Friday, December 19, 2014

I Don't Like Baking With My Kids

"I'm going to throw some flour on top of this," Natalie said.

I was like:

Well. The words, not so much.

The expression?


Natalie felt the need to put flour everywhere: the cookies. The cookie sheet. The counter. Her head. ("I'm pretending it's snow!") The floor.

She's the same way with glitter, so I shouldn't have been surprised.

A lot of people post blog posts of smiling children baking Christmas cookies in the kitchen with them.

There's a lot of shouting in our kitchen, mostly because Natalie decides to do her own thing. For instance, she will begin painting her nails with the icing. She'll take a bite of the cookie she has been decorating and put it in the container for someone else to eat. I'll let her roll out the dough and she'll do it so hard that everything will stick to the rolling pin.

I'm like:

Tommy's all, "Natalie just licked her fingers and is still frosting the cookie." Then he'll gag when she puts the cookie in the container. He doesn't like other people's germs.

So I have one child throwing baking products in the air like confetti.

I have another one completely grossed out.

And then someone is like, "Is that SMOKE coming from the oven? What's that smell?"

Or, "The gingerbread house just fell apart."

It's chaotic. Things break. People cry.

Maybe it'll be better in a few years?



  1. I don't like it in practice, because of the mess and because they go a little nuts. But I know they love it so I compromise. For Christmas cookies, I bake them and then let them go nuts decorating. It's half the mess and that's the part they love.

  2. We are so similar!!! I'm right there with you - it wasn't really fun for any of us so we switched to the kind of cookies that come off a little cardboard tray and just need to be baked - PERFECT!!!!!

  3. Haha! I'm pretty sure I was the kid using icing to decorate everything and eating the cookies as I went along..... hahaha

  4. Thats cooking at my house too. Even if its just me in the kitchen there will be tears

  5. haha! I don't love it. Cassidy and Scarlet book and bake well together. It really does look like a Hallmark ad or that perfect photo on Facebook. It's quiet too.
    It's because he has something I don't have - patience.
    And cooking/baking skills.

  6. I love baking with my kids, but I have my Gordon Ramsey moments. Especially when it comes to cracking eggs and mixing. Most of the time, I end up yelling, "Oh come one! JUST LET ME DO IT!".

  7. This is why I hate baking - and cooking in general. As soon as I'm rich and famous I'm hiring a chef to do it for me :)!

  8. Let me just say this...I love you.
    I have a friend who bakes with her sisters every years (they don't even DRINK!) and everything comes out lovely and perfect and they bake with kids. They wrap the cookies with perfect red bows and distribute them to perfect smiling neighbors. Yeah, her I hate. YOU I love.

  9. Aaahhhh... the beauty of baking with little kids. It brings back sooooo many memories. Trust me, it does get better. Have a great weekend... :)

  10. Soooo true! Mine freak out and say the batter looks gross, will then leave the kitchen and won't touch the end product. Whatever, Weirdos!

  11. Yeah I give them jobs I know they can handle.Like separating the m&m's, or taking the wrappers of the hershey's kisses, and then doing the decorations. Sometimes I let them put the ingredients in the mixer and practice measuring, and I'll give them a small cookie sheet and small amount of dough to play with, but I do the big stuff. THey still feel a part of it, and we all get edible cookies. I admire you letting them do it all though - I would FLIP out!

  12. The cookies don't matter - it's the memories that you made that do!

  13. That is how it goes at my house. My oldest is only 4, but I have a feeling things won't change the next few years.

  14. HAHAH!!!!!! Perfect use of the Clint Eastwood disgusted face. LOL Your blog needs to be bound into a book. You are so funny. Your family cracks me up

  15. FYI - if you use those kits again, add about 1/2 cup of flour to each flavor and your cookies won't spread! We found out the hard way ourselves.

    Also...totally with you. I bake with my kids because I know they love it, but I'm screaming in my head the entire time. JUST LET ME DO IT MYSELF


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