Friday, August 21, 2015

Why I'm Happy School Is Back In Session

School started on Wednesday.

It was tough. Not saying goodbye to the kids--but waking up early again. I am not a morning person. The world just doesn't make sense to me until after 11.

Tommy started eighth grade:

And Natalie started third:

I do miss them while they are gone. But there are reasons why I'm happy school is back in session. And here they are.

1. Towels will no longer be everywhere.

I won't find them in the the yard, the floor, the couch, the lamp or the cat anymore.

2. I won't have to hear the neighborhood kids asking for food all day long. Or a drink.

I don't mind giving kids water. We have a water dispenser on the fridge. But sometimes the kid is all, "I don't like water. I want a juice box." I say, "You live five houses away. Walk over and get one then." I'm kidding. I don't say it. I want to. Instead I go, "You may have water or water."

As for the food, I'll pass out fruit snacks but again, someone will inevitably go, "I don't like these. Any cookies?" I say, "Yes, but they're mine."

3. I won't have random kids be like, "Can I use your bathroom?"

...when they live about two houses away. I always want to say, "Did your toilet blow up, or what?" Because then I worry about random pee on the toilet seat. And sometimes kids will emerge from the bathroom thirty seconds later and you KNOW they haven't washed their hands. And then they put their pee hands on our furniture. On our cats. And it just freaks me out in general.

4. Schedules are back!

I prefer a schedule. I mean, I do enjoy sleeping in. But then it can get rather boring. During the school year I know the kids are out of the house by 835. Then it is errands. Then I have lunch at 11. I clean at noon. The kids are home by 4. Then it's homework. Dinner. Baths. Bedtime. It is fun to be able to go places and not have to worry about school, but what happens if you've run out of places to go?!

5. It's QUIET again.

I need it. Kids seem to like to gather here, and it's okay until they get hysterically loud. I'm talking the kind of loud where you think someone is injured. I run out and find one kid sitting on another because its her horse. I remind the girls that contrary to what television shows and movies portray, that girls DO NOT have to shriek whenever they are excited. It frightens others and hurts eardrums.

Is school back in session for your kids?


  1. Omgosh girls scream so much! I don't get's like an audition for a Wes Craven movie every time I babysit girls. Like wtf.

  2. Yes to all of those. We live in a neighborhood where we are the youngest people. Everyone is retired and OLD. But when we lived in a subdivision, the neighbor kids drove me insane.

  3. yes, and my entire family is happier on a flexible routine rather than the chaos and laziness that is our Summer break.

  4. i love when fall is on the way--everyone is back on schedule and it's like a big sigh of relief before the chaos of the holidays kicks in. have you seen that old commercial for staples i think? where the parents are excited because school is back in session? too funny.

  5. I love when we have solid schedules. it is complicated at the beginning of the year until we get back into the swing of things!

  6. Our kids go back in two weeks. I'm absolutely excited for quiet time and fall activities, but also terrified of the end of summer. I am feeling weird about it. Cold and flu season! Winter! Boo!

  7. The best thing about school starting up is getting back on schedule :)

  8. back to school and yay for schedules!

  9. Quiet time is so precious. Enjoy those moments! :)

  10. I love it when school starts and I can get back to my regular schedule. Although this summer, with one in college and one getting ready for senior year of high school, they didn't really mess up my schedule too much. We do get the tons of kids being loud thing though!

  11. Yes! On Thursday was the first day all three were in school and I was home and it was quiet and it was SO weird!

  12. Not yet. But the anticipation is killing me. I still have one at home, she starts preschool 2 days a week for like 2.3 hours but I am excited. I'm actually going to write. I'm actually going to have time to write. This is what I keep telling myself.

    You sound like a saint with all you do for your kids' friends. I am a huge territorial B and I have told kids on many occasions to go home and use the bathroom. Cuz that's what my kid does when she's out there. She comes home. Kids are gross.

  13. Oh yes, with 3 girls in the house, the girl screaming gets to record decibels around here. Here we go back-to - school!


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