Monday, August 24, 2015

Inside Natalie's Closet: Back To School Outfits

My kids are back in school!

Back to school means new clothes. New shoes. Even though my husband is like, "I'm confused. Isn't her closet full of clothes? And shoes?" But he doesn't understand.

When Natalie was little she got a lot of her clothes at Gymboree:

She's 8 and she still gets clothes at Gymboree, but she also has branched out to Justice. I like Justice, don't get me wrong, but their stuff is expensive. I cannot pay $30 for one shirt. So if she likes an outfit from Justice I have to pay attention to their sales. Sometimes they have sales on jeggings. Sometimes it's only on tops.

It's sort of like a game to shop at Justice if you're a cheap-o like I am.

I was able to get a few things from Justice during a sale.

The shoes are NOT from Justice. Those are from Gymboree. Both items are a size 8. The top is a little big, but I worried a size 7 might be too small. Natalie is at an awkward size at the moment.

Natalie says everything is comfortable. She's picky about things that "feel weird."

Natalie's moods change in a snap so suddenly she was like, "I don't want to do this anymore."

And then she was happy again.

**Outfit Change**

The top is Justice. The jeggings are from The Children's Place. The boots are from Gymboree.

Natalie will have to wait a bit to actually wear this to school. It's been 90 degrees here. We dip down to 80 sometimes. It seems to get cool by the end of October.

She says third grade is harder than second. She's miffed there isn't snack time.

**Outfit Change**

This is what Natalie ended up wearing on the first day of school. It's from The Children's Place.

Then she got upset.

"Why do you like to bug me so much?"

In the past I could make farting noises to get her to smile. But now?

It's getting harder.

How did I make her laugh? I might have sang I Like Big Butts. I mean, it made Emma laugh in Friends, so....

And then she had to take a photo with her kitty:

Happy Shopping!


  1. Love everything! Especially the last outfit, very cute indeed. I also love the cat ears, hehe.

  2. I'm with you on Justice. I love it, but dang sometimes it can be expensive.

  3. Love it all!! Ugh $30 that's cray. Forever 21 is cheaper. Why is there no Forever 12? PS I would shop there.

  4. so cute! i want that cat head band!!

  5. Gabbie was asking me about shopping at Justice. I told her it's too expensive. but the same can be said about gymboree! I've learned how to work the sales there, so I guess I'll have to figure out Justice too.

  6. Aww I love Natalie's little aqua blue pumps!!! Stunning! They match her eyes. She's such a little beauty - and has a really cool mum for buying her such stunning clothes! Cheap clothes are fine man... they look great so why the hell not!? At that age they grow so quickly anyway!
    She loves her blues! Lovely.

  7. I mean, how absolutely adorable!! The cuteness is real!

  8. Super cute! We have like one month a year we can wear sweaters. I wish it cooled down in October!

  9. That first outfit with the plaid skirt is just so adorable!!

  10. Such cute outfits! My boys basically live in Under Armour or Adidas tees and shorts. Nothing super exciting- they just want to be comfortable. Which I totally get!

  11. It's sad that farting noises don't work anymore?! I'm 35 and it still works for me.
    I love the outfits. They're very cute and stylish but without seeming like she's trying to dress like a teenager.
    Age-appropriate is maybe the right term?

  12. Love how her backpack is bigger than her!! She's got good taste, styling!!

  13. LOVE the cat dress she wore for the first day! Super cute!

  14. She is such a cutie! Love these outfits on her. :)


Thanks for the comment!

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