Thursday, April 30, 2015

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: ANOTHER School Project!

So I know that school projects will always happen.

But I still dread when I see the paper about them.

Now, let me be clear: I dread seeing the paper because I know I'll have to pester Natalie to do it. Because I DO NOT do projects. You can tell when parents take over. I refuse.

I told Natalie she needed to get started. Getting her to focus can be tough.

I helped her look things up, but she picked which photos she wanted to print. She typed out the words. She cut everything out. She glued it on. Mind you, I did help her decide where to glue stuff, because she wanted to glue everything in one corner of the page. I don't know why.

As we were doing this, Natalie suddenly started cutting something out of leftover paper. I was like, "Hello? We need to do this," and she said she was making a Minecraft pick axe. I asked her what that had to do with what we were doing and she answered primly, "Nothing, but it's better than this project."

See? It's a pain. Especially when Tom is deployed. If he were here, she'd had done everything nicely.

After some yelling, crying, and threatening to take away all Minecraft toys and games, Natalie finished:

And she got a 100%!

School ends next month and I am HOPING we are done with school projects. But at the same time, I dread as she gets older, because I know the projects will only get worse.

Do your kids do okay with school projects, or is mine just a huge pain?


  1. Yay for her getting it done! And tornadoes sounds like a fun topic at least!

  2. I can't wait to do projects with my child. The Virgo in me will go full Allison clone on it. (Orphan black reference)
    We just are praying we will have a child to complain about!

  3. The finished product looks great, and I'm glad she got a 100% on it! :)

  4. I have an issue with wanting to do my kids projects for's sad.

  5. She did a good job on it! We haven't really had school projects yet.

  6. It depends on my kid but they seem to be more challenging for Drew.

  7. I remember doing a tornado project too! And we didn't have them in New Jersey!
    We're not doing homework or projects yet.. Maybe first grade? I'll need support!

  8. I always think school projects will be fun... until it's time to do them.

  9. I do a lot of nagging for school projects too. Mostly because my daughter has all these big ideas involving glue, glitter, and sewing. and then she doesn't start on it until the last minute. I still won't do her project for her, though. I do print out pictures at work, because we don't have a printer at work. I make her send them to me in a Google doc.

  10. School ends May 21st and it cannot be soon enough. I am DONE with school projects, like WAY done!!! Natalie's project turned out nice, her grade reflected her hard work :)

  11. I remember thinking projects were a complete beating when the boys were younger. We never did the work either just helped provide materials:)

  12. I'm with ya, girl! Thank goodness that most of Jayce's school projects allow them to use PowerPoint or iMovie instead of doing a poster board. Jayce does NOT do poster boards.

  13. I hate when you can tell the parents took over. It really messes with the curve. So not cool!


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