Monday, May 11, 2015

I'm Not Cooking On Mother's Day!

I saw the UPS truck stop in front of our house and thought, "Huh? I didn't order anything. For once."

The guy walked out with a 1800Flowers box, and again, I didn't know what was going on. I took the box, said thank you, and brought it inside.

It turns out Tom had surprised me with flowers and chocolate.

I love how he can surprise me even from way over there.

And then, on the actual Mother's Day, I woke up to this one my spot on the couch.

I cracked up that she addressed it to Amber.

I opened it and:

I love when she's sweet, because sometimes she can be....well...not sweet.

She also painted a flower pot at school, with an actual plant in it. She was all, "Don't kill this plant. If you need help, call Nonna. She understands plants."

It's probably going to die. I won't lie. I am not good with plants. But I'll keep the flower pot forever.

I wanted Steak N Shake for lunch, so we headed there. I don't need anything expensive. Sometimes a gal just wants a burger and fries.

And then I ordered pizza for dinner, because I certainly wasn't going to cook on my day.

This is the Big Dipper from Pizza Hut, and it was amazing. It came with 5 sauces, and oh my gosh..I was in Heaven.

I ended up having a fun day, despite Tom being away. Maybe he'll actually be here for the next one though. Maybe.

What did you do on Mother's Day?

(And I want to wish my Mom a Happy Birthday! I hope it's a great one. Maybe the Air Force will be kind and give Tom orders to Texas next.)


  1. Aww. Sounds like you had an awesome Mother's day!!!

  2. I'm so glad you had a great Mother's Day, you certainly deserved it! :)

  3. Happy Mothers Day!! That note was nice. Show her that to remind her of the good care when she's 15 and being a pain!

  4. I love Tommy's shirt!
    And Mother's Day was awesome - I certainly didn't cook!

  5. So sweet of Tom, even being overseas he did that! And a sweet letter from your daughter as well! My son was both good to me and not-so-good to me on Mother's Day. Oh well. One to be remembered though :)!

  6. I like your style! That sounds like a food heaven day to me! The flowers your husband sent are lovely!

  7. I wish I would've spent Mother's Day with you guys... that food all sounds delicious! lololol
    That was so sweet of Tom! :)

  8. Sounds like a really great Mother's Day. You deserve not to cook for the day. Good choices, now I am hungry!

  9. My kids have a Nonna too!! My husband sent 1-800-Flowers a few times when he was working overseas, it was always an extra special hug! I hope your hubby is home soon!

  10. Happy belated Mother's Day. What a thoughtful gift from your hubby!

  11. I had a friend take me out to lunch because both of our husbands had to work. That was nice, and the waitress didn't charge us for any of the five kids! I did have to cook dinner, but that's fine. I knew that would happen.

  12. Aww sounds like it was a fab Mother's Day! And I'm so not good with plants either..! They die and then I just leave them dead as decoration. Oops!


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