Thursday, April 2, 2015

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Children On Shoulders When I'm Trying To Watch

I had a view of the fireworks.

And then I didn't.

"Thanks sir! I really wanted to see your daughter's backside!" I shouted.

I'm kidding.

I wanted to.

But unfortunately, at Disney, you see a lot of this. No one really cares who is behind them. Children are hoisted onto shoulders constantly. I get it: kids want to see stuff. But I wish people would turn around and ask if it was okay.

This is why you want to get a front row spot to parades and fireworks. Otherwise you'll be stuck staring at a child's back, and you can't tell the parent to put the child down, because then you look cranky.

Ah well.

We still managed to enjoy the show.

But really, before you lift a child up, turn around and make sure you aren't blocking someone else's view.

It's manners.


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how self-centered and thoughtless so many people are...

  2. That stuff drives me insane. We were at a cheer comp over the weekend and people kept standing in front of us. We had to ask people to move no less than 5 times.

    I'm not looking forward to this kind of inconsiderate behavior when we go in a few weeks. We're passive aggressive, though, and my husband is tall, so we usually find a way to get back and/or make it even.

  3. I agree completely - and even worse is when a really tall man shoves his way in front of me... because he totally couldn't see over my head... not.

  4. I agree with ya but what can ya do right? Sometimes even my own husband won't care who's behind him.

  5. Amen! Or if you are an adult, when you sit down in a theater, please don't sit right in front of a small child. Have the little children sit in front of other little children.

  6. Boy I could of writtten this post, we are heading there in May, we always get behind tall dad with the kid on the shoulder and mom with the big tablet in the air video taping it, and behind us is the unsupervised playing with it bumping into us, while parents are videoing and and talking on phone.....Ah the Happiest place one earth;)

  7. I'm short, so this is always an issue with me. I feel like I should get a free pass to the front or else I never get to see anything!!

  8. I agree! I'm short (and old) so I remember a time before movie theaters had stadium seating. You rolled the dice every time you went to theaters. (And theaters were often way crowded back then because people went to the movies more and there were less theaters showing a given picture.) If you got stuck behind someone tall, you were looking at the dark outline of a person's head in front of your view the whole time.

  9. lol that would tick me off beyond belief! But I still wouldn't have said anything either! The fireworks looked pretty!

  10. I've decided that the majority of people don't care at all about those around them - crazy and sad!

  11. My biggest pet peeve is how disrespected those in wheelchairs are:

  12. Omgosh how annoying. You have so much more patience than I!!

  13. People can be so selfish sigh. As a 4'11 person I fully understand this!


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