Friday, May 1, 2015

4 Reasons Why I'm Not Going To The Case Lot Sale At The Commissary

The Case Lot sale is coming to the commissary. For you non-military folks, the commissary is the grocery store. A case lot sale means you can buy bulk items on sale. Think of it like Sam's Club or Costco.

Am I going?

Let me tell you why...

1. Crowds.

I went to a case lot sale once and vowed to never do it again. There were so many people. The line was wrapped around the store. Everyone was eager to buy a gigantic box of plastic bags and bathroom cleaner. Plus, I avoid going out during payday, and it's payday weekend. No thanks. No way.

2. I don't feel like I'm getting a deal.

Maybe I'm saving a few bucks, but waiting in line and dealing with hoards of people makes me want to be able to save at least $10 or more. Otherwise it's not worth it.

3. Lack of space.

Where am I going to put the huge thing of cleaner? If I buy the box that contains like 10 pizzas, how do I get it to fit into my freezer without the container falling on my foot whenever I open it? We're not the Duggar family, we don't have an extra freezer in the garage. We just have the one attached to the fridge and it's currently stuffed with ice cream.

4. I don't really NEED bulk of anything.

We're a family of four. Three, as of now, since my husband is deployed. If I bought my daughter the giant pack of yogurt, she probably wouldn't even get through it all before it expired.

If you end up going to the Case Lot Sale, happy shopping. I hope you don't have to wait in lines for hours as I did. And if you find a bulk package of chocolate, can I have some?


  1. My boyfriend loves buying in bulk. I don't see the point. I enjoy oatmeal sometimes, but not enough to rationalize a 200 pack box. Which will only end up taking up your entire pantry. And no one will ever eat the apple cinnamon ones so it continues to sit there. I'm not bitter or anything. Also Cotsco stresses me out. I don't blame you lady!

  2. We don't buy much in bulk either. It seems like a good way to save money, but in reality it's stuff we usually wouldn't use that much of anyway. My husband's grandfather was always on the lookout for great deals. When he died, she had enough toilet paper and paper towels to last another two years!!

  3. I'm with you! I will never go to one of those. We do shop at Sam's Club for some things (ziploc bags, paper towels, toilet paper... that kinda thing!)... but there's aren't crazy crowds there at least.

  4. Case lot sales at the commissary stress me out!! Haha I do not enjoy them.

  5. The only place I buy in bulk is Costco, and even then I make sure to go at night when no one is there lol. I could never do the whole lining up outside for anything, whether it was the newest gadget or the latest toy. I hate crowds and love online shopping :)

  6. I am not a huge buyer of bulk items either. There is nothing that I can use up before it goes bad except maybe toilet paper and paper towels!

    1. Annnnnd I posted that with the wrong google account so it will show no reply. Sorry about that!

  7. I would pass on that sale, too!!! I pretty much only shop at Sams when I'm planning a big party/event.

  8. I did not know our commissary had a case lot going on when I showed up there yesterday. Big mistake, big, huge. And to make things worse, we are stationed at an army base right now, which adds a whole other level of incompetence at the commissary. It was hands-down the most horrific commissary trip I have ever experienced! And I only needed three (small) things. Ugh.

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA I knew these crazy bitches who loved the case lot sales so much, they would make a whole thing of it. Like prepping the night before with case lot clean-up parties and then spending the whole morning at the commissary then shopping at the consignment shop, Px, vendor booths, blah blah blah. No thanks. I never went to one - not one - because I seriously am not into huge boxes of anything. We had zero space in our on-post apartment, too. I needed to actually store clothes and stuff, ya know? I sometimes think it's the hype that fuels these types of things up. Like a military black friday or something.

  10. Wait.. This is a THING?! I cannot imagine cramming all of the savings-hungry shoppers into our little commissary! I mean even the couponers drive me insane sometimes! Don't get me wrong, I like a good coupon just as much as the next person, but when you are walking at a snails pace with your huge binder and shopping list right in front of me in an aisle where there is no passing room.... nope. Just no. haha.

  11. You got me with #1. We have a HUGE sale here every year and I like to go, but only on my own terms. Time is money and I get that people get great deals or make a lot of money consignment, but with all that time? I can do a photography gig and buy my kids their clothes at Target. And have some money left over too!

  12. My husband has told me about these sales, but I've never been to one. I do like to buy in bulk though. Sam's Club is my friend. I think I'm more there for the free samples though....and the food court.

  13. We used to go to the Lot sale every 6 months. My mom and aunt would split everything so it worked out for us. Otherwise, we would not have finished the 12 boxes of pancake mix before the weevils came. LOL. buying the case broke down to the pancake mix being about $0.80 each box. I've gone recently and there is really nothing too impressive and it's really not that much of a savings anymore.


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