Thursday, March 12, 2015

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Happy Snow Day Moms

So last week the kids had two snow days.

I was miffed.

Mainly because on Wednesday, the snow didn't even start until school would have been over. They could have gone. But the weather guys were like, "It's coming! It's coming!" breaking into my morning programming and basically stating the same thing over and over again. I went to Twitter and told them to stop it. I asked them to come on during commercial breaks, thanks. I was ignored.

On Thursday we had another snow day, because of the snow that finally fell on Wednesday night. I also found this ridiculous, because most of it melted pretty quickly since the sun was out. So in my eyes, the kids could have gone to school both days.

When snow days happen, there are ALWAYS people who post on their Facebook walls, "I don't understand why people are upset to have their babies home! Spend time with them! They grow up fast!"

I always want to say, "Lady, I know they grow fast. I have a damn teenager. But my husband is deployed and I need my peace."

I don't though. I step away from Facebook.

Then I get back on and see, "Yay! Another snow day! I LOVE spending time with my children. It's the best! We're going to craft all day!"

Okay, you craft all day with your precious one. I'll still make an angry post on Facebook bitching about the snow day, thanks.

I love my kids to bits, but I'm simply one of those people who need my space from them. It's not a bad thing.

The plus about snow days is I do get to sleep in.

And I love doing that.

And on another plus, the weather people are saying it might have been our last snow day of the season. Yay.

Now we just have to hope the tornado season is kind.


  1. I'm sure snow days get old after a while!

  2. I absolutely got into an argument on facebook with someone about that 2 winters ago. we are so lucky we haven't had any snow days this year!

  3. We had 3 snow days last week and by the middle of the second one, I wanted to scream. Yes, it's nice to spend time with her but after the 7th snow day of the month, get out of my house. Go to school. Please.

    I think people who say they love snow days are lying liars who want to seem better than they are.

  4. I sometimes feel the need to be alone and have space... so I'm sure it would depend on my mood on any given day how I felt about a snow day. As a teacher, though, I will say that snow days are the best! haha!

  5. I have to ask, if those people are so busy showering love and affection on their children and crafting during a snow day, what on earth are they doing on facebook anyway? Sounds contrived to me!

  6. Yeah snow days = ice days and only idiots are out driving. lame!

  7. I wonder how they would react if you DID say that though ha!

  8. I can totally relate. My kids get cabin fever on snow days. I try to keep them off screen from time to time, but then they fight and complain. Sometimes, I don't get why they close because the snow barely sprinkles on the ground. Other times, it's totally warranted.

  9. I have a love hate relationship with snow days. I love them because I can sleep in, my morning isn't rushed, and I can stay in my pajamas I hate them because kids get bored QUICKLY. It never fails that it's 10am and my son is complaining that there's nothing to do.
    Thankfully we don't get too many of them!

  10. I hated snow days when Chris was deployed because I needed a break!! We haven't had a single snow day this year - sort of sad because when they call it early I like the sleep-in benefit, too.

  11. So, yea, I moved from Oklahoma to Alaska in October. As a native Oklahoman I thought snow was an emergency! We don't always see snow, and really don't experience a real deal snow. So we can't drive in it, survive in it, fix the roads in it, or anything! So the thought of snow is terrifying LOL! Now I'm in Alaska... They don't cancel school when its -47 here! I feel like a professional now!

  12. Totally understand the needing your space part. Here is to hoping it's the last snow day of the year!

  13. Totally understand the needing your space part. Here is to hoping it's the last snow day of the year!

  14. LOL i hear you on the needing peace! i can't handle my family until i've had some time to myself in the morning (aka my morning routine which is just 30mins to myself with coffee and reading my tech feeds).

  15. I think a lot of stuff on Facebook is bull. I am like you, I need my peace. Trying to craft with my kids all day would cause me to eat all the chocolate in the world.

  16. I sure hope we're done with snow days here. I can't do them anymore. They're tough. I love my babies but having space from them makes us all healthy and wise! And I have work. And when they stay home, I don't get my work done.


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