Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. They have a section called Hey, It’s Okay and will list a bunch of things to be okay about. You're welcome to join in and do something like this on your blog. Doesn't have to be on a Tuesday either. Just make sure you link up and that the post you link up is a Hey, It's Okay Post. Grab the button if you'd like!

--To be glad Tom Brady got suspended. He seems like a cocky mofo.

--To be happy American Idol is getting canceled. I stopped watching after the second season and the clips I saw from the current season? Ridiculous.

--To enjoy the show My Cat From Hell. It makes me glad I have a mellow cat.

--To love the s'mores frappucinos from Starbucks. I get mine coffee free, because I hate coffee, with the non-fat milk and no whipped cream on top to help cut back on calories.

--To think it's crazy that Natalie's school got flooded from all the rain we've been having. They have to finish out the final 2 weeks at a church. I'll write more about it on Thursday.

--To have done a review from a name bracelet from NameStylish.com here. Remember the Carrie necklace Carrie wore in Sex and the City? You can buy one with your name.

--To be bummed that The Following and The Mindy Project were canceled.

--To have given Natalie's teacher this during Teacher Appreciation Week. We don't Pinterest.

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  1. I only ever watched American Idol for the bad auditions. After that I lost interest. I won't miss it when it's gone.
    I'm sorry Natalie's school got flooded. That must be really hard for the teachers and staff and a rotten way to finish out the school year!

  2. I don't pinterest either. :)
    I agree on Mindy and hope the show gets picked up by hulu.
    What is My Cat From Hell?
    I gave up on Idol years ago. After Simon left. I watched one season after Adam Lambert's season and it just wasn't as good.

  3. I am so upset that The Mindy Project is getting cancelled. I rally hope Hulu picks it up. Another reason to cut my cable! Tom Brady deserved to be suspended a long time ago- finally some justice! And I seriously need to try this smores frapp- everyone has been raving about it! That will probably be my next "treat yo'self" moment!

  4. Omg that cat from hell show is great! Have you seen Tiny Terrors? About little dogs that are mean? It's hilarious. I used to drink those Starbucks drinks allllll the time but man they gave me tummy aches. Plus they always screwed up the drink. Do you guys have one base? The base here makes decent drinks!

  5. I am not bothered either that American Idol was cancelled. All the judge swapping tells you it's time to end it. I am sad that the Following is gone though, I love that show.

  6. I admit I love pinterest, but I think that gift is perfect, most of the gift ideas on pinterest are way over the top! I ordered cookies for my kiddos teachers lol

  7. Oh man, I forgot that The Mindy Project was cancelled. I was too caught up on the ending of Revenge this week. Darn!!! I am glad American Idol is ending, I quit watching that show a LONG time ago and get tired of seeing all the tweets about it. I just wish the Bachelor would end too lol. I never liked that show.

  8. Scarlet gets her S'mores frappes coffee free too! Although they say I do too because mine is decaf. Boo on them.
    I have never heard of that cat show but I'd probably love it. Mine are mellow. Scared but mellow. They don't bite or scratch or hiss or pee on our things.

  9. I bet her teacher loved that a lot more than any of the Pinterest gifts. I know I prefer practical to Pinterest (it may just be that I have no talent for the Pinterest projects though).

  10. I'm also upset about The Following. Do not care about American Idol. At all. I will be getting a coffee free s'mores frapp this weekend. Cannot wait!

  11. I don't pinterest for stuff like that. Coffee and chocolate are perfect. I don't watch idol either. Never have.

  12. I don't pinterest for stuff like that. Coffee and chocolate are perfect. I don't watch idol either. Never have.

  13. Totally agree about Tom Brady and American Idol. I don't enjoy either of them :)!

  14. American Idol is getting cancelled? I also am happy. It's time. It's time....The Mindy Project is cancelled? Now that I'm sad about.

  15. I have to admit that I am thrilled Tom Brady is suspended and that the Pats lost draft picks. The whole organization just bugs me. American Idol---agree, so past time. Seems like everyone is getting crazy rain!

  16. Rob is SO mad that the Following got cancelled. I'm okay with it. It's getting ridiculous. Haha. Also - I think the whole Tom Brady thing is a little much. I mean the guy is an amazing football player, so I guess cockiness is sort of acceptable.

  17. The Mindy Project got cancelled?!? I had no idea!!!

  18. I love this idea, I may need to jump on board!
    I'm with you on Tom Shady... and Mindy :(

  19. Ah, the s'mores frap is the best thing ever! :) Also, I'm sure Natalie's teacher LOVED that gift! :)

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