Friday, May 15, 2015

That Time I Watched Rookie Of The Year With My Kids

Since Tom is deployed, I like to do something special for my kids.

So we have movie nights on Fridays.

I like to put in movies that I watched as a kid. This means we've seen Hook and Curly Sue, to name a few.

Last Friday we saw Rookie Of The Year. I wanted to put this in because A) I think it's awesome and B) so Natalie would understand some baseball rules.

See, she just started playing baseball. And she doesn't completely understand all the rules. This is her first time playing the sport. And I don't watch games on TV, because yawn, so she only knew the basics. Because of this, she spent a lot of the time in the outfield doing cartwheels, kicking the dirt, and inspecting a bug. She'd let the ball roll past her and the coach would be like, "Natalie!" Then she'd go, "Oh. Oops!" and scramble for it.

She was better up to bat.

Sort of. She'd hit the ball. Run to the base. And then when the next kid hit the ball, she remained at the base because she said she liked it and did not want to leave.

"Run!" the coach yelled.

"OH!" Natalie answered, and took off. Half skipping. Half running. Lalala.

Kids and sports are fun to witness, let me tell you.

Anyway, my favorite line of Rookie Of The Year is when the doctor shouts, "Funky butt lovin'!"

The kids were amused too. We should all say "funky butt lovin'" the next time we're upset. Deal?

The thing about movie night is the kids will ask a bunch of questions. For instance, Natalie wanted to know where Henry's dad was.

"Is he deployed too?"

She later found out that his Dad left when his Mom got pregnant. Natalie was horrified.

"He left his BABY?" Natalie couldn't believe it.

Tommy wanted to know if everyone was still alive in the movie. He's obsessed with knowing if people are still alive in movies if they are made in the 90s and below. 

"John Candy is dead," I explained. "Sad."

"Why are a lot of these people in Home Alone too?" Tommy wanted to know. He recognized Daniel Stern, John Candy, and the old guy who owned the Cubs from the Home Alone movies.

"I guess they're all friends," I answered.

"Is that an original Game Boy? Neat!" Tommy bellowed.

He's impressed that I had one too.

"And they're OLD!" Tommy yelled. When he saw my expression, he went, "I mean. You're not old. But the original Game Boy is."

It was nice to see Gary Busey in a movie before he lost his mind too. That's him up above playing Rocket, a guy who used to have an awesome pitch. 

The kids liked the movie. Natalie thinks she understands baseball better. I told her NOT to say this:

If she does?


Funky Butt Lovin'! 


  1. Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about this movie! PITCHERS GOT A BIG BUTT! Now I want to watch it!

  2. My husband loves The Sandlot! You should watch that next!

  3. Still love this movie! We reference it here in my home, because that's the kind of stuff we do here, we quote movies like it's our job. :D
    My daughter plays catcher, and I always want her to say "Play ball" like in Sandlot.


  4. That is wonderful! I used to have movie and camp out nights on the front room floor, when my oldest was little, they were such amazing times! My kids have all grown up on my favorite 80's movies! Have a great weekend!

  5. haha, I feel old too because of the Gameboy! I remember them being new.
    And Tommy makes awesome connections. I always used to love to compare actors that were in movies together.

  6. HAHA this is hilarious. I have a "color" Game Boy - with like Pokemon on not as retro as I'd like it to be....remember the old Nintendo game controllers? Those things were the bomb - one finger here, one finger there, and you're golden. My best friend's younger sister was obsessed with this movie when we were growing up/ Every time I'd go over there she'd be watching it and I would roll my eyes and pretend to be way cooler than her ....and then just end up sitting down next to her and watching it. I love that you have movie nights with your kids - I do the same thing with my favorite childhood movies (The Neverending Story, anyone??!) and we have a blast.

  7. Hilarious. I've never seen that movie, I'll have to watch it with my kiddos!

  8. I first watched this movie in high school and it still makes me laugh when I see it. It's been awhile though, I think I should watch it again soon. Love the idea of Friday movie night. Great idea for family time. :)

  9. Haha! Oh yes never say the pitcher has a big butt! Or run when your coach says not too ;)

  10. Oh, good times! Kids movies from the 90's are awesome :)

  11. It's so funny that these are "old movies" now. Thanks for the memories though, movie nights are the best!

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