Monday, May 9, 2016

Things That Happened On Our Drive To Texas

We recently moved from Oklahoma to Texas. We didn't have a long drive. It takes about 8 hours. Tom and Tommy were in the truck. My Mom, Natalie, and I were in the car. It makes me nervous to drive long distances so my Mom came up from Texas to help because yes, she lives in Texas, and now I'm finally be close to family.

Here's some things that happened:

1. We crammed the vehicles with all sorts of stuff. Suitcases. Food. Toys. Cats. Random crap.

2. Ruby the Cat wouldn't stop meowing. We'd think she sleeping but nope, then she'd be all "MEOW!"

3. We passed many people on their cell phones, which is annoying. You could tell the ones on their phones because they were swerving around the roads or going below the speed limit. Please stay off your phones. Don't be ridiculous.

4. Natalie kept asking if we were there. "Do we only have one hour left?" When we still had like six.

5. We stopped at Buc-ees! It's an awesome store/gas station in Texas.

We made it to our hotel by the evening--we'll be in the hotel for a month since the house we bought won't be ready until June. I'm worried for my sanity. We aren't wealthy people, so we're all in one room. We can't afford one of those Real Housewives Suites.

But on the plus side, I am by family:

And my Mom already said she'd take the kids on Thursday.

Praise chocolate.


  1. Welcome to Texas! I'm a long time reader and was so excited to see your family moving to San Antonio as I live here too. Can't wait to read what ya'll get up to in SA and hope to bump into you sometime in HEB.

    1. Thank you!! Yes, I'm at HEB quite often ;)

  2. We stayed in hotel for like a week when we moved here. A month would be harder!

  3. you had to stop at buccees! it's a must-do!! glad to hear you're closer to family!

  4. Buc-ee's is awesome!! I love it!

  5. Yay for being closer to family! That's such a special treat in military life!

  6. THis made me remember the time we moved from NC to Michigan and we had to tranquilize our cat! He meowed his head off until the tranquiler took effect, then he kept meowing but no sound came out. It was the funniest thing seeing him still trying to meow and nothing came out. Poor bugger.

    Best wishes to you all in the hotel for a month. :)

  7. And you're near a Target, right?? I hope so.
    We took Penny from NJ to MA and it was four hours of her meowing. We'd think she'd fall asleep and then, MEOW!

  8. Yay! Welcome to Texas! I'm glad to hear y'all had a safe trip. Good luck maintaining your sanity in the hotel for the next month. The pool is your (Natalie's) friend. At least you can always escape to HEB here.

  9. Bless Your Heart. I hope you survive, at least you have your mom nearby. My mom is an hour away and she never visits.

  10. Hah, that cat picture! Good luck during this next month. Sending good vibes your way!

  11. I'm so glad you can be with your family! I know you are happy!!

  12. Glad you're there safe and sound!! And omg, one month in a hotel, I feel your pain!! I remember having to live in hotels when we moved, I shall go thank my parents now for not killing us!! Haha Poor Ruby! That pic is too funny! And yay, glad that you're near family now, that'll be super awesome!!

  13. I'm hoping we can end up in Texas sometime! Definitely not looking forward to long road trips with the kids though!

  14. Yay for the bright side! Being with your family!

  15. I feel ya on the moves. We moved from PA to IN (a 12 hour drive) when my son was a few months old. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it was enough!

    And YES to #3. People on their phones while driving make me so mad.

  16. Yay for buying a house!! How exciting! And the hotel life isn't fun, but you'll make it! :)

  17. I did a big move with a cat once. I didn't need music. :) My kids ask how much longer on all rides....even short ones.


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