Friday, January 15, 2016

Why Making A Murderer Pissed Me Off

So, like most of America I watched Making A Murderer.

For those who don't know, it's about Steven Avery.

In the first episode we discover that he was wrongfully sent to prison for 18 years for a rape he did not commit. A DNA test cleared his name. He was released and went after Manitowoc County for sending him to jail. I'd totally do the same thing by the way. I mean, that's 18 years of his life that he can't get back. He had 4 kids that he missed seeing grow up. He might have won 36 million.

BUT. Then he was accused of murdering Teresa Halbach. The keys to her vehicle were magically found in his house on the SEVENTH time the police searched it. Right out in the open. A lot of the police force of Manitowoc County have clearly been corrupted, and this makes me sad as my husband is a cop and he would NEVER behave like some of the men did. Thanks for making cops look bad, guys.

Steven wasn't the only one accused. His nephew Brendan Dassey was basically forced to say he was involved. By the police. *Sighs*

Here are other reasons why Making A Murderer pissed me off.

--Steven Avery was accused of shooting Teresa Halbach but where is all her blood? The defense claimed to find a bullet fragment with Teresa's DNA on it. I just...I go back and forth. It does seem like he was set up. I was like this while watching the show often:

--This guy.

Len Kachinsky. Brendan's appointed lawyer. He clearly thought Brendan was guilty. And he looks like a pedophile. I wanted to punch his smug face so many times. It was obvious that he loved the attention more than he loved helping Brendan.

--Oh, and this guy.

Ken Kratz, the district attorney for Wisconsin. His voice is that of a psychopath. I knew something was off about it. And sure enough, in the last episode we find out that this dude was sexting women he was representing. He also abused prescription drugs. And yet, everyone trusts that this guy was of sound mind when he put Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey behind bars. Makes total sense, Manitowoc County.

--Why weren't there lawyers who offered to work pro bono for Brendan Dassey? You'd think SOMEONE would feel for this poor teenager who was being fed what to say by the police. So where were all the lawyers in Wisconsin?! Why make him suffer through appointed ones (like yucky Len??) Has no one seen I Am Sam? Where's Michelle Pfeiffer when you need her?

--Oh my gosh, the phone conversations between Brendan and his mother made me want to tear my ears off. Sometimes they'd START the conversation with "Yeah?" "Yeah." What were they even Yeah-ing about? I'm baffled. Then again, I have a teenage son who likes to grunt out words, so maybe I do get it.

--In the courtroom, lawyers were always scribbling stuff down in notebooks. I wanted to see what they were writing. Where they like, "This guy is a total ass," when the other side was up? I would so do that. For example, if I were watching Ken Kratz plead his case I'd write, "Mustache frightens me. Voice belongs in the TV show Hannibal."

--Brendan did NOT get a fair trial. People tried to get him a fair trial afterwards but it was denied. I'm confused. If you watch the tapes, you see Brendan was coerced to say a lot of things. The kid was terrified. All he wanted to do was return home. So he said what the police wanted him to say. My husband was livid when he saw the interviews. "Where's his lawyer? Where's his mother? You can't pick up a kid from school and interview him!" My husband went on and on and on.

--Uh. Brendan and his mother didn't know what inconsistent meant. In a phone conversation after we get through all the "yeahs" he asks his mother was inconsistent meant. She had no idea. And yet, Brendan was tossed in jail. The poor kid doesn't get common words, yet the state thinks he helped commit a murder? What the EFFING EFFING hell?

So have you seen Making A Murderer? Did it piss you off too?


  1. Yes we watched it recently too! Initially I was also very angry watching it, about how he ended up serving 18 years and how corrupt the cops were. And I did start thinking that him and Brendan were still innocent when watching the trial for Teresa.. however since then I've read a few more articles about it and I'm not so sure anymore. Though there are also some interesting theories about who else could have been involved like Steven's brother or brother in laws.
    I agree that I also couldn't stand Krantz! And thought Len was awful too!

  2. I don't know if Avery committed a crime or not, but I don't think he got a fair trial and I definitely think the defense proved that there was a reasonable doubt to his guilt. People keep saying "I read stuff they left out of the movie and it convinced me that he's guilty!" but I've yet to see any smoking gun. It's all circumstantial. As for Brendon, putting that child in jail was a crime in itself.

  3. Yeah no I haven't watched and won't. I pretty much refuse to watch legal stuff.
    However, I can tell you I always took notes during direct/cross.

  4. What a great name for a blog. Nice post!!!

  5. I watched it and I was as pissed off about it for much the same reasons. I don't know if he is innocent or guilty, but I know there is more than enough reasonable doubt.
    Also, When I try to sign in with my OpenID or even Wordpress to post a comment here, it never lets me. It only allows me to post using my Google account

  6. I haven't seen it, but I've heard a lot about it. I hate that corruption taints so many people. I have friends who are police officers and they are good people.

  7. I haven't watched but reading your take and your husband's comments, I'm already pissed off. So many people are ignorant of their rights but paralyzed by the power and arrogance of authority figures.

