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Our Last Day At Disney World: Ohana, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and 1900 Park Fare

We went to have breakfast with an alien.

To get there, we had to take the bus to the Magic Kingdom, and then the Monorail to the Polynesian, a place where my husband hopes to stay one day. It is a beautiful resort, but they'd need to lower their prices in order for us to stay there. We're cheap. But we do like pineapple stuff. But we're cheap.

We were eating at Ohana for breakfast. If you remember the movie Lilo & Stitch, Ohana means family. This means you get a family style breakfast. They drop off a platter of Mickey waffles, bacon, biscuits, eggs, and sausage. And yes, you can ask for more. They also serve this special fruit juice, which is delicious, but I needed Diet Coke, so I asked for some of that. Our reservation was at 830, and this meant we had to be up at 7, so I was tired. And all the walking we had been doing? Yeah. Diet Coke was a must.

Lilo came over first and was excited to see Natalie dressed like her.

A Hawaiian shirt clad Mickey wandered over next:

You'll notice Tommy isn't in as many photos as Natalie. This is because he's a teenager. Also, he has his own phone now and preferred to take some photos instead of be in them. (You can check out his Instagram account here!)

Here's my plate of food. I love the Mickey waffles. They taste better than regular waffles.

Pluto came over to say hi:

And finally, Stitch came over. He was also excited to see Natalie dressed up like Lilo.

There is also a parade that goes on. The kids are given instruments, so I was very grateful for the Diet Coke.

I'm very glad Natalie is at an age where she can go on her own. She did the parade; I pigged out on Mickey waffles.

We left soon after for the Animal Kingdom. Yes, I do recommend Ohana for breakfast. The next time we go I want to try it for dinner. There are no characters, but I hear the food is amazing.

So at the Animal Kingdom, we headed for Expedition Everest first. Mom and Natalie went on that. Tommy and I were like, "There's a big drop. Nope!"

Then we did the Dinosaur ride.

Natalie kept her eyes shut the entire time. She'll go on scary ass rides, but Heaven forbid a fake vehicle takes her in the dark.

We did not stay at Animal Kingdom long because we had Fast Passes over at Epcot. Unfortunately you cannot do FastPasses for two different parks. We did get a few pictures from a photographer:

Yes, Natalie had to get a toy Yeti.

But at this point, Natalie had a breakdown and began to cry. Sometimes it's easier to ignore it. So we did, and continued on. But it's why she looks miffed here:

Oh and yes, Natalie did change out of her Lilo dress. This was the "little Anna" dress from Frozen.

Off to Epcot we went!

We had a FastPass for Soarin, and I recommend using a FastPass for this ride because the wait time was 100 minutes. Our wait? About 10 minutes.

Then we had a FastPass for Mission Space. The kids wanted to go on the fast version. I declined. No way. No way. No way. So Mom took them.

We also had a FastPass for the Character Spot. Really, we didn't need one, because the wait was only 20 minutes, but we got right in. However, Epcot will not allow you to get a FastPass for Soarin and Test Track, their other popular ride. I hope this changes.

We got to see Classic Mickey Mouse:

Also Minnie Mouse, who liked Natalie's dress. She danced with Natalie:

And then we saw Goofy. He also liked Natalie's dress and danced with her:

We stopped off to get a snack. I had to try the croissant donut. Yum.

We also did the Nemo ride. There was no wait for that one. We just walked right on. And man, there's a lot of walking to get to the ride. We twisted and turned and looped and turned some more and finally, ah, there was the ride.

We had to leave Epcot soon after because we had dinner reservations at 1900 Park Fare. It's at the Grand Floridian. I never know how long the transportation will take, so I always leave incredibly early. Probably TOO early, because by the time we made it to the Grand Floridian, we had over an hour to wait. So we sat and waited. They had some fancy Easter eggs out. I wanted to take a bite out of one.

Finally it was time for our dinner reservation and let me tell you, 1900 Park Fare is a must.

