Friday, May 29, 2015

Inside Natalie's Closet: Spring Outfits From Gymboree and The Children's Place

It's Spring!

I'd like to say that it means we can spend tons of time outside, but we keep getting rain.

Still, it hasn't stopped me from getting Natalie some cute outfits. And no, this is NOT a sponsored post. I bought all these clothes, much to my husband's chagrin. ("I'm confused. Doesn't Natalie have enough clothes?")

Natalie is 50 lbs and 49 inches. I think. She's close to that. This is from Gymboree.

That would be lettuce in her hand.

I asked her to smile nice for me:

Then she added some oversized glasses:

**Outfit Change**

This is also Gymboree. Both items are size 7 because the bottoms have an adjustable waist.

Natalie had to pose with her creature that she picked up from the dollar spot at Target. She spent like TWENTY MINUTES deciding which toy she wanted.

She's doing weird girl things with her fingers:

I can't believe she'll be starting third grade!

Her current favorite things? My Little Ponies, Minecraft, Five Nights At Freddy's, Fin Fun mermaid tails, and taking forever to pick something out at Target.

"Show everyone how I know how to use a pogo stick!"

**Outfit Change**

This one is from The Children's Place. The skirt is a size 5/6 and the top is 7/8.

She was like, "I have a secret: I just farted."

Then she was perfectly happy, and suddenly she went, "I just want my Daddy back." She'll randomly do this.

But then she cheered up again. Her moods are fun.

**Outfit Change**

This is size 7/8 from The Children's Place. I love kids in overalls.

Good news! We might be DRY next week!

Doing an impression of Farkle's laugh from Girl Meets World. "Hah!"

Happy Shopping!


  1. Adorable. Next stop Americas Next Top Model!

    Her mood swings are just like mine...sigh.

  2. So cute! She's adorable and thanks to you, has great style!

  3. So cute! I love her clothes - and I also love overalls! So many people seem to dislike them, but they're my favorite, and our baby already has some before she's even born! :)

  4. Such cute outfits, I love it! :)

  5. So cute!
    Scarlet is going clothes shopping today. It's hard because she's still so little and can fit into 4T, but she's also older and smart and sometimes the only shorts I can find are short shorts and I don't want to have those conversations with her yet! always find great clothes.

  6. I love that longer skirt from children's place, and also those overalls.. so cute! Do you ever shop at crazy8 for her? That's my FAVORITE store for my kiddos :)

  7. She should be a model. Some of those pics are just amazing. She has such a great smile!

  8. She is adorable, love the outfits, and all of the pictures:)

  9. Love the sunglasses, she's a girl after my own heart.

  10. Gymboree and Crazy 8 are two of my favorite kids' clothing stores. They're the only reason I subscribe to Parents magazine!

  11. Just cum mmmmm. I'd love her to slowly suck my cock until I fill her mouth with my sperm


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