Thursday, December 24, 2015

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Husband Won't Coupon When He Buys Presents

It's sweet that my husband wants to buy me presents for Christmas. I know it is. I'm grateful he does it.


He doesn't use coupons. He doesn't look for the best deal.

These things make me twitch a bit.

For example, he went out one weekend to buy me gifts. I said, "Okay, if you go to Target, check Cartwheel. If you go to Hallmark, here's my rewards card. If you get me candy, here's some coupons."

Tom looked at me like:

Because he doesn't really care about all those things. In his Man Mind, he wants to go into a store, grab what he wants, and leave. He doesn't want to mess with Rewards cards or apps. Even though I tell him it's EASY. I talk to him about price comparing before purchasing, and his eyes glaze over.

One year he bought me the complete series of Friends. I told him Amazon had it for a great price--but it would only be that price for one day.

He did not buy it for that price.

He bought it a few days later for DOUBLE the price.

I wanted to cry. I didn't, because I was grateful for the gift. But I was thinking, "DUDE! The savings! THE SAVINGS!"

I know he didn't use Cartwheel when he went out shopping. He didn't use the Rewards card because when I asked he went, "What?" He ordered something for me online and it was supposed to get here before Christmas. But then he got an e-mail saying it was delayed. I was like, "Be sure you contact the company. They should give you a credit if they guaranteed Christmas delivery."

"Mmm," Tom answered, and I doubt he'll say anything to the company. I would.

We do things differently. I'll have to deal with it. And at least he buys me gifts.

Maybe one day he'll use the Cartwheel app. Or the Rewards card.



  1. DOUBLE the price. That stings.
    Of course, I'm more like him but I know I should start looking at deals better!

  2. Military Husband will use rewards cards if he has them. He actually hooked me up at Ulta one year and I made platinum status thanks to his purchases lol.
    BUT he forgets Ebates!! I need my Ebates!!! Hahaha

  3. I started using Cartwheel, but it doesn't really have what I want all that often. I got a deal on pajamas for my son, but that's about it so far. I get where you're coming from, but I can also see why he buys stuff out of convenience instead of looking at the price. Shopping is a pain and then trying to figure out deals makes it even more complex. I'm just happy my favorite hummus was on sale at the grocery store closest to my house. LOL!

  4. I'm a deal hunter, so I feel your pain... :)

  5. I'm a deal hunter, so I feel your pain... :)

  6. We are the opposite... kind of. I do still love a good deal, but my husband takes it too far and won't buy anything without a coupon!


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