Friday, June 26, 2015

Inside Natalie's Closet: A 4th Of July Outfit From The Children's Place!

Are you guys ready for the 4th of July?

I'm ready to eat!

If Tom were here we'd probably grill. I don't really know how to grill without burning down the house so I'm going over to hang with my friend Jennifer. She lives on a hill so you can see the fireworks from the local show.

I also bought outfits for my kids to celebrate the holiday. Both are from The Children's Place.

Tommy really doesn't like to be near his sister. She's too loud for him. Too sticky.

"But I love you, Tommy!"

He did tolerate a few photos together:

He was grateful to go. But before he went he was like, "I guess it's a good thing we beat England in the Revolutionary War. I'm glad we're friends now at least."

Me too.

Natalie took some individual shots:

She'll probably end up wearing this outfit when her Daddy comes home.

I am incredibly jealous over Natalie's olive skin. She rarely burns. She only gets darker.

Meanwhile, I slather myself with sunscreen, sit out in the sun for 10 minutes, and I burn. I have the pale skin. Natalie got my Dad's skin.

What are you planning on doing for the 4th of July?


  1. So cute! I love that she still lets you dress her like a little girl. So many girls her age are already in crop tops and mini skirts!
    My moms birthday is July 4th. :)

  2. We have no plans! Probably grill and look for some fireworks! Super cute outfits! I need to get some for my kiddos soon!

  3. I love these outfits- SO cute!

  4. She looks like the spokesgirl for July 4th. Also the spokesgirl for cute.
    Happy happy to you three this weekend and next!

  5. They look adorable and he at least tolerated her for some good ones!

  6. They look so cute! I'm still working on 4th of July plans :)

  7. How cute are they! I love their themed apparel!

  8. Ohhh I love there outfits! Tommy looks so grown up!!
    I'm British and live in UK, obviously we don't celebrate fourth July but we do have a Birthday party to go to on the 4th, my friends baby will be one years old, I plan on stuffing my face with cake haha. Have a great 4th July =)

  9. she is so stinkin' cute!! And I agree, Tommy looks so grow up! I'm glad he was a good sport about the pictures!

  10. Cute!! I love her outfit... and those pictures of the kids together are great! :)


Thanks for the comment!

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