Friday, November 6, 2015

Things I Say Nearly Every Day

--Tommy, please put on more deodorant.

--Do I really have to cook dinner again? Didn't I just do this last night?

--It's called a blinker, dipsh*t! (I have a bit road rage.)

--I need Diet Coke.

--Should I start wearing spanx?

--I need Diet Coke. (I say this multiple times a day.)

--Yeah, right. (Normally while on Facebook and someone is bragging for the 238497th time.)

--Why does your room smell?

--Natalie, stop doing cartwheels and do your homework!

--Why is there so much pee outside the toilet?

--Get down! (To Ruby, our kitten, because she thinks she can jump on the kitchen counters.)

--What the hell? (When I'm on Facebook.)

--I need Diet Coke.

What do YOU say nearly every day?


  1. Ha!! I'm so with you on the blinker thing. I have so much road rage... and there are just so many idiots out there driving!

  2. Dobie (my dog)--stop eating that!

    Child, stop the tumbling and do (whatever I've instructed her to do that she ignores in favor of front walkovers and cartwheels)!

    I need a nap.

  3. Bahahah. I definitely say I am so tired like a hundred times a day. I also tell Grace not to do stuff once every half hour at least. Kids....

  4. hahaha yes to the blinker! OMG YES!

  5. Lol.
    Lots of whatever, eye rolls, girl byes, really Really??s.

  6. Please get dressed. Please get dressed. Please get dressed.
    Take your clothes off. Take your clothes off. Take your clothes off!

    I guess I just can't make up my mind!

  7. I love this. I'll have to take inventory of what I say every day.

  8. I too say "I need Diet Coke" a lot. Also..
    I need coffee.
    Is that pee?! (I have four dogs)
    This bathroom is disgusting! (I have two boys)
    It's time to go. Now!
    No, I do not know where your shoes are. I don't wear them.
    Do you need to go out? You better not poop in the house! (to the dogs, not the boys)

  9. Definitely some road ragey statements! Not loudly, though.
    And.. "Ugh! I just got up! I don't want to get up again! Why not pee and poop at the same time instead of making me help you do both five minutes apart???"

  10. I need coffee says a lot. The blinker thing comes out of my mouth regularly too.

  11. Love your list!! Things I say daily (or more often): Why doesn't Dunkin Donuts/Starbucks deliver? Hurry up and pee so we can go in (too the dogs). Why is half the office talking about sports while the rest of us do all the work? Is he really watching TV instead of working (about a co-worker)?

  12. What should I cook for dinner? and I hate cooking! The last I say mostly in my mind :D

  13. Hahaha these are hilarious. I repeatedly say "STOP FIGHTING WITH YOUR SISTER" and "the chickens are under attack!" or "PUT THE BOOK DOWN" (which is crazy, but seriously, the books are a problem - my oldest is getting injured from walking into things).

  14. Did you hear what I said?
    Are you listening?
    What did I say....
    Write it down on my list
    I am not eating any junk today

    Yep I say those things every single day

    1. Haha, I probably say that listening on a lot too.

  15. change "I need a diet coke" to "I need a coke" and I probably say it as many times as you do :)

  16. "I'm tired"... I am always tired, sheesh!!! Or if I'm at work, "What a wan*er"... HA

  17. Ha! This was hilarious. You do NOT need Spanx btw. I'm with you on my son and even my ever-growing daughter needing more deoderant!


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