For starters, they have strawberry soup, which is amazing. Yes, it's cold. I had so many bowls!

It's a buffet, so my plate looked like this:

Cinderella came by first:

Then Prince Charming:

Cinderella's Step-Mother walked around scowling, complaining of the noise and Cinderella and the Prince dancing:

Drizella came over and wanted to marry Tommy. She asked how many castles he had and was like, "You can marry me!" Tommy was like, "What?" and Natalie said, "He'll marry you!" because she's 100% ready to pimp out her brother.

She loved his hair.

The Step-Mother returned for photos. She was not pleased to see that Natalie had Cinderella sign her autograph book:

She would not touch Natalie. She patted her politely on the head and moved on.

Finally came Anastasia, and Natalie LOVES her, because of her pink dress. She even said, "You're one of my favorites!" Anastasia was very pleased to hear this:

"I love you!" Anastasia said.

So much fun. I want to go back with Tom. I'm wondering if Drizella will try to steal him from me. If she promised me a lifetime of strawberry soup, I might be inclined to share...

Oh, and this was my dessert plate. With more strawberry soup.

When we were done, we weren't finished with our day. Nope, we headed BACK to Epcot, because we never made it to the countries. Plus we had to do Test Track.

Epcot has a lot of gorgeous plants for their Flower Festival.

There was an Anna and Elsa one, but people kept crowding around it and not pissing off, so I just took a photo from the side:

Now, you MUST go to the France area and stop off at the Boulangerie Patisserie. If you have leftover snacks, use the credits here. Everything is amazing. (I can't even remember what these were called. I just call them "Yummy carbs.")

I stuffed my face, even though I stuffed my face at 1900 Park Fare. There is always room for more at Disney World.

Then it was time for Test Track! We waited for the evening, because I was hoping the line would be shorter. It sort of was. It was down to 40 minutes, which is better than the 90 minutes it was during the day. And yes, I checked to see if I could get a FastPass since we had used our 3, but they were all out. Boo.

Natalie made a truck like her Daddy's.

And then it was time to say goodbye to Disney World.

(Natalie changed back into her Lilo dress because she managed to rip the other one.)

I hope we can make it back to Disney World by 2017. Maybe this time Tom will get to come with us. If not, Mom says she'll go again. I appreciated her being there so much. I don't know how my kids would have been able to go on the fast scary rides without her. She also helped with Tommy when I was doing girly stuff with Natalie. I'm so grateful for her.

Until next time, Disney World...

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast! Your pictures make it look so fun. I've never had much of a desire to go, but maybe when I have a kid Natalie's age, it'll be worth it!! :)

  2. You have such amazing photos, I love it!

  3. I love the photo of the kids and Drizella!

  4. You have the best character pics of your daughter. I always hate the last day at Disney World. Hope your husband can go with you next time.

  5. I've always wanted to go to Disneyland. It looks amazing!

  6. I love reading about your Disney adventures. Those pictures of the stepdaughter hugging your son are to die for - I love that she teased a smile out of him! HAHA And Diet Coke with Mickey waffles? A girl of my own heart. What an awesome trip!

  7. Your trip seriously sounded so fun. I am glad you were all were able to do this trip. I want to go now.

  8. Your trip seriously sounded so fun. I am glad you were all were able to do this trip. I want to go now.

  9. What a fun Disney adventure! The Mickey waffles are adorable as is that little Anna dress :)

  10. I loved reading about your Disney trip - sounds like y'all had an incredible time!!! Love all of the pictures!!! And, the food - dang I think I would probably gain 10 pounds in a week!!!

  11. You have the trip to Disney World that I want to take! We have annual passes, but we never do the fun, extra stuff like restaurants. I am glad you guys had fun!

  12. Wasn't test track awesome!!! And tell Natalie that I freaked out on the Dinosaur ride! I kept my eyes shut the entire time!

  13. I always wonder about Soarin. Is it as good as people say?
    And Tommy DOES have great hair. Great hair is marriage material.


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