Thursday, January 14, 2016

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: School Projects and Whining

Natalie was like, "We have to build a diorama."

I went, "Fabulous. You can get started."

Because I won't do projects for the kids.

She decided to do one of the ocean. She also had to select a sea creature. She picked a great white shark.

"This isn't much fun for me," she said as she cut out paper for the diorama.

"Welcome to life," I answered.

I did help her with the hot glue gun. Otherwise I picture hot glue everywhere: the floor. The walls. On skin.

She also had to type out a report. She was PISSED. This is because she pecks at the keys with one finger so it took her forever.

"I AM NOT HAVING FUN!" she kept yelling.

I ignored her.

She finally finished and was in a foul mood for a bit.

"That," she informed me in a haughty voice, "was awful."

But she did it.

And guess what?

She got an A. Higher than an A, really.

She earned it, because I made her do it on her own. I went with her to turn in the diorama because I picture it somehow being crushed on her walk to school. You could so tell when parents did most of the work on some dioramas. How that helps a kid is beyond me. Yes listening to Natalie whine is irritating.

But it's worth it in the end.

(But I still inwardly groan whenever my kids bring home a paper for a project.)


  1. Awe, so adorable and great project!
    Haha the fun projects always have a twist.

    - Harlynn

  2. I have never completed my children's projects. I remember my middle daughter's kindergarten project for 100th day. She loves shopping and giving gifts. So we got a cute gift bag and fake money. She glued 100 fake bills around it with it stuffed with paper. Because I volunteered at the school I saw other projects. A kid built a dinosaur that was taller than him. The 100 items were something around it (forgot exactly what it was). You could tell that the entire thing was done by an adult. And because I volunteered in the class this child was no where as neat and precise as the project was. The best part...the teacher noted, "great job mom and dad".


    1. ***because I volunteered in the class, I saw the kids work to know he wasn't that near and precise***.

  3. Hahaha. I had to build so many diaromas as a kid. I'm glad those days are over! Hers is too cute.

  4. I personally think it's awesome that you make her do it on her own! She's gaining valuable skills each time. :)

  5. Projects drive me batty. I make my kids do their own, too. When I was teaching, I'd grade so much easier on the kids who I knew did them on their own and then be really nitpicky if it was obvious a parent did it.

  6. Good job, Natalie! I don't do my child's projects for her but I'll help at certain points.

    And did anyone else notice the teacher's grammatical error? No? Just me? (It's "habitat look awesome." No. It should be "looks").

  7. I hate when parents do their kids project, it teaches them nothing! Good for you for sticking to your guns even with some whining.

  8. Glad you're teaching her early how to take responsibility for her work. Good job on getting the A!

  9. She did such a great job despite hating the process.

  10. Looks so cute! Don't you love it when they say, "This is SO hard" and you want to be, "Try being an adult." LOL

  11. HA! Been there and girl I hate it. My kid will have like ten million ideas and have issues settling on one and it drives me nuts. I get the stuff she needs and leave the room. They need to do it on their own - we finished school long ago! xo Amanda

  12. Way to go, Natalie!! And way to stand your ground. I know so many parents who do their children's projects for them...and then convince themselves that ALL the parents do that.

  13. Well done, Natalie!! And yep, best make them do it...!

  14. Sounds exactly what I go through with my son. I also agree kids should really do their homework on their own. I really don't understand when parents practically complete an entire project for their kids. I mean how is that teaching kids valuable skills in the long run. Great job!

  15. Aww. So cute :)

  16. Good for you!!!! Parents step in so much now.. my husband teaches high school and has parents calling him to complain about their kid's grades... his answer? The student needs to take the reins and come to him to discuss the grade. He won't change anything just because a parent tried to take over and complain. Kids need that type of independence taught them! Kudos to you for making her do it herself!!!

  17. Aw.. nice job!
    And I had to laugh at the "that's life" comment.
    I love great white sharks myself.

  18. You did your time making dioramas when you were a kid! No need to go back for Round 2. (And it's also teaching her life skills and stuff.)


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