Thursday, December 17, 2015

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Long Lines To See Santa

We decided to go see Santa at Bass Pro Shop the first weekend of December.

I repeat: the first weekend of December.

I assumed the first weekend of December wouldn't be packed with people.

I was wrong.

The line was wrapped around the store.

Tommy was PISSED.

"Are we really going to stand in this?" he grumbled.

When I told him yes, you'd have thought that I had said that I was taking away all his video games or something.

Teenagers. They're moody.

Natalie was all, "I don't mind waiting. I love it in here!" She jumped in one of these things:

"I love this," she breathed. "Can I have this?"

Haha. No.

So we waited. And waited. And waited.

"This is ridiculous," Tommy muttered like every five minutes. And he kept giving me looks like this:

Meanwhile, Natalie wanted to touch everything. I reminded her not to touch. She'd remember for two seconds and then touch.

"What's this?" she asked holding up a tackle box.

"What's this?" she wondered holding up a package full of bait.

"What's this?" she inquired holding up the end of a fishing pole.

Have you guessed that our family does NOT fish? EVER?

Nearly two hours later, it was our turn to see Santa. Natalie rushed right over to him.

"Hello! It's me, Natalie. I'd like a puppy!"

I shook my head frantically at Santa.

Natalie happily climbed onto his lap. She's never been shy with Santa. Meanwhile, the teenager remained beside me.

"Go stand by Santa," I urged.

Tommy gave me a mean teenager look but complied.

I snapped a photo with my phone. They snapped a photo with their camera. And then it was done.

"Goodbye Santa. I love you," Natalie said cheerfully.

"Can we go home now?" Tommy grumbled.

We left soon after that. But a warning: Santa lines at Bass Pro Shop will be long. This is because you get a free 4X6 photo and they don't complain if you take your own photo. HOWEVER. You can schedule a time to see Santa on their website. Do that. I urge you to do it. Next year we will be doing it.

Lesson learned.


  1. Lmao!! I love Natalie! Omg does your Bass Pro have the fudge? It gets me every time.
    Also. The line in the Dallas Galleria to see Santa wrapped around the mall. Macy's set up two on two different floors and both lines...horrible. I pitied those in line. I would die!! No patience.

  2. Wow! That's crazy how long of a line/wait it was!! I guess I really know nothing about Santa lines yet. We did wait about 30 minutes to see Santa on base, but I think we only waited so long because we got in line right away, and they were still getting everything set up, so that took a while.

  3. Good gracious that's a long time to wait!

  4. We had a long line at T.J. Maxx the other day just to purchase stuff and the kids were getting into everything. So I feel your pain! Yesterday, my younger son was asking my husband if he'd wait in a line that was 3000 people long in order to play in a video game competition. LOL!

  5. you got it done, whew! and a great plan for next year.

  6. Ugh. Long lines... our first year having kids we waiting over 2 hours in line with an 11 month old.. I'd rather jog 20 miles than do that again. We learned to go on a weeknight... much shorter lines. that's cool they give a free photo though.. the ones at the mall charge an arm and a leg!

  7. Is the scheduling like fast pass at Disney? Those people just cut the line at their designated time? If so, brilliant.
    We waited a half hour to see Santa, but it was fun because there were things to do in line. Des wanted nothing to do with it, though.

  8. Love their shirts. Natalie has great taste. Those Wildcats are fun. I had a friend that had a Razr and I wanted to ride it every time I visited.


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