Friday, April 3, 2015

Day Three Of Disney World: Hollywood Studios (Jedi Training Academy, Hollywood & Vine....)

She wasn't waking up.

The alarm went off, and I didn't want to wake up, but I knew I had to if I wanted to get Natalie signed up for the Jedi Training Academy at Hollywood Studios. Natalie told me she really wanted to do it.

But she wasn't waking up.

Eventually I got her up. She wasn't happy. I reminded her we were up early because of HER. SHE wanted to do the Jedi Training Academy, not us.

We arrived at Hollywood Studios before it was open. I checked the map so I knew where to go to sign up for the Jedi Training Academy. I thought I knew where I was going.


The park opened, I went one way and...was lost.

Have I mentioned I SUCK at reading maps?

I eventually found where I needed to be, and the line was long. My heart sank. I thought Natalie wouldn't be able to get in. I told her she might not get to be a Jedi.

"Well, that's rude," Natalie sniffed.

We waited in line. And waited. And waited.

An hour later, we made it to the front. The workers ask the kids questions such as, "Can you follow directions?" I thought Natalie might say, "I can, but sometimes I decide not to." Thank goodness she didn't.

But guess what?

She got in the 150 class. If the time didn't work out, I believe you can request another one. But the time worked for us, so I didn't argue. They ask that the kids return a half hour before the class.

We decided to go on Star Tours after that since it only had a 10 minute wait. Then we wandered around until it was time for our Hollywood and Vine reservation. I wanted to go there so we wouldn't have to wait in line to see Sofia and Doc McStuffins. I'm lazy that way.

But before we ate, we waited in line to see the gold carriage from Cinderella.

Hollywood and Vine is a buffet, and there were some good choices. They had salads, soups, meat, a create your own pasta dish area...

The characters walk around to see the kids:

Tommy was like:

"What's with the big heads?"

Occasionally the characters stop and play games with the kids:

It was a fun time for Natalie. The rest of us stayed put and stuffed our faces.

I don't think we'd go back only because Natalie is getting older and she's not watching the Disney Junior shows as much.

We went to the Frozen Sing-A-Long next since we had Fast Passes.

Elsa causes snow to fall overhead, so the kids enjoyed that. Everyone also enjoyed singing with the songs. I did not. My voice hurts ears.

We went back to the Jedi Training Academy and they give the Jedi robes to the kids and have them wait.

And then they are led to the area by the Star Tours ride.

It's an incredibly cute program. They are led to the stage and their Jedi Master teaches them moves with a lightsaber. No, they cannot keep it, or the robes.

Darth Vader comes out and the kids get to "fight" them using the moves they were taught. The Jedi Master stands with them to make sure they don't full out go Towanda on Darth Vader.

(To see a video of Natalie in action, you can check out my Instagram account.)

Again, it's incredibly cute. Darth Vader admits defeat after all the kids have a turn, he goes and accidentally leaves his Stormtroopers behind. It's amusing. The kids even get a certificate saying they passed the Jedi Training Academy.

So after battling the Dark Side, Mom, Natalie, and Tommy did the Rock N Roller Coaster. I passed. Remember? Drops scare me? Natalie was JUST tall enough to go on. You have to be 48 inches and I wasn't sure if Natalie would make it. But she did! The cast member had her stand up against the stand and was like, "You're good to go."

She loved it. She said she wasn't scared at all, though her face tells a different story. (Oh, and get a Fast Pass. The wait was 70 minutes but they were finished within 20.)

We used our snack credit for some delicious treats at Starring Rolls:

We also met some more characters.

We saw Baymax from a distance. His line was closed, because Baymax breaks down a lot. The cast member said we could return in an hour, and then visit with him an hour after that. I was like, "Pass." I'm not one of those parents that waits in line for hours to see a character. Sorry.

Dinner was Pizza Planet!

We stopped in the Planet Hollywood shop and saw some fun props and costumes. Natalie was like, "It's Kevin!"

I was excited over the costume from Titanic.

And then Mom and Natalie went on the Tower of Terror. We also had a Fast Pass. Tommy declined this ride, because the drops are too much for him.

Natalie was all, "It was AWESOME!" when they came out.

We took a photo before we left the park:

And then returned to the hotel to swim.

It was also the last day Natalie would be 7 because...her birthday was the following day!


  1. My boys really want to do Jedi training when we go. We'll see if it works out, but they'd love it. The last time we went, none of my kids was tall enough to go on that roller coaster(they were BABIES... well, 4, 3, and 1) and this time, they'll all be able to ride. I loved all of Natalie's Disney outfits(I'm an instagram stalker).

  2. How fun! I've never really had any desire to go to Disney... because it's not really my thing. I like the bigger roller coasters at other theme parks. But seeing how excited Natalie is in all of your pictures kind of makes me want to check it out, haha!

  3. These recaps simultaneously wear me out and make me hungry! It looks like you are squeezing a whole lot of stuff into one day!

  4. Wow - were you completely exhausted?! I'm sort of tired just reading about all of that! At least you had plenty of good food to keep you going!!!

  5. I am loving these posts! Good info for me to study! It looks like you had a great time and all of the desserts look awesome!

  6. I am loving these posts! Good info for me to study! It looks like you had a great time and all of the desserts look awesome!

  7. Wow! You guys did everything. I'm worn out reading it! I hope you got a cocktail for your efforts Jedi mama.

  8. Love Hollywood Studios. We were there at Christmas time and got to see the Osborne Lights - so beautiful! They didn't have the Jedi academy when my boys were little, but it looks like so much fun!

  9. That picture of your son sitting at the table is probably the best picture I have ever seen in my life. I literally sat here at my computer cackling like a moron and spitting out my tea.

    That is all.

  10. How magical is that, getting to celebrate a birthday at Disney!! We have never done the Jedi Academy, maybe next time.

  11. we didn't get there in time for Jedi Training. Jayce was so disappointed.

  12. You should definitely be an advertiser for DisneyWorld you are great at making me want to go!

  13. I've never been and both years in Orlando, we thought about going. The food looks so good! And as for the characters - I always wonder.. does Scarlet REALLY think that's the REAL Sofia, or just someone in a giant-headed costume?

  14. lots of new things there - did the frozen sing along replace the little mermaid show?

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