Monday, May 2, 2016

What I Want For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is Sunday! My husband has already asked what I want. Really, he doesn't have to get me a thing seeing as I'm not HIS mother...but since he asked...

1. To be able to spend as long as my husband does in the bathroom.

2. Lots of books. Books keep me sane. But I usually have a cat or a kid wanting something when I read.

3. Chocolate. It also keeps me sane. My daughter agrees, but sometimes she steals my chocolate.

4. Funny shirts like this.

5. This Breaking Bad mat. We might have to get it for the new house. (You can get one here!)

6. This decal for my car because I tend to correct people when they use the wrong your. So many grown adults will put your welcome. (You can buy it on Etsy here.)

Honestly, what I really want is for the home inspection to go well for the house we just bought. 

What do you want for Mother's Day? Or if you aren't a parent, what do you want? 


  1. Just a day with no fighting, honestly. I have this fantasy where I could spend the day with my kids and everyone would get along!

  2. We've already had mothers day here in UK but I love that car decal. Also, my cat is usually the same when I'm reading, if it's not the cats, it's the kids!

  3. Raspberries are six dollars a pint here too. (sorry just reading your book, like Ruby is!)
    I want chocolate too. Pretty much always.
    And that car decal is perfection.

  4. Haha YES for chocolate! I hope you get some awesome stuff on Mom's Day!!

  5. I love the decal! And the rest is great too.

  6. Congrats on the house and a-freaking-men to number 1! If only!!

  7. Haha this is too good!! And ooh, congrats on the house - hope all goes smoothly!!

  8. OMG!! On my way to go make myself that decal! Genius! I just want a nap! LOL


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