Friday, May 8, 2015

It's Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

For those who do not know, it's Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

I've decided to join in the link up that's going on. If you want to join, click on the button and link up!

Military Spouse Appreciation Day Link-Up

I've been a military spouse for about 13 years now. I've even written about Things I've Learned Being A Military Spouse. It can be tough, however, it's nothing compared to what our troops endure. I'm not risking my life on a daily basis. I'm not stuck eating MREs day after day. I'm not in a foreign country away from my family.

But I am dealing with children crying for their Daddy.

I have to listen to my daughter go, "I'm remembering his face," right before he leaves.

I miss my husband every day when he's away. Heck, sometimes I miss him when he's HERE because his schedule can get insane.

I also have to prepare to move at any time. Orders can drop at any moment.

So yes, being a military spouse has its ups and downs.

Let's get started with the questions!

1. Tell Us About Yourself And Your Blog.

I'm Amber. I write what is on my mind. Sometimes it's crass. Sometimes it's mellow. Sometimes it's about food and farts. Writing helps keep me sane. My husband is currently deployed. I have two kids: Tommy, who is 13 and has Aspergers. He's awesome. I also have a daughter, Natalie, who is 8 and knows what she wants out of life. She's bossy. Only I don't think you're supposed to call girls bossy anymore. But she is.

2. Which Branch Of The Military Are You Affiliated With?

The Air Force. My husband has been in for almost 14 years. We've lived at the following bases:

--Offutt AFB in Nebraska

--RAF Lakenheath in England

--FE Warren AFB in Wyoming

--Tinker AFB in Oklahoma

3. What Is The One Thing You Enjoy About The Military Lifestyle?

I do like being able to travel, but the thing is, I get attached to things so leaving can be difficult. I have my routines and when we move, they change. I have to get used to a new house, a new area, and new schools for my kids. But I like being able to say that we've been to a variety of places.

I also like welcoming my husband home after many months of being apart. I get to feel like I did when we were first dating. I have butterflies in my stomach. I feel like I want to vomit. But that first kiss? Amazing. (And awkward, if you're me.)

(In this photo, Tom had snuck up on us. Scared the bejesus out of me. I did not want my first moment with him to be of me yelping in his face, but he came out the wrong direction! He thought it was hilarious.)

4. What Advice Would You Get Other Spouses Who Are New?

Be patient. This life can be a harsh one, but don't scream at your husband if he finds out he has to deploy. He's only following orders. I admit, I haven't exactly taken the news well, but I try not to lash out. When Tom told me he was leaving for this current deployment, I knew because he brought flowers. I cried, but mainly because we had a trip to Disney World planned, and he had just been told that he'd be free to go with us. And then a deployment dropped. When the government needs your soldier, you have to let them go.

Also, be kind to one another. There are groups out there dedicated to poking fun at military spouses. We all go through crap so let's lean on each other, not pick each other apart.


  1. I am so glad you linked up with us today! :) You are awesome! Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! :)

  2. Have a great Military Spouse Appreciation Day!!

  3. Be kind to your husband and be kind to others --- so simple but so true!!

  4. Yes, being kind is so important! You never know what someone is going through!

  5. Being kind is very important! Have a great day! Military spouses do have a lot on their plate. We appreciate the support you provide your spouse and family while he works for our country!

  6. Oh my there is another Heather Wilson just above me. That made me do a double take. I love this. Happy Milspoouse Appreciation Day to you!

  7. I can imagine that life to be hard, but I think so long as you stay positive and kind it has it's perks too. Thank you for his service.

  8. Thanks for linking up with us!! Being patient is so hard, but definitely a must. To say the military doesn't work around us is an understatement. Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

  9. Patience is such a big thing. I've definitely been learning that!

  10. Kindness does make the world go round...! Happy Military Spouse Appreciation day to you!

  11. The homecoming butterflies are the best! And that note is heartbreaking. Military kids sure are resilient. Glad to have found you!


  12. Hope you had a great day !! Appreciate all you do for your family, from one military spouse to another.

  13. Awww... I think there should definitely be a day to celebrate military spouses for all you do. It's important.
    Now when are you going to be stationed over here?? (although our winters are terrible)

  14. My mom worked at Tinker for a few years. And my stepdad was retired from there recently. He was in the Air Force for over 20 years then he worked on planes.
    Right now my mom is in New mexico visiting my niece who just had a baby. But she lives in OK City (choctaw) and they actually had a storm shelter put in about a year ago.

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