. We visited Southern Utah this last weekend and when you buy a ticket you have to sign up for an assigned seat. I was like, what is that about? Then someone told me people had gotten into fist fights over seat saving and so this was the plan to alleviate that!

  13. Amen, sister! Consideration and respect are so very lacking anymore. My kids had their moments too...but if they behaved like that in a theatre, it's time to go.

  14. UGH, I am right there with you on all of these which is probably why I avoid the theater now.

  15. Five kids?! I'd never leave the house. It annoys me so much when parents do that too. Doesn't matter that it was free. No one wants to hear you. Good for you for saying something!

  16. I would have been mad too!! How rude! I hate it when parents don't parent.

  17. A baby in a theater? Just no. Although they have baby-friendly showings near us but it's expected and welcomed and people know not to come!
    I didn't take Scarlet to the theater until Frozen came out and we left Des home!

  18. I would've lost it...I can really only take so much. I'm very empathetic but when it comes down to common courtesy, I can't.

  19. OMG! So so so so so annoying! I would have been pissed even if the movie was free.

  20. I think kids should be given the chance to behave in public places, like movie theaters. But once they have proven they can not, get them out of there!


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