Thursday, December 18, 2014

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Not Waiting For Sales! No Coupons!

Tom gave me an early Christmas present. (A Grumpy Cat hat in case you couldn't tell.)

And I know I shouldn't have, but I checked the receipt. I mean, it fell to the ground when I pulled the hat out. I couldn't help it. He paid $40 for the hat. Why? A) he didn't wait for it to go on sale. And B) he paid for two day shipping.

This is why I dread making a Christmas list for him. He won't wait for sales! He won't use coupons!

In his man mind he's all, "I'll go into a store. Buy what I need. And be done with it."

I do no operate like this. I shop armed with coupons. I wait for sales.

We went to Kohls together and he started to search a rack with items that WERE FULL PRICE! For those who know Kohls, sometimes everything isn't on sale. You NEVER buy the stuff NOT on sale. But Tom was like, "I need pants. I like these pants. These pants are right here in front of me. Why not get these pants?"


He doesn't like dealing with the "fuss." This is what he calls coupons. Fuss. Back in the day before we realized it would send us into an early separation, we went grocery shopping together. He'd toss in this and that and I'd be like, "STOP! I don't have a coupon for that brand. Get the other brand." And he'd be like, "But I don't like that brand." I'd say, "It tastes the same and I have a coupon for fifty cents off." Tom, stubborn man as he is, would dig into his pocket, pull out fifty cents, hand it to me and go, "There. We're good now."

Needless to say, we rarely grocery shop together anymore.

Christmas time means he buys stuff for me. Full price. No sales. No coupon.


I know it's the thought that counts. But I could have gotten the Grumpy Cat hat for $20. SHIPPED. But he saw the option for two day shipping and was like, "Why not?"

When I make my list, I try to make notes like, "Wait until this time. It might go on sale then." Or if something on my list goes on sale, I let him know. But sometimes he does nothing about it, because he's not in the mood to shop. In his man mind, he'll shop when he feels like it and get it all done at once. Who cares about sales?

I swallow back my hysteria. I know with each gift I opened, that he paid full price. Maybe with two shipping, because the option was there.

But, you know.

It's the thought that counts...

And he does get me pretty awesome things.


  1. We are the opposite over here. I do love finding a good deal, but when I want to shop, I just want to get it over with since I don't like it very much. My husband, however, won't buy something at full price. We won't go out to dinner unless we have a coupon/gift card/Groupon for it... he is the most frugal person I know, haha. If I see something I want, I'll usually just get it then, and he hates that!

  2. Oy. This. Yes, I can relate. First things first, that's an awesome hat :) I love Grumpy Cat. Anywhoo... yes... I think my bf and I are always on the lookout for sales but if we happen to see something full price that we need, we'll make the purchase for the sake of convenience. Though I cringe sometimes too depending on what it is. Though if he reached for pants at full price in a store full of sales, I would definitely let him have it, too :)

  3. Cute hat, but not sure why it would even cost $40 for a winter hat in the first place, no matter what character was on it.

  4. I'm a lot like Tom when I shop...only I end up not buying anything because even though I don't want to dig through the sales or bother looking, I also don't want to pay full price. I'd say 80% of my shopping trips result in zero purchases. Sad. I need to be more patient, I'd like to be more like you!

  5. I was proud of my boyfriend for checking to see if something on another site was eligible for Amazon Prime. And it was- and cheaper. Baby steps!

  6. HaHa, this made me laugh because Chris is the same way!!! I've finally given up:) There have been a couple things that I just couldn't let go so I return them and buy them on sale.

  7. Hahaha, I am so you and my husband is slowly following suit. He's starting to realize that you can get more when it's on sale!

  8. My husband does the same thing...drives me CRAZY!

  9. i go through this with my husband all the time - go into a store and hes like why aren't you getting it and i'm like, i'll wait till next week, it will be on sale, hes all like, we need it, get it!

  10. Ha! MFD likes a deal but he'll buy what he needs regardless of if one is available or not.

    The hat is great!

  11. Oh my goodness, my hubby is mostly the same! Also buying the brands on eye-level, and since we're living in Germany, he doesn't know the brand-name products that we usually avoid because they are a lot more expensive than the store-brands. Therefore I prefer him going to the stores that only carry their own brands, or we just go shopping together!

  12. OMG!!! Sounds just like my husband!!

  13. I know how you feel! I have been nagging about not having a facecream (that i did not buy because it did not have a discount that would eventually come back and i would buy two with 16 euros). He went and bought me an expensive one that cost 30 euros and made my face full of red spots. I opened it so i will not make him feel bad and i ended up crying for a couple of hours when i saw the spots. This meant that until this cream was over i could not have my face cream. With 30 euros i would have bought four and i just would have to wait a little longer.....
    Do i sound like a complete bitch?

  14. ha! I fear I'm more like him just because I'm so dang impatient.
    That's only when I'm shopping for gifts, though. I won't buy myself things that aren't on sale! And with food, I'm with you.

  15. I can't make myself buy stuff full price. ESPECIALLY anything from Hobby lobby (sadly there isn't one in these parts of Alaska) or Joanns. You an ALWAYSSSSSSSS get their stuff very discounted very easily.

  16. I am so there with you!!! That would be painful for me, too. I can only imagine what Thomas will get me (other than the dog, of course).

  17. I could have written this exact post, word for word, about my hubby. Luckily he only has to buy me a present, because I would go crazy if I knew he was buying anything else full price!

  18. I always shop sales. I do coupons sometimes, but sales are a must. I love grumpy cat. I saw a stuffed one at Barns and Nobles and wanted it really bad.....but it wasn't on sale lol

  19. I just got done drilling price per ounce at the grocery store through Pete's head. Men. Don't. Get it.


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