Thursday, May 7, 2015

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Want To Look Like Kate Middleton After Giving Birth?

I'm sure you all saw how Kate looked after giving birth.

This is how I looked. I bit my lip pretty hard when pushing out Tommy, so I actually had a fat lip for several days.

Now, a lot of people were posting how they couldn't believe how good Kate looked. Well, for starters, she has this fabulous team that helps keep her looking amazing. Do you think they'd push her out there looking like ass? No. I sort of wish they did, because it would be more relatable, but I get the royals have an image to maintain.

I came across several posts telling mothers if they want to look like Kate, that they should brush their hair and put on some makeup. Don't settle for looking like ass after giving birth.

Well, you know what? After pushing out a person, makeup was the last thing from my mind. This is what I wanted most of all:

--something to eat

--a shower

I did not think, "Oh! I need to comb my hair. I don't want to scare my infant who doesn't even know what her nose is yet." I did not tell my husband, "Hand me my blush."

I'm okay with looking out of it after I gave birth, because I SQUEEZED OUT A PERSON. I am not a royal, therefore I can forgo the lipstick.

So I went makeup free for many weeks after having a baby. And that's okay with me.


  1. I know, right? We need a positive role model celebrity who will take pics of themselves immediately after giving birth to show women it's okay to look natural and not all back to your regular self.
    Kate should have read THE STATUS OF ALL THINGS by Liz and Lisa before having those pics posted. :P

  2. I look the same in all my "after birth" pictures with all three of my kids. Glasses on, no make up, hair in a messy bun. And tiredness etched on my face.

    Coming from the hippie/natural angle, its actually not great for a new mom to use perfume or make up (which does have a scent) because it confuses the baby who is trying to recognize mom by her scent.

  3. I don't think i have put make up since having my kids haha!

  4. I don't think she wants to look that way, unfortunately she has to. I'm sure as soon as she got to their apartment in the palace, the makeup was off, sweatpants were on, and the hair was in a ponytail.

  5. I looked like shit after I had my daughter and most days, 8 years later, I still look like crap. Don't even care.

    The thing with Kate's picture is that's how she looked leaving the hospital not after she had the baby. I'm confident they did not want that image shown publicly. Because then we'd know she looks like the rest of us.

  6. She's so beautiful.
    I'm sure she was forced to get her ass up and get beautified wether she liked it or not. According to Diana, that was just the way.
    Or she's like Beyoncé...illuminati

  7. It's funny, Russia made a statement, not sure from who specifically, that the baby was fake and she hadn't given birth at all because no woman could look so beautiful after childbirth.

    So does that mean Russian women look like sad sacks of shit after they give birth????

    But it's the same point you're making, that women look nothing like this after giving birth, and clearly for her the second was no work at all. But then it's nice to have a hairstylist and make-up artist on call at a moment's notice.

  8. I think I looked good ten hours after Scarlet, but NOT instantly. I took this incredible shower and then ordered chinese food and brushed my hair because 14 loved ones came to visit the baby.
    Yeah.. with Des? I let four people come, and one of them was Scarlet. And two of them were my parents!

  9. They feel to realize that is not immediately after, I am sure she was sweaty and felt gross like the rest of the women who have given birth. Have a team to do hair and makeup hours or days later to be picture ready.

  10. Love it. I wish she would have come out looking normal.

  11. Great as Kate looked, it can't have been easy to be pushed out in public after giving birth. I wonder if she sometimes longs for the days of being a normal person?

  12. 10 hours after pushing Kerrigan out, I still needed help going to the bathroom. Forget makeup and heels LOL

  13. I looked completely frightening after I had my kids. It's a wonder they didn't cry every time I held them. :)

  14. I feel bad for her. She probably wanted to put her sweats on and relax, but she knew she had to be out in front of the world's press, so she got her team in. I don't have kids, but I know I would look absolutely terrifying, I look bad enough first thing in the morning...

  15. Last time I remember all the buzz was her dress that made her look still pregnant, so I guess this time they were going big for making her look good. I personally think they should have just sneaked her out to the car and called it good!

  16. Hi Amber, I actually felt for Kate having to present herself in front of the media so soon after giving birth. She may have had all the helpers in the world helping her look good, but did she want it? I doubt it. I expect she would have much rather have been left alone with her family. Sadly with being married into the Royal family comes responsibility.

    I know what I would have done with lipstick had anyone approached me with one so soon after giving birth and it wouldn't have been pretty!...I am lucky that I never feel the need to brush or comb my hair, so that hairbrush removal surgery would have been avoided!

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