Thursday, April 28, 2016

5 Thoughts I've Had While Looking For A House

We're PCSing. Or moving, for you non-military folks. We've been searching for a house and it can be stressful. Our realtor has been awesome though and has been doing Facetime walk throughs so we can see before we get there. My mother has also met up with him to give her opinion. We've seen a number of homes at this point and I've had the following thoughts as we've seen them.

1. Uh. Maybe bring your dog with you.

There were times when our realtor couldn't show us the backyard due to dogs. Buyers WANT to see the backyard. So take Fido away from the home.

2. What were you thinking going with that color?

Some people decide on odd paint schemes. I know it's personal preference, but one house we saw was painted a rather horrendous yellow. I had to wonder who decided on that? Did someone really like the color yellow? Did they want their house to go with the street name (Daffodil Way) and if so, why didn't they go with a nicer yellow?

3. If your flooring looks whack, most people won't like the house.

Or maybe we're just picky. But there were bubbles in the flooring of some homes and we don't have the patience to fix it. Plus the price point was high. You'd think if you had bubble floors, you'd lower the price some.

4. Crammed closets aren't welcoming.

I get that when people put their houses on the market that they are in the process of moving. But man, take all the clutter out. If the realtor opens a door and it looks like things will topple over, it frightens the buyers. Trust me, I have A LOT of stuff, but I don't want to see a lot of stuff when I'm looking for a home to buy.

5. The hell? Why is the toilet in the kitchen?

There was one house where the bathroom door was right in the kitchen area. So I guess if you had bad Mexican food, you could rush in there. Personally I don't want to hear people pooing while I'm cooking.

We hope we find a home we like soon, so there will be more posts about that in the future.

Did you find buying a home stressful? Did you also curse a lot and find yourself turning to chocolate and booze?


  1. I hate when bathrooms are right off of kitchens! So awkward! I went to a friend's house for dinner and that was the ONLY bathroom they had! Luckily we had dinner in the dining room..
    When we moved here, the walls were painted navy blue, eggplant purple, and red. RED! Now it's all off white and looks so much bigger.
    And there was dog fur in the freezer.. but that's a story for another day.

  2. We went into a house and the realtor was startled by the row of deer heads on the wall. There was even one over the baby's crib!

  3. I am guilty of the odd color choices. I really love color so my house looks a bit crazy.

    I hate buying a house, but I think it is worse to sell it.

  4. Ha! Phillip's and my first apartment in college was in the basement of a converted house. So it was kind of weird. And our bathroom came off of the kitchen, too!

  5. I think I looked at a million houses before I found mine. I still had to paint a ton though. The kitchen was this awful dark red.

  6. You have all my sympathy and a lot of my envy for the opportunity for a new adventure.

  7. Girl, YES!!! All these things!! And please put your sex toys and condom stash away. And don't be a damn pig!!
    I need a valium after dealing with moving for real. I can't believe we have to do this again. And again! I've moved like 12-15 times in my life. It never gets easier. Big hugs to you and lots of Diet Coke during our time of need.

  8. I'm currently renting a place where the bathroom door is in the kitchen area. So, yeah, it sucks that people can't be in the kitchen without knowing exactly what's going on in the bathroom. I'm hoping to move within the next year.
    I wish you all the best with your move.

  9. The paint colors were killing us!! We ended up buying, and the master bedroom was TEAL and LIME GREEN. Sure, I love those colors... but not for an adult bedroom with my husband. What the actual heck! We painted it beige. :)

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