Friday, June 17, 2016

He Became A Daddy At 19

My husband became a father when he was 19.

It wasn't easy and I promise, there were lots of issues. It's why it's recommended that teenagers NOT have children.

But Tom worked hard to support his family.

Tommy was proud to have a soldier daddy:

When we felt things were stable, we decided to have another baby. Tom was smitten with his little girl:

From the beginning, she belonged to Tom:

The kids had to go through multiple deployments. Saying goodbye was never easy.

Like Tommy, Natalie is proud to have a soldier Daddy:

He's a great Daddy because he shares his sunglasses:

He allows his daughter to dress him in a plastic bag:

His lap his always open for Natalie, even if he's trying to play a game on his iPad:

He puts together gingerbread houses because he knows they make me curse:

He takes his little girl to dances:

...for all the belly laughs..

He also wears a crown on his head and takes his family to Medieval Times.

We're lucky to have him:

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing men out there who take the time to be a Daddy. 


  1. Aw these pics are all so cute!! Happy Fathers Day to him. I hope his day is awesome.

  2. So sweet. Happy Fathers Day to him!!!!!!

  3. He has always sounded like a great dad to me! Happy Father's Day!

  4. Awww lovely post and precious photos! He looks like such a proud dad! Happy fathers day to Tommy!

  5. So sweet! You both are amazing and dedicated parents to your kids. Your love for them shines through in your posts.

  6. Aww.. so sweet. Happy Father's Day, Tom!

  7. I remember your story. This was one among the few blogs I used to follow religiously when I started my blog.

  8. Any dad who plays dress up with plastic bags is a good dad :)

  9. Such a sweet post!! Happy Father's Day to your man!! He's obviously an amazing father!!

  10. That is such a lovely post. What a beautiful caring family. Xx

  11. So sweet! Happy Fathers Day to Tom!

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