Thursday, August 6, 2015

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Delayed Airplanes

Most of you know that Tom returned home last week.

I'd like to say it was a smooth trip back to Oklahoma. But no. Tom had a flight from Baltimore that was meant to leave in the morning.

Instead he texted me that they were sitting on the plane because there were "issues."

First of all, I would never want to be on a plane with "issues." You all know I don't like to fly to begin with. If I was told a plane had "issues", I'd be all:

Tom kept texting me that "they were still sitting there, not moving." Then he said people were being REMOVED from the plane because the issue was fixed, but they needed to get rid of some weight.

I went, "Make sure they don't remove Kevin Smith if he's there. Otherwise there could be a lawsuit." I was only half joking.

Apparently it was random. Apparently.

Finally they took off, about an hour later than they were supposed to.

This meant Tom missed his connecting flight in Chicago.

I was miffed.

But he was able to get on a later flight. He would have been home at 230 had he made his connecting flight. Now he'd be coming in at 730.

I was like:

I was impatient. I wanted my dang husband. Time passed by at a snail's pace. I kept checking the time.



But finally. FINALLY. It was time to get my husband.

And it went well.

So poo on United for having issues. But yay for American Airlines for allowing Tom to hop on a flight later on.


  1. ARGH! I totally feel your pain and frustration!!! Especially when you're thisclose to being reunited again... But yay! Glad he's home!

  2. My husband said he once sat on a ship for two hours right off shore after a deployment. Like they could see land. He was pissed.

  3. I was thinking this morning about writing a blog post on why I don't like flying and then you post this. Psychic! Glad he finally made it in!

  4. Oh man I HATE delayed flights too! On our trip to DC our flight in Denver was exactly the on the plane, waited, waited, and then we're asked to de-board and then had to sit in the airport FIVE hours while we waited for a completely different plane to get there to make our flight. Oh and about 1/3 of the people on our flight had INTERNATIONAL connections out of DC. I can't even imagine how crappy that was for them! Glad your husband made it ok and only an hour or two late!

  5. Yay for him being home!

    I went to the airport yesterday because my oldest is spending a week with his Grammy. It's a teeny airport and I've never seen more than 2-3 people in line ahead of me at the check in desk. Usually there aren't even that many. Yesterday, there were easily 50. Which sounds like nothing but not at THIS airport. Something happened to the earlier plane (yes, there's only 1 flight at a time) and so that was causing chaos. I was so worried that it would make my son miss his connecting flight.

    All the logistics of travel freak me out.

  6. I hate airlines and airports so delayed flights totally stress me out!

  7. The Kevin Smith jab kinda irritates me. I just read his book and he's funny. That's kind of rude.

    1. Sorry. I like Kevin Smith too. But he's had airline issues in the past.

  8. Ok, so you may know I met Cassidy at JFK Airport. And then we had a horrible breakup and I didn't see him for two years.
    Well we were going to meet back at JFK Airport for a NYC trip and I waited all day for his plane. I hadn't seen him in two years. The plane had a bomb scare and he had to sit on the terminal for two hours. I was there.. just waiting.. not knowing what on earth had happened.
    Ah, NYC.

  9. I hate flight delays too! Sorry he missed his connection and got in later than planned! :(


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