Friday, March 13, 2015

That Time I Watched Curly Sue With The Kids

I like to have movie nights with my kids when my husband is deployed. (Remember that time we watched Hook?) It's something they can look forward to. So every Friday we pick a movie and watch. We also have popcorn, sodas, and candy.

We recently saw Curly Sue. I loved the movie as a kid.

Also, I'm pretty sure Steve Carell had a bit part:


The kids liked it.

Natalie could not believe they cut Curly Sue's hair near the end. "Why would anyone DO that?" She was seriously offended. "Curly Sue had the best hair! Why?"

As you can tell, she's a fan of long hair:

Right now she says she'll NEVER cut it. We'll see.

Tommy's reaction was a bit different. He was like, "Is everyone in the movie still alive?" because if you tell him a movie came out in the eighties or nineties, he immediately wonders if the actors are dead. Way to make me feel old, son.

He also asked, "Are the people in the movie on Twitter?" and I said yes, I follow Alisan Porter who played Curly Sue.

"Is she verified?" Tommy asked seriously. "Because she might not really be her if she's not verified."

"She's not verified but I'm pretty sure it's her."

"But you can't be sure unless she's verified," Tommy insisted.

So I guess I'm following an Alisan Porter who MIGHT HAVE been Curly Sue but I can't know for sure because she's not VERIFIED.

Natalie cracked up at the part where Curly Sue was writhing on the floor.

"I understand, Curly Sue. Tights DO itch," Natalie said solemnly.

It had been years since I had last seen Curly Sue, so I was happy to watch again. I still love it. Now I cry when Curly Sue is taken away.

Natalie wanted to know how old Curly Sue was now. I said she was about my age and that according to her Twitter, she's a singer.

"If that's her real Twitter," Tommy cut in.

"It makes sense if she's a singer," Natalie said, ignoring him. "She has a pretty voice." In the movie she sings several times. The kids were amazed that "back in the day", TV networks would play the National Anthem before cutting off. In the movie it shows Curly Sue singing the National Anthem before the TV shut off.

"You mean? There was NOTHING?" Tommy couldn't believe it.

"NOTHING?" Natalie was baffled. They live in the age where television goes on forever. It's 2 AM and oh look, Family Matters is on.

Natalie is insulted that there is not a Curly Sue 2. She wanted to know how Curly Sue did in school because it ended with her smiling on the school steps.

"That's it? How did she do? Can she read now? Is she OKAY?" Natalie was miffed.

Tommy chimed in, "They could do a part two where the dad gets rich."

Honestly? I'd probably watch it.


  1. Great movie! I remember watching a few years ago with my kiddo's. I missed catching that Steve C. was in it.

  2. I just watched it again the other day as well. I LOVE it. My husband hadn't seen it before and I kept begging him to put his phone down and pay attention (which or course he didn't) and then he couldn't follow along. Some day I will have our kids watch it. I ALWAYS cry when I watch it. I didn't realize Steve Carrell was in it either until I rewatched it this last time.

  3. Hey-oh it was a John Hughes film too. Just wait until you have them watching Pretty in Pink.

  4. I didn't know that about Steve Carell. :) Did you know that Chris "Danny Castellano" Messina was in You've Got Mail as an employee of Joe's bookstore? (Side note, it shows him in another movie with Melanie Lynskey who stars with Mark "Dr. Delaurier" Duplass in Togetherness. Lucky girl.)

    Have you shown your kids Lucas yet? I love that movie and want to show it to my older son soon.

    Here's some info on Alisan.
    She was in A Chorus Line on Broadway.

  5. This is such a great movie!! One of my favorites for sure.

  6. Wow, I remember the face but not anything about the movie! Glad your kids liked it and hilarious conversation about verified Twitter accounts! I didn't even know about verified Twitter accounts!

  7. I don't know if I've ever seen that movie - now I sort of want to watch it.

  8. I love Curly Sue and your kids reactions to it are priceless.

  9. I consider myself a movie buff, so I hate to say this buuut... I have never seen this movie. *hangs head in shame* Time to see if it's on Netflix! -

  10. Haven't seen that movie in forever. Loved the "review" through your kid's eyes!

  11. Is everyone in the movie still alive .... hee hee.
    I remember that movie. I had no idea that Steve was in it!

  12. The commentary is hilarious. I haven't seen this in god knows how long!

  13. Aww.. I haven't seen this in FOREVER! Now I must watch it again. It was always a favorite, although I can't remember why she was taken away and if Belushi is her real dad.
    The commentary is hilarious, though.

  14. I always watched this with my mom! I've tried to watch it before and my husband is all "you've watched that already and its sad." God forbid we rewatch something within the same 5 years!

  15. OMG I haven't seen that movie in forever. Those are all valid points. What ever happened to them?!


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