Thursday, November 5, 2015

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: When My ID Card Goes Flying Out Of My Hand

To get onto a military base you have to show an ID card. Mine looks like this:

Only with a photo of me. And my information. Clearly.

You pull up to the gate and hand over the card. It's pretty simple.

Except when you go to hand it over and it somehow flies out of your hand and into the backseat of the car.

"Uh.." the gate guard went.

I put my car in park and leaned into the back. I could not see the card anywhere. Cars were starting to line up behind me. I was beginning to panic.

The gate guard was like, "You really can't find it? It flew into the back."


But I still couldn't find it. Thank you Natalie for tossing all your wrappers everywhere. And what was that brown stain? It better be mud.

"I'll pull over," I said, because I could see the line of cars behind me. People get pissy if they have to wait too long to get onto the base.


At least the gate guard didn't treat me like someone trying to sneak onto the base. He calmly watched as I pulled over, parked, got out of my seat, opened my backdoor and began to paw around for the missing ID card.

"What's the smell?" I muttered as I pushed away a pile of crayons.

Note to self: CLEAN THE CAR!

Cars that drove past were staring. Well. The cars weren't. Obviously. This is not a Disney film. But the people in the cars were gaping at me.

I eventually found the ID card. It was wedged in the side of the front seat. I don't know how it landed like that but when I found it I held it up like it was the Golden Ticket to see Willy Wonka.

"Found it!" I shouted. I waved at a car that went past. The driver looked befuddled.

"Spouse appeared to be doing a cheer at the back gate. Why?" she might have texted to a friend.

The gate guard looked at the card and sent me on my way.

So that was awkward. But at least my car got cleaned. Sort of.


  1. love that cat gif. My daughter brought home an envelope to collect fundraiser money in. It had the total of what we sold. I apparently threw it away when I cleaned out my car because I thought it was trash. I really do try to keep my car cleaned but we practically live in it.

  2. I hate when stuff like that happens. Always at the most inconvenient times!

  3. Omg I once showed my d/l at the gate instead of my id. And the dude was like "Lady what are you trying to do???" Hahaha I was like whoops. He was nice about it though. He said old people sometimes argue with him that their d/l is their military ID.

  4. Haha this is fantastic. Um, wait, do people actually try to sneak on base? Why?? Commissary spree??

    Your gif game is on point.

  5. That happened to me once at one of those tolls where you have to throw the money in a basket. Except with quarters, obviously. It's midly embarrassing.

  6. Hahahaha - I always panic if there's a line behind me. I don't know why. And I need to clean out my car too - thanks for the reminder!

  7. Haha! That is never fun but glad you found it. Time to clean the car!

  8. Glad I'm not the only one who does stuff like that! LOL

  9. haha, that cat gif is perfect. Sorry this happened but glad you found it and probably amused your base neighbors!

  10. lol, so funny and horribly awkward. sorry girl!

  11. Oh my hell, this has happened to me more times than I care to admit. It annoys me to no end and then the cars piling up behind you gawk like they have never in their lives made an annoying mistake. GAH! I'm getting pissy just thinking of it.

  12. Oh my gosh! This has happened to me before! It's also slightly terrifying wondering how the hell I'm going to get home if I can't find it.

  13. Omg....I am dyyyyying of laughter here! That cat photo though....

  14. I just laughed so hard at this. 😂😂 this is something that would totally happen to me.

  15. When I visit friends on base at Camp Lejeune, I'm always amazed at how much paperwork I have to do to get on and off base! I'm kinda glad they finally bought a house off base :)


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