  8. There is so much about MAM that enrages me I don't even know where to start.

    Everything about what happened to Brenden is 50 shades of wrong, the police department is completely corrupted, Kratz is repugnant, and while I'm not 100% convinced Avery is 100% not guilty, he definitely did not get a fair trial and also, WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THE FACT THAT TERESA'S BROTHER AND EX-BOYFRIEND LISTENED TO HER MESSAGES AND DELETED THEM?? That is highly suspect to me.

  9. I'm only up to episode 5. It is frustrating to say the least.

  10. We are going to start watching it tonight and I can't wait!! So I'll have more to contribute at a later date.. but I have a feeling I'm going to agree with you on so many levels. I got hooked on the Podcast "Serial" and it's very similar... a teenager gets accused and is spending his life in jail.. but there was no evidence he committed the murder. It's really intriguing and makes you go "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE???" every few mins. :-)

  11. It's such a frustrating situation, that entire city is a horrible example of the justice system and how it can go terribly wrong.

  12. That actually sounds like an interesting story! The system has done wrong countless times. Recently a detoxing heroin addict died in my county's jail for not being properly treated from withdrawal, didn't receive his psychotropic medications and withdrew, they kept him in isolation naked starving and ill for 17-days before he died. That's Detroit for ya though.

    I couldn't imaging getting released from prison innocent after serving time, and immediately after being on a murder trial!
    Court appointed attorneys are junk, by far worst.

    - Harlynn

  13. Ugh, you know how I feel about this! Honestly, whether he did it or not, he should get off because everything was so TAINTED! They wanted to MAKE SURE they had him, so they planted shit rather than doing real detective work. I mean, come on, where is the blood and why weren't there any other suspects?! Her ex-boyfriend and roommate weren't even questioned!

  14. I was planning to binge watch it this weekend. But based on your post and the level of irritated I already am at some of the people...I might need to skip it.

  15. I watched three episodes and threw in the towel. Not only do I think that entire series could have easily been two episodes (three max), I think that it was incredibly boring. I know I'm in the small majority, but it wasn't appealing to me at all..and I love crime stories!

  16. I was thinking about watching this, but maybe I'll skip it. It sounds so upsetting and frustrating!

  17. Yaaaaaasss! I loved, loved, loved every bit of this blog! Because it is TRUE! My goodness! This man and his family were sacrificed by greedy gremlin law officials and its offices! This case and the one before was an embarrassment to WE THE PEOPLE!! SHAMEFUL! JUST SHAMEFUL! FREE STEVE AND DASSEY!FIND THE REAL KILLERS!!!

    1. Yes, if anything I believe Brendan needs to be set free.

  18. YES!!! The Brendan Dassey stuff was so painfully awkward to watch. I hated the "yeahs".. like what?! I'm not sure how any jury convicted him... or why his initial lawyers didn't show the entire interview. It makes zero sense. I'm not sure about the murder though... too many questions. It makes no sense there is no blood but that is the theory they went with. Nobody is that good of a cleaner-picker-upper. But whatever...

  19. I didn't watch it, and now I'm kind of glad. Thanks for the recap!

  20. I want to start watching this, but haven't gotten around to it yet... I wonder if it'll annoy me as well...

  21. I haven't seen it yet but heard so many good things. Looking forward to it pissing me of.

  22. I haven't finished watching this yet but I am so intrigued.

    xoxo, Jenny

  23. I have never yelled at my TV so damn much. I may have even thrown a remote. and a chair. because WHAT THE WHAT?!!! I can't believe THAT actually happened in America. The whole thing would have been tossed up here in Canada the second they interviewed that kid with no lawyer, no parent.. and no IQ test.
    And I am realistic and fair in thinking that there are probably some things the documentary didn't show us about Steven, but even still, they failed so miserably in erasing any kind of reasonable doubt in my opinion. Like, when would the man even had time to commit the whole thing and cover it up so expertly that not even a drop of blood, a hair, nada was found? Just. UGH!

  24. Ugh, can't watch it. Won't watch it.
    I do get entertained by people talking about it, though!

  25. I know Im a little late to the party, but I am extremely pissed off at this show. I am seriously considering not watching, but I want to find out what happens, even though I know the guy Steven and his nephew Brendan is still in prison. I believe the sheriff department planted evidence. I believe both counties worked together as a brotherhood. I believe the entire state was worries about the lawsuit and they put him away for it. What worries is me is someone died, someone was killed to frame this guy. whenever there is a murder you look for the person that has movite. Who had the motive in this murder? Steven? who was close to winning over 32 million from the state or the state was about to lose 32 million? Who has the ability to set this whole this up? What pisses me off most is they framed an innocent kid and coerced him to tell a story, so they could fram Steven. But not only Steven goes away so does this poor kid. There is so much wrong with the whole way this went down. I never yelled WTF!!! at me TV so much. I had to log on to the internet to find a support group because this is traumatizing. I cant believe this can actually happen, and how theres nobody in the justice system in this case that feels the way we do.


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