Monday, November 24, 2014

Things I Won't Be Doing On Thanksgiving

Are you guys ready for Thanksgiving?

I am!

Here are things I won't be doing on that day.

I won't be.... using fine china.

We'll probably be eating off these paper plates that I found for 70% off at Target two years ago.

I'm always amazed when people post their table photos. How do they keep their china together? How do they decorate so well? I am awful at decorating. How is their table not covered with toys and weird stains?

I won't be...watching what I eat.

I'm always baffled when I see all these articles on how awful it is to pig out on Thanksgiving. Experts are all, "You can consume over 2000 calories on Thanksgiving if you aren't careful." I'm like, "Calories don't count on Thanksgiving." I load up my plate with food. I put on my fat pants like Joey on Friends. I pig out. I don't feel guilty. It's a holiday. So pass me another slice of pie, thanks.

I won't be...doing crafts with the kids.

I'm amazed at the people who can cook and do crafts with their kids. I send my kids out of the kitchen and hand them the iPad. Sometimes I'll toss over Play-Doh. Hence why weird stains appear on the table.

I won't be....making turkey.

We're going to a friend's house. She's making the turkey. She also makes fabulous mashed potatoes. We're bringing the green bean casserole and stuffing. And the turkey plates pictured.

I won't be...making anything fancy.

I mean, see above. I follow the recipe for the green bean casserole on the back of the French's fried onions container. The stuffing comes from a box. I don't "do" fancy. I like to eat fancy, but I will not make it because it usually requires more than 4 steps, and I'm not a fan of things that are more than 4 steps.

I won't be....missing this guy.

Because yup, he will be home! He gets to spend the holidays with us, and then he has to go again. I'm incredibly grateful we have him for the holidays as I know some people aren't as lucky.

So what are some things you won't be doing on Thanksgiving?


  1. I don't eat Turkey so I will be eating the Ham. I will be making desserts but I don't think it will be all that fancy! We are a pretty low key mellow family.

  2. I also won't be watching what I eat! Thanksgiving is my favorite food day of the entire year, so I'm planning on taking full advantage of that! :) We don't have any china yet (or maybe ever... we don't need it), so I'm with you on that one too!

  3. OH MY! Hooray! I am so glad that he'll be there to spend the holidays with you guys!

  4. I am so glad Tom will be home for Thanksgiving,
    I understand you completely on the fancy stuff. Actually, i see your not decorating fancy china thing and i raise you a "i do not own a table". We used to have a huge one that cost my parents a fortune and would take over half the living room but we gave it away to a friend of a friend.
    We eat on our coffee table and when we have guests, most of the time some of them eat on the floor. Haha. My mom is always nagging me for stuff like that. But what can i say, i did not inherit the fancy gene.
    Have a wonderful holiday with lots of yumminess and laughter!

  5. I'm glad Tom will be home with you for Thanksgiving!

    I love a nicely set table but I'm not good at doing that myself.

  6. I will not be having to clean my house since Thanksgiving is at my parents' house this year.

    I don't use fancy china or have a pretty table. Maybe one year. But not now.

    So glad Tom will be home for Thanksgiving!

  7. That's great he will be home for Thanksgiving! I don't even like turkey, so the whole turkey dinner doesn't do much for me. We will probably grill steaks or something instead :)

  8. I won't be stressing. We're hosting a bunch of airmen and friends. But I have kept my responsibilities low-key so I can enjoy the day! Hanks for reminding me how fab paper plates are. I'm totally adding them to my shopping list!

  9. I won't be having thanksgiving at all because we (obviously) don't celebrate it here in UK! Although, I really wish we did because the food always sounds so yummy! Maybe I'll have my own 'thanksgiving' and pig out anyway haha, if only :-p
    Lovely post :)

  10. YAY! I'm so glad that Tom will be home!!

  11. Hahaha! I never watch what I eat on holidays. Especially an eating holiday. Paper turkey plates are my idea of Thanksgiving fine China too. I'm glad Tom gets to be home for the holiday!

  12. Hooray - I'm so happy that you at least get Thanksgiving with Tom!!!
    I'm not making turkey either - we aren't doing the traditional thing this year - I'm going to do brisket instead. And, yes, there will be plenty of food eaten!!!

  13. Oh I am so happy you will be with Tom! So amazing. You might know I love Pinterest but I'm not putting all those ones about healthy Thanksgiving dishes. Seriously. I'm gonna put extra butter on my mashed potatoes and like it!

  14. yayyy thats so awesome he will be home!
    i am definitely one to pig out for the holidays! calories do count of course, but jeepers it's just one day and isnt going to make me gain 10lbs. 2000 calories isnt even 1 pound lol

  15. Best thing for sure is that your guy will be home and kudos to you for the use of the paper plates. We too will be dining off of such "china".

  16. Glad he will be home!!! I don't count overly on the holidays but I try to compromise. so I won't be wearing skinny jeans or anything tight fitting. But I also won't wear my most lose clothing. This way I get to eat sorta piggish and be overly full but not so much that my stomach hurts for days and that snowboard pants are too tight a couple days later.

  17. Wonderful post! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  18. I will not be cooking on Thanksgiving. I have an irrational fear of poisoning people, even though it's never happened before. Did you know Cracker Barrel does an entire take-out Thanksgiving meal? That's what we do every year; it's our tradition. It's complete with all the holiday food people like. Me? I live for the mashed potatoes and biscuits.

  19. Have fun on Thanksgiving and I'm glad you get to spend time with your husband. :)
    I definitely won't be counting calories either. LOL!

  20. So glad you'll get to be together for Thanksgiving. I am hosting this year but I won't be... making homemade cranberry sauce. My family likes the canned stuff!

  21. Who the hell uses real plates on Thanksgiving? I don't have time for that shit. I have a very strict schedule. Eat, sleep, poop. REPEAT. There is little to no time for cleaning.

  22. So glad your hubby will be home for the holidays - yay!!! Calories do not count on any day where pumpkin pie is served. I really like the turkey plates - so much better than china. I won't be doing Thanksgiving at all - because I'll be on a plane to Disney World :)!

  23. First, I'm glad to hear your husband will be home with you. I won't be cooking a turkey either. We order a smoked turkey from one of our local BBQ joints. This is the 7th year we've done it and we ALL love it. I won't be making desserts. Hubby here likes to make pies. Hubby makes a HUGE amount of mashed potatoes too. I have a daughter and 2 daughter-in-laws to make side dishes. I DO make a broccoli, rice and cheese casserole. It's my grandmother's recipe and I don't trust anyone else to make it. Everyone loves it so I'll have to make two.
    I will be having a houseful of people though. All of our kids will be home this year and between our adult kids, their spouses, our younger kids, and all the grandkids, there are 20 of us!! I definitely won't have any sanity left by about Sunday.

  24. I share with the eat guilt free, I like to overindulge on thanksgiving too. It's the entire point of making all that damn food, if we aren't feasting then what are we doing?!?!


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