Thursday, December 31, 2015

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Husband Asking Kid To Stop. Kid Now Bugging Me.

Natalie was off in the corner making weird noises with her Shopkins.


I don't exactly know what she was doing. But she was entertaining herself. So I was reading.


I've been a parent for thirteen years now so I've learned the art of tuning things out.


"Natalie? Could you stop that?"

That was my husband Tom. Who was on a computer game. Despite being trained for war, I guess he missed the lesson on tuning things out. Didn't he go to a class where he learned to tune out angry camels when he's deployed? Hello?

"Okay Daddy," Natalie said sweetly, because she listens to him. If I request something I generally get the stink eye. Or I'm ignored until I raise my voice and then she's all, "You don't have to YELL at me!" while clamping her palms dramatically against her ears.

To my horror, Natalie came over to me and stared.

I glanced up from my book.

"Um. Yes?" I asked politely.

"I'm bored," she answered with a long sigh.

"Go play with your Shopkins thingies," I suggested. "Like you were doing."

"I'm done with that," Natalie said primly.

I glared at the back of Tom's head. He continued playing his game UNDISTURBED while I was being DISTURBED. Why was he able to bark out an order and continue doing what HE wanted and now I had a child staring at me?

"Let's go play Disney Infinity," Natalie suggested.

"You can play. Mommy wants to read." I lifted the book back up and began scanning the words.

"M-O-O-M." She stretched out the word in an irritating way that only kids can do.

It took all my strength not to toss my book at the back of Tom's head.

I did play Disney Infinity with Natalie because I kept hearing a voice in the back of my head go, "She won't be little forever. She won't like you in a few years. So play with her now," even though I told the voice that I JUST WANTED TO READ.

I also reminded Tom to let Natalie be with her noises. Unless she is shouting profanity, allow it.

For my sanity.



  1. Haha! I know the tone out! It's not very often she likes to play alone but when she does she can take down the home and me not raise my eyes. She can bang things and play with anything if I can have 5 minutes!!

  2. I just don't think husband's get it to be honest - LOL But good that you played with her, because as you said, she won't be little long. Mine are both grown and I really and truly miss their annoying small selves and all of the fun we used to have at Natalie's and Tommy's ages. I really would go back to those days if I could! Happy New Year! :)

  3. Lmao. They go back to school soon!
    Remember being bored during holiday vacation as a kid?? Now I'm like eff bored, I just want to sleep. Hahahaha

  4. I feel your pain. I sometimes have to yell at my husband to handle something with the kids at bedtime or they'll never leave me alone.

  5. Oh boy, daddy lost on this one!

  6. How do men always seem to get away with being undisturbed by kids?? Its this weird trick the universe plays on us or something.

  7. Sounds exactly like Cassidy. Exactly. I tune things out fantastically because I grew up with four siblings, and it's like.. survival. I can sleep through anything if I learned to sleep through my older sister and her harpie friends. Cassidy will look at me and wonder why I'm not scolding the kids sometimes. Maybe it's because I can't hear them!
    Moving on.. yes. To this.

  8. I can relate to this. They just want attention and they won't always be little so ... yeah.. there'll be time for reading books later. Or so I tell myself...

  9. Your gifs are so on point for this post! I would have caved also but you see how Hubby wasnt hit with the sentimental "when she gets older..." They are born without that particular quality at least mine is. I would have thrown the book at him...and then run, lol!

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