Saturday, November 22, 2014

Looking For A Healthy Snack? Try Harvest Snaps!

This post was created in partnership with Harvest Snaps. I have been compensated for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

You guys know that I love my junk food. But sometimes my pants start to feel tight and I have to watch it. I'm always on the lookout for healthier snacks when this happens.

Cue Harvest Snaps

I was sent a box with all sorts of flavors. I was eager to dig in. The Caesar flavor was my favorite. My daughter loves sugar snap peas so she wanted to try the Lightly Salted Snapea Crisps.

Natalie approved! So did Mario and Luigi. She turned one into a mustache so she could fit in:

I also liked the Tomato Basil flavor. I love all things tomato:

The good news about Harvest Snaps? They're Gluten Free. This is a huge thing because my mother-in-law is gluten free and she's always on the look out for things she's allowed to eat. They are also baked, not fried, and are high in fiber and protein. They are also low in sodium and fat, so your pants will still close.

So if you're looking for a healthier snack or a Lunchspiration, remember Harvest Snaps! You can buy them in most retailers such as Target and Walmart.

You can also FOLLOW Harvest Snaps on Twitter and LIKE their Facebook page to learn more.

Also, check out this hilarious webisode featuring Harvest Snaps. I want to wear a gigantic green ball on my head now:


  1. I love the lightly salted snap pea ones! I will have to try the others! Thanks for sharing!

  2. It is such a shame we do not have them here!

  3. I've always loved them but our co-op only has the lightly salted and caesar ones so I had no idea there were six flavors!
    A lunchbox favorite.

  4. They were handing out samples at a race expo I attended. I tried the sugar snap peas, and I liked them. I was hesitant, but they surprised me.

  5. Oh, these sound delicious! I will have to look for them at the store. The onion/thyme looks awesome, and so does the wasabi!! Yum!

  6. I love these! I just got another bag yesterday :)

  7. I love the Ceaser and the lightly salted! Mmmm! Now to see if I can find them in Alaska...

  8. We've got some at our market up here in Alaska, although I know what goes in one village isn't always the same as the next.

  9. Good to know - I have seen these and wondered what they tasted like - I am going to give them a try now!!

  10. OMG THOSE LOOK SO GOOD! I am going to buy them!


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