Friday, August 7, 2015

A Home With A Giant Shower

"Natalie? Where are you?" I called out.

She was lost.

In the house.

I had never been in a home where a person could get lost. All our homes have been tiny. I mean, we're in base housing. Space isn't exactly something we get a lot of. Unless you're a high ranking officer. Which Tom is not.


Oh man. Was she going to jump out at me like in a horror film?


"In here!"

I followed her voice and found her in the massive shower.

"This is almost as big as my ROOM at home!" Natalie shrieked.

It's kind of true. Again. We're in base housing.

We were staying at La Casa Elegante San Antonio for our family reunion. We were the first ones to arrive so we checked out the entire house. Tommy didn't really admire the rooms. He was all, "What's the WiFi password?" As soon as he found it, he plopped down on a couch and was on his phone.

But Natalie and I? We were like that scene in Annie:

Only without all the servants. And obviously the house wasn't a mansion. But still, the house was beautiful. I fell in love with the formal living room and then marveled at the fact that there were TWO living rooms. Two!

We had fun with the formal living room with this short video:

A video posted by Amber (@whisperingwriter) on

(Sorry it's so large. I tried to make it small and then the entire thing went away. So I gave up.)

Another hit with the kids? The pool out back. There's a diving board, so the kids had a blast jumping off. Tommy even left the INTERNET to swim. For a teenager, this is a big deal.

You can even have a party by the pool in the tiki house.

If the giant shower frightens you, enjoy a bath and pretend this guy isn't staring at you while you do so: But in case he does creep you out, you can always jump into the shower area and enjoy an equally comforting bath with what I felt was one of the best shower head I have come across (got to buy that one for the home too).

So if you're looking for a place in San Antonio for a reunion, check out La Casa Elegante. (You can LIKE them on Facebook as well.)

(And no, this isn't a sponsored post. This middle class girl was just super impressed to know that some people live in homes where children can get lost. And have giant showers.)


  1. looks lovely! Although I'm not so sure about the red ceiling in the dining room..

  2. That looks awesome! I'd love to have a shower that big! I always feel extra fancy when I get to stay someplace nice. Which isn't often.... lol

  3. Omgosh, she has such spirit! I'm glad she had a great time. I used to love staying in big hotels when I was her age too.

  4. What a cool place!! Yes I want a shower like that, so nice!

  5. Gorgeous place!!!! I've always wanted a gigantic shower too!

  6. Gorgeous. I could spend a lot of time in that tub and shower!

  7. Niiiiiice accommodations! I would be chilling in that shower too :)

  8. Ah, I'd love to stay somewhere that gave me that Annie scene! I think about it a lot. Why do hotels have to cost so darn much?

  9. Fun!! I'm like Natalie, totally want to go and explore a new house! I miss being a kid and jumping into pools and all that good stuff!

  10. I'm pretty sure I need that shower in my life. lol

  11. What a fun place to stay. That tiki hut is where I would be!

  12. What an awesome house!! I would love to stay in something like that, but I wouldn't want to live in a house that big... too much cleaning, haha!


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